Utthita hasta padangusthasana Steps: The proper approach to pose

Follow the proper steps to carry out the Extended Hand to Big Toe pose:

1] – First, stand along with your toes straight and calm down your whole physique.
2] – Keep your head straight and deal with a particular level in entrance of you.
3] – Now bend your proper knee and produce your thigh as near your chest as potential.
4] – Hold the large toe of your proper foot in place by wrapping your proper arm across the outdoors of your bent proper knee. Make certain you aren’t placing any pressure on the leg muscle groups.
5] – Once you catch your toe, straighten your proper leg in entrance of your physique.
6] – Try utilizing your left arm to stability your physique. You can do Jnana Mudra along with your left hand. Jnana Mudra is a hand place by which you tuck the tip of your index finger below the tip of your thumb and maintain the remaining three fingers barely prolonged.
7] – Hold the final leg place for so long as you’re feeling snug.
eighth] – As you let go, bend your knee first, then your toe, and slowly carry your foot off the ground.
9] – Put your arms down earlier than repeating on the opposite facet.


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