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A mudra is a symbolic gesture and a non-verbal expression of our unconscious is revealed by arms, eyes and posture. Our thought patterns, needs, and even the suppressed power can manifest in actuality by practising easy gestures.

Surabhi Mudra is such a strong mudra that needs can manifest in actuality and thus fulfill the desires.

If a seeker practices this mudra usually, he’ll be capable of convey positivity and creativity into his life. In quick, the seeker will be capable of attain the ability of transformation.

Surabhi: The daughter of the Kamadhenu cow

According to the Hindu Puranas, Kamadhenu is a miraculous cow that has the ability to grant the desires one needs. She has a daughter named Surabhi and like her mom, she has the divine energy to grant needs.

Surabhi is definitely a synonym for a cow. Our fingers are formed like a cow's udder once we have been performing this mudra Cow Mudra, Dhenu Mudra, or Kamadhenu Mudra.

Meditating on udder-like fingers on this mudra helps the unconscious to look at its personal impermanence. Once it has calmed down, all that is still is our Sakama observe. A Sakama observe is when we now have a particular want in our coronary heart as we observe.

How to do Surabhi Mudra

  1. Choose a cushty sitting posture; both easy padmasana or vajrasana is greatest for this mudra.
  2. To start surabhi mudra; Bring your arms to chest stage and do namaste whereas arms are separated.
  3. Move the ring finger of your left hand in the direction of the little finger of your proper hand, then take your proper pinky over it to the touch the little left finger.
  4. Then, transfer your left index finger to the touch the tip of the appropriate center finger and apply it. Move your left center finger to the touch your proper index finger.
  5. Adjust your fingers up and down just a little to correctly contact them.
  6. Keep each thumbs aside and level to the guts, and this entire association of fingers is pointing to the sky.
  7. Hold the mudra and meditate in your fingers for not less than 1 to 2 minutes. Chanting the Gayatri mantra on this mudra additional will increase work effectivity.

Keeping your fingers on this mudra could look daunting, nevertheless it comes simply with sluggish and constant observe. One can attempt;

  • You can bend your fingers initially with the intention to set up the right contact between the cross fingers within the surabhi mudra
  • If your arms are trembling as you observe, then open and shut your fist, develop and contract your fingers for a number of occasions
  • If you go slowly and comply with the directions in the identical manner as in steps three and 4, you may get a very good grip between your fingers.

Few factors to overview

These precautions needs to be taken when performing the surabhi mudra.

  • The thumb needs to be left untouched – When performing Surabhi Mudra, particular care needs to be taken to make sure that the thumb doesn’t contact the foundation of a finger.
    This is as a result of on this case the impact of the merchandise will increase and this will cut back the advantages that the seeker would in any other case have obtained.
  • If you’re a newbie, you have to to observe this mudra with a decrease time restrict. Until the coordination between the organ methods is established, you need to solely observe this yoga mudra for a couple of minutes.

How does it work

In Surabhi Mudra, the index finger (air aspect) meets the center finger (ether aspect). This place balances the best chakra within the middle of the pinnacle and offers a mentally calming feeling. In addition, the ring finger (earth aspect) touches the tip of the little finger (water aspect). This place helps in strengthening the inventive forces.

According to Swami Purna Chaitanya Surabhi, a direct disciple of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi
Shankar, Surabhi Mudra is a therapeutic gesture that helps stability all components. It helps in fixing the issues associated to Kapha, Vata and Pitta. This is why Surabhi Mudra is often known as Tridosha Nashak Mudra, a destroyer of three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Surabhi Mudra additionally stimulates the endocrine gland and flushes the toxins out of the physique. Due to the secretion of endocrine hormones, it helps in reaching final happiness, peace, and creativity.


Based on the association of the thumbs underneath totally different fingers, Surabhi can observe in its Four variation varieties.

  1. Vayu Surabhi Mudra – Vayu Surabhi Mudra helps in fixing the well being issues associated to Vayu issues within the physique. The suggestions of the thumbs contact the bottom of the index finger.
  2. Shunya Surabhi Mudra: In this variation the Akashic aspect is concerned and would due to this fact result in a relaxed thoughts. In this mudra, the information of the thumbs contact the bottom of the center finger.
  3. Prithvi Surabhi Mudra: Because the Prithvi aspect is concerned, there’s a lower in coughing and good digestion. The suggestions of the thumbs contact the bottom of the ring finger.
  4. Jal Surabhi Mudra: This mudra brings a cooling feeling to the physique. The suggestions of the thumbs contact the bottom of the little finger.

Benefits of Surabhi Mudra

  • Surabhi Mudra is essentially the most highly effective gesture for the umbilical chakra or for these with constipation, ulcers and diabetes. This mudra balances out extreme or suppressive vitality on this chakra and creates vitality in it.
  • When a component on this mudra combines with one other aspect, it will increase and multiplies its powers. When the Kundalini awakens this energy strengthens physique and thoughts face up to rising Kundalini and break vitality nodes (if any).
  • Since common observe of this mudra helps enhance creativity, it will increase the constructive vitality inside seekers and thus helps them to do theirs Wishes are fulfilled.
  • Surabhi Mudra additionally helps relieve gasoline and acid issues because it prompts the excretory system.
  • Since all 5 components (pancha tattvas) on this mudra mix in a roundabout way, it takes care of the hormonal system, the glandular system and in addition the stability within the pancha tatva.
  • Surabhi Mudra with the Gayatri Mantra creates a meditative setting that enhances the "aura" of the physique.
  • Since the surabhi mudra is straight associated to the chakra of the third eye, it improves the reminiscence and focus of the seeker.


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