Supta Virasana Reclining Hero Pose

The phrase "Supta" means "leaned back", it’s a Sanskrit phrase, and the phrase "Vira" is derived from the Sanskrit phrase. In Sanskrit, "Vira" means a hero or warrior, and Asana means mudra posture. Supta Virasana is a streamlined type of Virasana wherein your torso is arched again so your again is resting on the ground or the ground. Your palms relaxation on the ground by the aspect of your torso together with your palms dealing with up. Supta Virasana is the subsequent stage of Virasana.

This asana is without doubt one of the most prevented poses. While that is an extremely helpful posture to your physique, it may be painful and may solely be practiced after you’ve gotten mastered the Virasana. It is a profound number of Virasana and an intermediate stage asana that brings your physique to finish repetition.

If you wish to full this asana too, learn on for step-by-step directions. This article will stroll you thru the way in which to Supta Virasana, the Supta Virasana well being advantages, and the precautions you should take whereas training.


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