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Qigong (pronounced Chi Gong) and Tai Chi each have the ground Chi (Qi) on their behalf. But do each imply the identical factor? Chi is an idea from historical Chinese drugs and is taken into account the therapeutic power that surrounds us all.

Qigong and Tai Chi work with power, however what are the variations?

For each inexperienced persons and superior learners, the excellence between Tai Chi and Qigong just isn’t at all times straightforward. Some even declare that there aren’t any variations and that the boundaries should not clearly outlined.

Others say the excellence is straightforward: Tai Chi is a martial artwork and Qigong is a therapeutic apply.

In this text, we at Mindmonia received to the underside of it. We will first clarify what Qigong and Tai Chi are with a view to get a constant understanding of each phrases. Then we'll go into the variations.

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What is qigong

Qigong is solely a meditative power work from historical China. It's about combining bodily actions With managed respiratory workouts and past, varied visualization methods.

There is not any prioritization between the elements. For instance, visualization is simply as essential as bodily motion.

Many totally different types and workouts developed over time. This is principally as a result of the data of Qigong has been handed on from grasp to grasp for hundreds of years. Accordingly, there is no such thing as a one common type of qigong or one appropriate strategy to carry out an train.

Well-known methods of qigong workouts embrace:

  • The eight brocades
  • Exercises for the 5 parts
  • The 18 Shibashi Exercises

If you need to be taught extra in regards to the totally different qigong workouts, take a look at ours detailed qigong article.

Qigong is often known as "standing meditation" due to its calming impact on physique and thoughts.

What is tai chi

Tai Chi (or Taiji) is a mix of martial arts, meditation and therapeutic. The meditative martial artwork from historical China is practiced each with and with out weapons.

It is a so-called gentle martial artwork, with out hardness or breaking checks like for instance in karate. You carry out the Tai Chi varieties and poses in flowing actions, paired with respiratory workouts.

The varieties embrace:

However, these are just some of the various totally different types of tai chi.

Most folks as we speak apply tai chi not just for self-defense, but additionally for its many emotional and bodily advantages. If you apply Tai Chi usually, you possibly can get pleasure from the next advantages:

Qigong vs. Tai Chi: The Differences

In order to make the variations between Qigong and Tai Chi extra clear, we’ve outlined the next comparability standards:

  • focus
  • Exercises
  • Movements
  • Use of chi
  • simplicity
  • Physical exertion
  • meditation

Difference 1: focus

As talked about above, Tai Chi is a martial artwork. Qigong, however, has a totally totally different focus. However, what sort of qigong you examine to tai chi is essential.

For instance, there may be medical qigong, which is used solely for therapeutic, or the martial arts model, which is named fight qigong.

It is subsequently essential right here which sort of qigong you examine with tai chi. In normal, one can say that Qigong is used extra for therapeutic and Tai Chi is extra used for self-defense. However, this isn’t at all times the case as you may as well use tai chi as a therapeutic technique. In this regard, there is no such thing as a strict distinction between the 2.

Difference 2: workouts

The workouts in Tai Chi are largely carried out whereas standing, whereas sure Qigong workouts additionally mean you can sit or lie down. The actions themselves are very sluggish and have easy transitions in each instances. However, when utilizing tai chi for self-defense in tai chi, you can also make abrupt actions.

Difference 3: actions

Tai Chi works extra in varieties and stuck poses than Qigong. In Qigong, the varieties are extra of a mix of easy actions. According to historical Chinese drugs, each motion has sure advantages and results on the physique and thoughts.

For instance, you possibly can add extra actions to acquainted qigong sequences if you wish to use or enhance sure advantages. This is among the the explanation why the identified Qigong workouts usually differ barely of their execution.

Difference 4: utilizing chi

Qigong and tai chi use chi in several methods. When used as a therapeutic apply, qigong focuses on a selected sort of chi with a selected operate. In Qigong you should use workouts and therapeutic strategies which might be designed to activate the chi for a selected function.

Instead, Tai Chi sees Chi as an entire and intends to activate and regulate the move of power within the physique in a holistic manner. However, it is very important distinguish between the workouts you might be doing and the explanation you might be practising.

The phrases "Qi" and "Chi" have two totally different meanings in Chinese. "Qi" means power and "Chi" means final. Another indication that the understanding of power is barely totally different between Tai Chi and Qigong.

Difference 5: simplicity

Woman doing qigong outside

The actions in Qigong are intentionally stored easy. It is simpler to be taught as a result of there are fewer mounted poses and qigong just isn’t as bodily demanding as tai chi.

The sequences in Tai Chi are comparatively advanced and bodily way more demanding. It usually takes plenty of apply to grasp sure tai chi poses.

It is usually simpler for inexperienced persons to begin with qigong after which change to tai chi.

Difference 6: bodily exertion

Qigong is designed so that everybody can apply it. Children, seniors or folks with bodily disabilities can apply Qigong. The actions are light and simple to recollect and may be practiced whereas sitting and even mendacity down. Hence, they’re appropriate for nearly everybody. In addition, the poses are related to visualization methods and should not very bodily demanding.

Due to its nature as a martial artwork, Tai Chi is usually solely doable whereas standing and, relying on the pose, may be bodily demanding.

Difference 7: meditation

Both tai chi and qigong have meditative points. However, the main focus is totally different. In Qigong, meditation performs a extra essential position, and the main focus is on combining varied actions with meditative respiratory workouts.

Tai chi additionally has meditative points, however the shapes and poses are extra body-oriented. Breathing additionally performs an essential position, however most types of tai chi are inherently much less aware than the actions of qigong.

Summary comparability

Provided we give it some thought Qigong as a pure therapeutic apply and Tai Chi as an absolute battle Art the variations are as follows:

standards Tai chi Qigong
focus Martial arts main, therapeutic and meditation secondary Focus on therapeutic strategies, meditation, and visualization
Exercises Are normally carried out whereas standing Can be performed standing, mendacity down and sitting
Movements Shapes and poses are clearly outlined and actions are solely a part of the general posture Movements are thought of separate from the varieties. Poses may be supplemented with actions as wanted
Use of chi The whole move of power within the physique is managed The power for sure features is managed
simplicity Movements and shapes are difficult and never straightforward to be taught Movements and shapes are intentionally stored easy
Physical exertion Physically demanding Not as bodily demanding as tai chi
meditation Plays a minor position within the martial arts Plays a serious position within the therapeutic technique

In abstract, there are extra similarities than variations.


Qigong and Tai Chi are large fields that aren’t at all times straightforward to separate. The two practices from historical China differ primarily in focus.

However, each are very comparable of their concepts. While tai chi is believed to be primarily meant for martial arts, tai chi has therapeutic strategies as nicely. Qigong, however, is seen extra as a "healing practice", but additionally depends upon the kind of Qigong. For instance, you possibly can apply martial qigong, the martial arts model of qigong.

In the top, all of it depends upon the sort and type of Tai Chi and Qigong you apply and for what function you apply it.

Many folks, together with us, imagine that tai chi is a type of qigong. Tai chi is predicated on how a lot you possibly can management your power, your chi. You can be taught this partly by way of some Tai Chi varieties and workouts.

If you need to grasp Tai Chi, there is no such thing as a manner round Qigong. Qigong is the premise and the essence of internal power work, which varieties the core of the philosophy of Tai Chi. Tai Chi with out qigong doesn't work.

If you're unsure whether or not to begin with tai chi or qigong, understand that each qigong and tai chi have many well being advantages, irrespective of which one you select. It is best to apply both of them than to not apply in any respect.

For absolute inexperienced persons we suggest Qigong as a result of it isn’t as bodily demanding as Tai Chi and since it’s simpler to be taught. As talked about above, many inexperienced persons begin with Qigong and later change to Tai Chi, the extra demanding model.

If you want qigong due to its meditative method, however need to train a little bit extra, you may as well give it a strive yoga or Pilates.

Learn extra about qigong, meditation, mindfulness and the way these practices might help you obtain your targets. Subscribe to our free Newsletter. Thank you for studying.


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