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Darkness and ignorance are the indicators of Tamas Guna. Image supply: Shutterstock

Everything has two features in nature. When an object strikes, the rigidity is definitely a part of its nature. The state of immobility, stiffness and sluggishness exists as a result of Tamo Guna within the nature.

Tamas (Tamo Guna)

Tamo, with the basis phrase "Tama", stands for "darkness" and Guna means high quality. Tamo Guna is likely one of the preliminary qualities of nature from which all the things emerged.

In nature it’s current with the mix of the opposite two Gunas as Trigunas and varieties the matter, inertia and "static energy" of objects. It is named basic Tamas and extra of tamas guna in an individual is taken into account to be that tamasic pure character.

The tamasic character is used to have a look at an individual's gunas (or traits) that one associates with lack of care, recklessness, over-thinking, and extreme indulgence. However, the qualities of Tamas Guna come up from negligence, delusion and ignorance.

However, it can’t be mentioned that tamas is simply the signal of negativity.

Among the three constructing blocks that make up manas (or thoughts), Tamo Guna combines with Rajas and Sattva Guna to manifest all the things in its gross or clear actuality. The manifestation of nature, which brings stability and a whole sense of leisure for some time, can also be a part of Tamo Guna.

How to determine the dominance of tamas

Tamas Guna propertiesA state of inertia is named Tamas Guna dominance. Image supply: Shutterstock

In order to acknowledge Tamas Guna one has to research oneself. Observe actions, reactions, thought processes in several conditions and occasions of the day and you can see out when Tamas Guna dominates in your nature.

However, the next is the record of options that can turn out to be seen when you may have Dominant Tamas Guna.

1. Careless and unbalanced

A tamasic particular person doesn’t care about himself or anybody else. she I don’t care what they do, how they take an motion, or the rest. Hence they’ll unbalanced, whether or not within the case of routine or at work.

2. Lazy and boring

Tamas Guna will increase an individual's stiffness and indolence. She does that lazy and Stump. Therefore at all times them Desire for sleep and relaxation. At work they’ll moody. Whether the work is essential or not, they’ll solely do it whether it is their temper to do it.

On the opposite hand, they at all times crave intercourse. They are solely energetic when they’re lustful or when their needs are fulfilled.

3. Confused

The dominance of Tamas Guna is rising will increase ignorance. People with a tamasic character can’t perceive what is nice and what’s unhealthy for them. In this state the thoughts turns into confused Make selections. Hence, Tamsic folks are likely to do it confused and confused.

4. Solitude loving and separated

Increment in Tamas Guna will increase the ego one particular person. Tamasians take into account themselves superior and deny the corporate of others. She does that Cut and lonely.

5. Full of anger

The dominance of Tamas Guna brings that darkish facet of the particular person. this causes excessive anger in an individual and encourages evil acts.

An individual is able to do something harmful when offended. At this level, they don't actually care about anybody they usually can carry out an evil act on this state.

6. Irregular weight loss plan

Tamasic folks love Junk meals. You like alcohol or Alcohol, Eggs, crimson meat, and different dry, tasteless meals. They don't significantly like do-it-yourself meals.

Note- Of course, Tamas Guna is current in all of us together with the opposite two Gunas (Rajas and Sattva). All properties are solely seen when Tamas Guna dominates.

Positive features of Tamas Guna

Due to the properties described above, Tamas Guna doesn’t appear to be required personally. Tamas Guna can also be important in some features.

1. Relaxation

With some actions in life we ​​want a break from all actions. We want just a few moments of silence with us. Likewise, we have to sleep after the day's work to chill out and recharge our our bodies.

Tamas Guna is answerable for ours sleep and relaxation. Without this guna one will likely be stressed and stressed.

2. Grounded and secure

To do yoga there needs to be an individual secure and grounded. Tamas Guna in you retains you grounded and secure in a yoga exercise. Even within the case of an unbalanced root chakra, Tamas Guna is promoted within the particular person.

It is a vital component within the religious journey. Without Tamas Guna, a yogi can’t transfer additional in spirituality.

Types of Tamas

The tamasic character sort could be outlined into three varieties.

Three kinds of Tamas Guna are:

1. Pasava (frequent traits of animals)

  • Prohibiting character.
  • Lack of intelligence.
  • Excessive sexual needs.
  • Excessive sleep and undisciplined.

2. Matsya (frequent traits of fish)

  • Cowardice and shy
  • Lack of intelligence.
  • Greed for meals.
  • A want for water.
  • Constant anger.

3. Vanaspatya (sharing traits of vegetable life)

  • Idleness.
  • Less clever.
  • Always hungry and eats lots.
  • Depending on the group.

How to eliminate Tamas Guna

from darkness to light (Tamas to Rajas)from darkness to mild (Tamas to Rajas): Image supply: Shutterstock

In the start there was nothing, nothing however the silence of infinite darkness. Then got here the sunshine!

Book of Genesis

To escape the darkness one has to make an effort to carry the sunshine. Light stands for motion and is the other of darkness (or Tamas Guna).

Implanting after yoga actions and way of life modifications will assist you scale back the surplus of Tamas Guna and steadiness its proportions beneath 3 Gunas.

1. By including vinyasa to the asana apply

Reduce tamasPractice to cut back tamas, add extra motion to the apply. Image supply: Shutterstock

Yoga asanas are very invigorating and convey motion into the nonetheless physique. However, Vinyasa provides a bigger vary of movement to asanas, which removes rigidity and encourages exercise.

Following the asanas technique will assist scale back tamas guna.

  • Spend much less time in a pose and add extra vinyasa stream to your apply. The solar salutation sequence additionally works properly with elevated Tamas Guna.
  • Forward flexion poses are often enjoyable in comparison with backward flexion poses. Practice backbend poses akin to bow and bridge poses extra once you really feel laziness or dullness within the physique.
  • Minimize the time you spend enjoyable in Shavasana or Balasana in a yoga sequence.

2. By regulating respiration by means of pranayama

Pranayama vitalizes vitality within the type of Prana (life drive) in each cell of the physique. After performing pranayama, you’ll turn out to be extra conscious of your actions, ideas, and finally anger, which is a typical attribute of Tamas Guna's dominance.

3. Use of transferring meditation strategies

Tamo Guna is a vital high quality that one ought to have with the intention to get into meditation, however extra tamas results in unintended naps throughout meditation.

Adding meditation strategies that maintain you bodily transferring will help scale back the consequences of Tamas Guna. Some examples of such meditation strategies are: strolling meditation, transferring meditation, and every day job meditation (doing duties with mindfulness).

4. Avoid oversleeping or sitting

Proper sleep is essential to good well being. But if you happen to sleep excessively, you’ll lazy and sluggish, which ends up in a rise in tamas guna.

In the identical manner, sitting in the identical place for hours may additionally result in a rise in tamas guna. So stretching your backbone throughout a break will help you keep away from yawning at work.

5. Change the dialog modes

These days, within the identify of leisure, we spend plenty of time in entrance of the TV, laptop computer and video video games. It decreases bodily exercise and will increase laziness (tamas guna).

So as a substitute of spending time in them non-physical actionsto go for some sports activities or others bodily exercise. It will steadily scale back the laziness and tamas in you.

6. Change your weight loss plan

Eating impacts your well being, your habits and is answerable for your vitality ranges. So it says:

You are what you eat.

Tamasic meals can also be the reason for a rise in tamas guna. It accommodates crimson meat, eggs, alcohol, and different objectionable meals. However, any meals that’s over-eaten, leftover, or stale additionally turns into tamasic.

These meals develop anger and fatigue within the particular person and decrease immunity. According to Ayurveda, consuming tamasic meals shouldn’t be mentioned to be good for our bodily and psychological well being.

Tamasic meals empties the prana and fills us with the fallacious temper. Avoid this meals and go for a sattvige meal not so spicy, pure and nutritious.

7. Go into nature

Nature is the supply of vitality and heals all the things. So take a break out of your every day work and Spend a while in nature's lap. Mother Nature heals your psychological sickness and reduces tamas out of your physique.


A balanced proportion of all 3 Gunas is essential to have a constructive angle and character in life.

Tamas, nonetheless, is a mark of stability and being all the way down to earth, however the extra can have an effect on the unhealthy components of your character. With somewhat willpower, you possibly can work in your tamasic qualities and eliminate extra tamas guna.


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