How To Practice Buddhism For Beginners

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Want to learn how to practice Buddhism for beginners? If you really want to be enlightened just like Buddha, you can try many forms of Buddhist meditation. It is already practiced by tens of millions of people around the world since ancient times, so you do not have to be afraid of trying it.

For centuries, meditation has been already practiced by ancient people. Its rich history states that this was practiced because it has something to do with their religious context. This religion is known as Buddhism. It is a nontheistic religion that covers beliefs, traditions, and practices that was all based on the teachings of Buddha.

This meditation technique that was taught and practiced by them is still present today. It will never be forgotten because there are Buddhist monks that continue to practice their beliefs and teachings of Buddha.

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How To Practice Buddhism For Beginners: Getting Started

There is a broad variety of practices that can be found with meditation. So there is a wide range of practices and techniques that you can try for yourself.

If you are ready to start meditating, here are the ways to follow:

  1. Prepare for the things that you need. You will need to have a soft cushion or a pillow where you can sit on. Or if you prefer, you can purchase special cushions such as zabutons or zafus.
  2. Find a quiet place – It doesn’t need to be totally quiet but turning off the things such as the stereo or TV will be great. Do not forget to find a dress that you are comfortable with.
  3. Sit down comfortably -there are other people that find it comfortable to sit in crossed legs, sit on their bottom or sometimes kneel. As long as you are comfortable in that position, there will be no problem in your learning how to practice Buddhism for beginners.
  4. Place your hands on your lap – your hands should be resting one on the other, having your palms to be facing upwards. With this position, just relaxed and be comfortable with this position.
  5. Count on each of your breaths while your eyes are closed – just try to breathe slowly and deeply while relaxing your face, jaw, and hands. When you have already counted up to ten, start again counting at one.
  6. Identify and let go of your thoughts – when there are thoughts that had crossed into your mind, it is advised that you do not follow them. In understanding how to practice Buddhism for beginners tells you to just let these thoughts pass you by.
  7. Meditate for just a few minutes – being a beginner, it is a good start that you meditate with just a few minutes. You can set a low sound of an alarm or soft music to tell that it is already the end of your meditation.
  8. After, move slowly – after you are already noticed the alarm, open your eyes and start to move slowly. Move your hands to your sides and stretch your feet or legs.

Meditation For Beginners: 20 Practical Tips To Quiet the Mind HERE…

Are you already relaxed? If that so you can continue on how to practice Buddhism for beginners starting with an easy guided meditation.

Guided Buddhist Meditation

Guided Buddhist Meditation

The things which are usually happening every day are the things that cause a person to become more stressed and lose the balance of his or her own life. Even the simplest thing that you may encounter can also ruin the peace of mind that you want to maintain. In the present generation, people see the practice of Meditation to be the most effective way of relieving one’s self from the negative things that affect the mind of an individual.

The main purpose of learning how to practice Buddhism for beginners is to give a feeling of inner peace and well state of the mind. People who have already tried this practice are maintaining their regular sessions for meditation for a lifestyle that is really ideal. Knowing the different ways for Meditation will be one of your strengths for a better practice of Meditation. The help of Guided Buddhist Meditation is one of those ways in order to get the right Meditation.

VIDEO: Learn to meditate: a guided Buddhist meditation

How to meditate? What is meditation, or Buddhist meditation? Find out for yourself and learn to meditate, even if you have never tried before, with this Guided Meditation. Everything is explained for you to immediately start a full-length Mindfulness of the Body or Body Scan. Included is an introduction to good posture, how to be upright and comfortable, during meditation.

You can also continue to practice along with this video long after your first attempt, or if you have learned the basics of meditation and would like the support of meditating ‘with others’ or in a more structured way.

This meditation can be used as a preparation for other Buddhist meditations, and Buddhist spiritual practice in general; or simply as a way to relax more deeply and reduce stress for those of any religious or political persuasion.

The meditation is led by Suvannavira, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, who has been meditating for over 20 years and teaching meditation and Buddhism in Paris and Moscow for 10 years. For details of Meditation Classes near you click here:

Buddhist Meditation is referring to the meditative process which is associated with the philosophy and religion of Buddhism. The core meditation strategies have been preserved into the ancient texts of Buddhist.

Understanding how to practice Buddhism for beginners includes a wide variety of techniques for meditation that has its main goal of developing concentration, calmness, insight, and strong awareness.

Also, learning how to practice Buddhism for beginners has its two types which are the right concentration and the right mindfulness. These two types are Buddhist Meditation which is the meditation that you may possibly learn too.

Turning the negative thoughts to become positive is what the Guided Buddhist Meditation can help you with. Even though you are not Buddhists, you are still invited to get the Buddhist Mediation for getting peace of mind, calmness, and other good benefits of meditation. If you are going to browse the internet, you will be able to know that there already some books and other tips on how to attain Guided Buddhist Meditation.

The same with other meditation processes, learning how to practice Buddhism for beginners requires you to have a peaceful place where you can start your meditation. The only difference is that you have to get a cushion where you can comfortably sit, having prayer beads or also called Malas, incense, and other decorations in the area where you are going to meditate.

Since the purpose of Meditation is to give calmness, peace, and great awareness, you will be able to achieve those with the varieties of meditation depending upon the type of meditation that you want.

Guided Buddhist Meditation will never be difficult because of the meditation experts who are always willing to help. The clarity of the mind and peaceful inner self will be achieved by each individual because of them. Looking for Guided Buddhist Meditation is very easy to achieve because learning how to practice Buddhism for beginners is being offered worldwide.

If you are also looking for the best and effective meditation such as Buddhist Meditation, you may visit the websites which have their own offer to help you with the meditation practices. You will be able to undergo learning how to practice Buddhism for beginner’s courses if you also want to experience all of the benefits of this rich tradition.


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