Bhumisparsha Mudra

Hand touching earth buddha statue. Source: canva

Bhumisparsha Mudra interprets as a gesture that touches the earth. By touching the earth, this mudra will can help you observe the earth to take away the obstacles on the best way.

Among many Mudras Buddhas, Bhumisparsha Mudra was adopted by the Buddha to realize enlightenment beneath the Bodhi tree.

Being agency in regards to the resolution to realize a sure objective is as troublesome as strolling by means of a darkish forest with out a single unfavourable thought.

This quote exhibits how troublesome it’s to realize your objective. So typically you want to witness one thing that reminds you of your final objective, and in non secular practices we use Bhumisparsha Mudra for this. It has created an setting that turns into an eyewitness to our journey and on the similar time destroys unfavourable energies.

Legend behind the Bhumisparsha Mudra

Once upon a time, Buddha meditated beneath the Bodhi tree. When Kama (lust) together with his three daughters named "Desire, Fulfillment and Regret" couldn’t distract Buddha, subsequent got here the Mara, the Lord of Death. Immediately the demon king Mara approaches Buddha collectively together with his military and claims to be an enlightened witness to the Buddha.

Bhumisparsha MudraBuddha statue touching earth. Source: canva

To affirm his enlightenment, Mara tries to disturb the Buddha. In response, the Buddha stays calm and clear in his meditation observe. When Mara failed in that too, he was Dharma (his responsibility). Then he stated as Dharma searching for a disturbance of the Buddha: "Young man, the event of the world requires your attention." On this Buddha touched mom earth together with his proper.

Mother Earth skilled Buddha's enlightenment and stated he was her beloved son, who has no physique right here in numerous lives which have been given by himself.

Eventually Mara believed the Buddha as a really enlightened persona and walked away together with his military of demons.

In this manner, Buddha attained enlightenment with the flexibility (proper hand touches Stharva, which testifies to nirvana) and knowledge (the left palm faces the sky).

Anger won’t ever go away so long as ideas of resentment stay in your thoughts. The anger will go away as soon as the ideas of resentment are forgotten.


This mudra signifies the Buddha's perseverance and perception achieve enlightenment. It is alleged that Akshobhya Bhumisparsha used mudra to transform anger and delusion into knowledge.

How to do Bhumisparsha Mudra

  • Start with the Seated Comfortable Cross-legged Posture Padmasana (Lotus Pose) or sit in Sukhasana (Easy Pose) if you’re uncomfortable.
  • Straighten your backbone, shut your eyes, and take a deep breath. Relax and watch as you step right into a deeper consciousness.
  • In order to convey arms into Bhumisparsha Mudra, place your proper hand over your proper knee in order that the fingers level down and contact Mother Earth.
  • Place your left hand in your lap with the palm dealing with up as in Dhyan Muda of meditation.
  • Maintain the place of your proper and left arms with out shifting. Feel the power that you’re observing from the earth that lets you ignore the sensation of distracting components. Find your focus level to have a look at to enhance your internal imaginative and prescient.
  • Practice morning and night for no less than 10 minutes. Slowly improve the length of sitting within the mudra by 20 to 30 minutes, relying in your meditation degree.

Bhumisparsha Mudra advantages

When Bhumisparsha Mudra is practiced constantly, it has many optimistic psychological results apart from being bodily.

  • It strengthens psychological power by selling focus and focus. Buddha ultimately attained nirvana by sustaining the Bhumisparsha mudra.
  • Since Bhumisparsha Mudra actually means touching the earth, this hand motion encounters the absence of an earth ingredient. In this manner the blockage within the root chakra is eliminated and also you grow to be emotionally robust towards the necessity for survival.
  • It turns aggression into smarter techniques that may be additional used to push the negativity away. Buddha stays calm and clear with the verbal provocation by the demon Mara.
  • Touching the earth with the suitable hand in Bhumisparsha Mudra directs all unfavourable power to the bottom and the left palm within the lap brings out knowledge.
  • This mudra reduces stress and anxiousness. This results in a relaxing journey of well being associated points.


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