Ardha Padmasana, "Ardha" means half or half, "Padma" represents the lotus and the asana means pose or posture.

Half Lotus Pose is a sitting posture that opens the hips and extends the knees and ankles. This is a variation of the standard seated meditation posture, the lotus pose (Padmasana), which is extra appropriate for college kids with much less flexibility within the decrease physique.

The first cross-legged place is a quite simple simple pose (Sukhasana). If you’re very comfy on this state of affairs, you can begin engaged on Half Lotus. If you’re sizzling, it’s best to observe this mudra on the finish of a yoga session.

If you need to full this asana too, learn on for step-by-step directions. This article will stroll you thru the right path to Ardha Padmasana, the well being advantages of Ardha Padmasana, and the precautions to take whereas training.


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