Lightness of Being

– Stay afloat in tough occasions.

In this image “Lightness of Being” Queen Elizabeth II is photographed by Chris Levine (artist copyright 2008-2020).

Meditation affords the chance to decelerate, pause and suppose. The actual contribution of meditation in our troubled Corona time might be one thing Queen Elizabeth II addressed in her speech to her folks on April fifth:

While isolating your self will be tough at occasions, many individuals of all faiths and none uncover that this gives a chance to decelerate, pause, and replicate in prayer or meditation.

Meditation frees the thoughts and brings us into contact with its undercurrents. These shifts are sometimes ignored in our busy on a regular basis lives, and all of the extra so in occasions of disaster when all that preoccupies us is all that may save us from the quick risks. However, these deeper layers are the components of our thoughts that supply broader views on the scenario we’re in and that may lead us to suppose long run and look additional forward than the tip of our nostril.

In occasions of disaster, tunnel imaginative and prescient can assist us concentrate on the problem forward and survive. But if the disaster lasts weeks or months or – who is aware of – perhaps even years, we are able to not keep in battle or flight mode, however want the continued reflection that’s a part of meditative openness.

The corona disaster is creating unprecedented uncertainty for many people. "Will I live or will I die?" is simply one of many questions we face. Even if we survive, as most of us little doubt will, what’s going to tomorrow's world be like? How lengthy will the disaster final? Will i lose my job? Can I shake palms with my pals once more or pat them on the again? Or meet them in actual life, not simply on a pc display? Will society be capable to return to regular? Will the financial system regain its energy? What about our values? Are we changing into extra compassionate folks or extra self-centered and evil? Will democracy proceed to be the popular political system or is authoritarianism seen by many as a greater different? Where will the middle of gravity of the world be? Who will rule the world – and we? Will there be conflict?

At occasions like this, it’s simple to spend most of our free time trying on the information for somebody or one thing that may present dependable info, some type of secure fact, to allay our fears. In occasions like these, nonetheless, no one is aware of the reality. Usually, dependable specialists make utterly completely different forecasts at some point of the disaster, the variety of deaths and the additional modifications within the wake of the pandemic. Media professionals generally communicate as in the event that they know, and that may carry non permanent consolation and aid, however solely till their prophecies are confirmed false.

We need to be taught what Milan Kundera calls the “wisdom of uncertainty”: to reside with our personal fears, to steer the boat with out understanding the precise route, to make as educated guesses as potential, however to be able to freshly take a look at all truths charge anytime. Meditation's free psychological posture doesn’t present a solution, however its sensitivity to underlying currents can assist us spot patterns earlier than they emerge in clear daylight. It also can assist us anchor the self in additional basic features of existence so that every one the vicissitudes of life don’t throw us off steadiness. If we haven't already had Covid-19, we received't grow to be proof against the chaos it may inflict on our our bodies. Nor will we be immune to creating errors in our lives. But the 2 half hours of headspace day by day can scale back the severity of those errors and put us on a barely higher monitor than we in any other case would have been. As if we had the life expertise of an virtually 94 12 months outdated queen!

Halvor Eifring


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