Dog days of summer time are formally right here, and it’s possible you’ll really feel overheated, baffled, and annoyed. Soothing, grounding yoga poses can assist you steadiness that onset of summer time, stand taller, and have a cooler head.

As you sit, convey one facet of your hips as near the baseboard of the wall as attainable, swing your legs up the wall till you’re in your again together with your hips near the wall. Extend your legs up towards the wall. You can bend your knees barely, particularly in case your hamstrings really feel tight. This pose is nice for decrease again ache and for revitalizing the physique. Optional props: A folded blanket can really feel very nice beneath your sacrum. Remain within the pose for 5-20 minutes.

Try the Open Road Goods yoga blanket.

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For extra pose data, together with anatomy illustrations and a sequencer that you need to use to create, save, and share homework, get the brand new Yoga Journal app.


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