Yoga May Help Ease Migraines

According to a brand new research, yoga may also help migraine victims discover aid.

Medications are the primary line of therapy for migraines, however solely work in about half of sufferers, and lots of medicine have uncomfortable side effects that trigger about 10 % of individuals to cease utilizing them.

Researchers in India randomized 114 sufferers with episodic migraines into certainly one of two teams. The first acquired standard medical remedy as prescribed by their docs; The second acquired standard therapy and a yoga program that included respiratory workout routines, leisure methods, and yoga postures. Patients realized this system in three-hour periods three days per week beneath the supervision of a yoga therapist for a month, after which practiced the routines at house 5 days per week for the subsequent two months.

The research in Neurology discovered that each teams confirmed reductions within the frequency and depth of complications. But the yoga group tended to have considerably fewer complications, had much less extreme complications, and consumed fewer drugs, though the typical frequency of complications within the yoga group was greater at the beginning of the research.

"If you have migraines, you should talk to your doctor about adding yoga to your treatment," stated a co-author, Dr. Gautam Sharma, Professor of Cardiology on the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. And in case you select to do yoga, he added, "You should learn with a qualified yoga therapist under the supervision of a doctor."


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