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When it involves getting began with yoga, you’ll rapidly discover that there are various completely different kinds of yoga. With such all kinds of kinds, discovering the suitable fashion of yoga for your self might be overwhelming, particularly for novices.

That is why we wrote this text that can assist you acquire readability in regards to the many kinds of yoga.

While we have been sharing a common overview of yoga, in ours Yoga information for novicesThis article is roofed in additional element. The hottest kinds of yoga (together with Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and Ashtanga) are offered in additional element.

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Although the assorted yoga kinds themselves are very completely different, most have one factor in frequent: They mix postures (asanas) in a sequence with respiratory workouts (pranayama) and have meditative approaches.

1. Asanas

Asanas are the precise bodily actions throughout yoga. They might be easy or very complicated.

2. Pranayama

Pranayama are the respiratory workouts. They should not essentially related to any fashion of yoga.

3. Meditation

While meditation is a observe for your selfIt is commonly included into yoga, with its personal kinds and advantages. Some even see yoga itself as a mode of meditation.

4. Order

A yoga sequence is just a sequence of various asanas. A sequence might be very distinctive for its kind of yoga or only a random mixture of asanas.

Yoga kind 1: Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the inspiration of most kinds of yoga and is a superb kind of yoga for novices.


Hatha Yoga focuses on mindfulness. The respiratory workouts play a singular position and also you do the poses step-by-step in accordance together with your respiratory.

There are additionally mindfulness workouts and meditation which are carried out at the start or on the finish of the yoga class. You normally start in a cross-legged place (sukhasana) during which you breathe consciously and deeply.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

By specializing in mindfulness and meditation, common hatha yoga results in inside peace and serenity. At the identical time, it improves your flexibility, your sense of steadiness and your physique consciousness.


Hatha yoga workouts are gradual and calm.

Best for

Hatha yoga is nice for novices and superior practitioners of all ages as you possibly can slowly strategy every pose.

If you have an interest in meditation, one of these yoga can provide you a leisurely begin with its mild respiratory workouts.

Yoga kind 2: Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga purifies and strengthens the vitality facilities of our physique – the Chakras. That is why additionally it is referred to as "Yoga of Energy".

A basic Kundalini Yoga sequence referred to as "Kirya" at all times consists of asanas, pranayama, Mudras. Many Kundalini yoga practitioners put on white clothes and white turbans to assist them grow to be extra assured, amongst different issues.


In Kundalini Yoga the main target is on spirituality and esotericism. Each sequence combines intense respiratory workouts, mantras, and meditation to stimulate the thoughts and physique.

Kundalini Yoga works very effectively with too Qigong.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

This kind of yoga has a constructive impact in your inside being. Regular Kundalini Yoga observe will make you cheerful, energetic, and calm.

Kundalini additionally has a bodily benefit: when you maintain asanas for a very long time, you launch pressure in your physique.


The fashion is gradual and deliberate. You begin every sequence with respiratory workouts to calm your self down.

They last more asanas and pranayamas than different yoga kinds: 10 minutes per train is regular. Experienced yogis even maintain their asanas for 20-30 minutes. This makes the poses much more difficult.

Best for

Kundalini Yoga is appropriate for all ages and ranges of bodily health, making it perfect for novices.

Beginners ought to give themselves time to immerse themselves within the observe because the Kundalini educating is ubiquitous. Original Indian spirituality has a robust affect on this fashion, so curiosity in it’s helpful.

Yoga kind 3: Yin Yoga

Group of women doing yoga posture while sitting

Yin Yoga is aware, gradual and mild, in distinction to different dynamic kinds like Ashtanga Yoga, during which the muscle tissues are extra actively concerned.


Similar to Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga focuses on mindfulness. As a yogi, you deal with what you can’t see together with your eyes. In Yin Yoga, these are the underlying physique components.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga prompts the components in your physique that different kinds of yoga can not: connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Fascia coaching with Yin Yoga can also be very helpful.

Yin yoga additionally helps you let go of unfavourable ideas and chill out your physique and thoughts.


Yin Yoga is principally practiced mendacity down or sitting. Another distinctive function is the deal with a rounded again, which contributes to raised stretching. A well-liked Yin Asana with a spherical again is the "butterfly" (Baddha Konasana).

Best for

Yin Yoga could be very appropriate for novices and superior practitioners. If you're on the lookout for a counterpart to extra dynamic kinds of yoga or sports activities like weight lifting or working, yin yoga is the proper, calming addition.

Yoga kind 4: Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a really strenuous yoga fashion. This type of yoga can also be the idea for different dynamic yoga kinds.


Ashtanga consists of six "series" referred to as "Vinyasa Flow". A sequence describes the sleek transition from one pose to the following. The order of the unique sequence stays the identical and is especially sophisticated. Even skilled yogis don’t at all times grasp all of them. The purpose of Ashtanga Yoga is to make the sequence easy, to not make it good.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a foaming sport that strengthens and shapes the physique. Ideally, you must train day by day to enhance your muscle tissues.

The bodily advantages should not the one motive for Ashtanga yoga, nevertheless: the difficult asanas mixed with the strenuous train will enable you manifest humility and self-discipline.


Ashtanga yoga is quick. You maintain every pose for precisely 5 breaths earlier than making a clean however fast transition to the following pose.

Best for

Ashtanga Yoga is especially appropriate for athletes and folks with excessive endurance. For novices there’s a danger of harm as a result of quick sequences. Therefore, you must observe this fashion of yoga with steerage.

Yoga kind 5: Vinyasa Yoga

Group of women doing simple yoga pose

Vinyasa Yoga is a body-oriented, trendy fashion that developed from Ashtanga Yoga. According to the Yoga Journal, Vinyasa is the one hottest yoga fashion right now.


Like Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga is practiced with mild actions and transitions between the poses. However, there isn’t any set order. Each train is held for just a few breaths earlier than transferring on to the following.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga will increase your stamina, strengthens the muscle tissues all through your physique and improves your capacity to pay attention.

You could have in depth meditation periods at the start or on the finish of every lesson to assist calm your thoughts and respiratory.


The velocity of vinyasa yoga periods varies. It is commonly accompanied by trendy music that determines the velocity of the workouts.

Best for

Vinyasa could be very various – relying on the instructor, the workouts might be quick and highly effective or gradual and calm.

This makes one of these yoga much less sweaty and extra appropriate for novices than Ashtanga. Even so, you must also practice with skilled yoga lecturers.

Yoga kind 6: Bikram Yoga

If you take pleasure in going to the sauna or wish to expertise excessive experiences, you must strive Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga is practiced at a room temperature of 40 ° C and 40% humidity.

Bikram Yoga is commonly mistakenly known as "hot yoga". However, there’s a distinction: the order of the asanas in Bikram yoga is at all times the identical, whereas in scorching yoga you possibly can observe completely different postures.


The focus is completely on health and endurance.

A coaching session lasts 90 minutes and accommodates 26 asanas, which you at all times carry out in the identical order: You begin with 12 standing asanas, adopted by 7 mendacity down asanas. Finish with 7 postures that you just do whereas sitting or in your knees. You do all the workouts in entrance of a mirror to see and proper your individual errors.

There are two in depth respiratory workouts between poses.

Nobody is compelled to do the total 90 minutes – if it will get too strenuous, you possibly can at all times cease.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Your physique turns into extra versatile and stretchable as a result of huge warmth. A research The 2013 research confirmed this for the decrease again, shoulders, and hamstrings.

The excessive temperature additionally stimulates blood circulation and blood circulation.


Bikram is sweaty, however – relying on the instructor – reasonably quick.

Best for

Bikram yoga is sweet for novices and superior practitioners. The warmth might be exhausting for novices, however you get used to it rapidly.

This kind of yoga just isn’t appropriate for severely overweight individuals or individuals with hypertension. If unsure, speak to your physician first.

Yoga kind 7: Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga originated within the final 20 years and has since conquered yoga studios world wide.

You will observe aerial yoga on a gentle nylon fabric (referred to as an aerial hammock) that hangs from the ceiling in a U-shaped swing. It helps your physique weight partially or – relying on the pose – fully.


The primary function of Aerial Yoga is to let go – in some postures, actually. You let go of the bottom and gravity and you’ve got full confidence within the fabric you’re hanging in.

Not solely does this open up new views for you through the train, it additionally teaches you to have a look at your life and issues from a unique perspective. Aerial yoga is helpful in the case of letting go of unfavourable ideas.

Benefits of aerial yoga

Above all, aerial yoga promotes your individual (bodily) flexibility and mobility.

You strengthen your arms and core muscle tissues and your steadiness improves.


Mixed. Some poses are held for a couple of minutes, others for just a few moments. In some poses, the train doesn't cease till you convey your air hammock to relaxation.

The workouts should not simply yoga poses. Some of them are acrobatic.

Best for

This kind of yoga just isn’t appropriate for pregnant girls or for individuals who have hypertension or migraines. If unsure, ask your physician.

If you’re wholesome and match, you are able to do aerial yoga (whilst a newbie).

Yoga kind 8: Stand Up Paddle Yoga (SUP Yoga)

SUP Yoga combines yoga with basic stand-up paddling. It is practiced within the water on a big surfboard.


In SUP yoga the primary purpose is to learn to steadiness your self. It's positively not a conventional kind of yoga and having enjoyable comes first.

Benefits of SUP yoga

With SUP Yoga you may have an efficient full physique exercise since you really feel the workouts on the surfboard much more intensely. This fancy yoga fashion is entertaining and could be a nice various to “normal” coaching in a yoga studio.


Slow and centered. The poses are held for a couple of minutes to attain steadiness.

Best for

SUP Yoga is appropriate for all curious individuals. A superb sense of steadiness is a bonus. Advanced yogis will discover it simpler to get began as a result of they already know many workouts.

It is practiced on calm waters similar to lakes. Even so, in fact, you shouldn't be afraid of getting moist.

If you’re a newbie yoga, your SUP yoga teacher will present you the workouts on land first. Then you’ll learn to paddle on a surfboard.

Yoga kind 9: Power Yoga

Group of women doing difficult yoga pose

Power Yoga additionally comes from Ashtanga, however is extra versatile in its execution. Since it combines yoga and pilates, additionally it is referred to as "yogilates".

The workouts encompass parts from Pilates, energy coaching and basic yoga poses.


Power Yoga is a dynamic mixture of asanas and synchronous respiratory workouts. It will increase your stamina and improves your physique pressure.

The focus is on the seamless transition between the person workouts, identical to with Ashtanga or Vinyasa Yoga. However, Power Yoga focuses on flexibility and bodily energy.

It is as much as the yoga instructor which asanas are carried out. The sequence defines: You begin with mild postures, slowly acquire weight, grow to be extra intense and settle down once more. You finish the session with a meditation or stretching train.

Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga combines the values ​​of the unique Indian yoga custom with stress-relieving workouts.

Your posture turns into extra versatile, you strengthen your stamina, your again and backbone are supported, and common train improves the cardiovascular system.


The workouts are gradual and flowing, however strenuous.

Best for

Power yoga is appropriate for everybody. You don't need to be an athlete to begin.

Yoga kind 10: Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga combines basic yoga postures, respiratory workouts and meditation with trendy music and dance.


Jivamukti Yoga isn’t just a sport, however a lifestyle. It promotes a non-violent life in concord with your self and the individuals round us.

Yogis who observe Jivamukti are normally open to spirituality and perception.

Some yoga studios even provide an introduction to historic Indian yoga teachings of their Jivamukti courses.

Benefits of Jivamukti Yoga

This kind of yoga has a stimulating impact on the physique, making it versatile and strong.

At the identical time, Jivamukti Yoga calms the thoughts, promotes the power to pay attention and strengthens your self-awareness and consciousness.


Jivamukti Yoga is a dynamic fashion of yoga with difficult asanas that you just rapidly carry out one after the opposite in a flowing sequence.

By combining it with different mindfulness practices, a steadiness between effort and leisure is achieved.

Best for

Beginners in addition to superior learners of all ages and skills can observe Jivamukti Yoga.

This fashion is right for you if you wish to begin yoga not a lot for the health facet however for religious educating and a holistic life-style.

Other kinds of yoga

As talked about earlier, there are innumerable kinds of yoga. Since we solely talked about a very powerful ones for novices above, right here is an outline of different yoga kinds:

Yoga man description Services
Yoga nidra Yoga mendacity down, virtually no actions, similar to meditation Relaxation, stress reduction, relaxation
Iyengar yoga Physically demanding yoga, during which the right execution of the poses and the very best precision are the main target Mobility, flexibility, expandability, calm
Acro Yoga Combines yoga with acrobatic parts Concentration, confidence, steadiness
Kriya Yoga Spiritual yoga that mixes mudras, mantras and different parts Spirituality, physique consciousness
Sivananda Yoga Similar to Hatha Yoga. Belongs to the 4 basic yoga paths Balance, leisure, well being
Raja Yoga The "best" yoga of the basic yoga paths. Raja means translated king and means whoever can management his thoughts is an emperor. Relaxation, stress reduction, relaxation, spirituality, physique consciousness
Bodhi Yoga Bodhi means translated instinct and knowledge. The goal is to heal the physique and thoughts Mindfulness, Health, Relaxation
Dao yoga Dao Yoga, also called Tao Yin or Tao Yoga, is a sort of yoga from historic China. It is commonly seen because the predecessor of Qigong Body consciousness, leisure, stress reduction, mindfulness
Sahaja Yoga Special kind of yoga primarily based on meditation, faith and religious parts spirituality
Ananda Yoga Ananda Yoga is a yoga system that’s primarily based on Hatha however provides it a religious that means Relaxation, spirituality, physique consciousness, flexibility
Budokon Yoga Yoga blended with martial arts Self-defense, health, physique consciousness, leisure


Here is a fast rundown of the ten yoga varieties we launched to you:

Yoga man focus Services Best for
Hutha Yoga Relaxation, mindfulness Improves calm, higher physique consciousness, extra mobility Beginner
Kundalini Yoga Relaxation, spirituality Positive perspective, tension-free Beginners and superior
Yin yoga Relaxation, physique consciousness Strengthens deeper physique components (fascia, connective tissue, tendons, and so forth.), leisure Beginner
Ashtanga yoga Fitness, muscle strengthening, self-discipline Strengthens and tones the physique in a short while, helps drop some pounds, teaches humility Advanced athletes
Vinyasa yoga Discipline,
Improves endurance, strengthens muscle tissues, improves focus and physique consciousness Intermediates
Bikram yoga agility Increased flexibility, perfect for sauna followers Beginners and superior
Aerial yoga steadiness Creates a brand new perspective, strengthens self-confidence Beginners and superior
SUP yoga Balance,
Takes place outdoors, various, strengthens the physique Beginners and superior
Power yoga Relaxation, stress reduction,
More flexibility and stamina, strengthens the physique, improves posture Beginners and superior
Jivamukti Yoga Mindfulness,
Strengthens the physique, has a relaxing impact, improves focus Beginners and superior

Use this overview as a information when you find yourself prepared to begin working towards yoga. Depending on what you wish to obtain with yoga, yow will discover the suitable yoga fashion within the overview and begin with it.

Remember that the purpose of all kinds of yoga just isn’t good execution of the workouts. It's far more essential that you just be ok with it.

Would you wish to delve deeper into the subjects of yoga and mindfulness? You can discover many extra articles like this on our weblog. Sign up for the free Mindmonia publication for extra useful content material. Thank you for studying!


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