nadi shodhana - purification of nadis

Nadi's community unfold over the physique. Source: sammartinoyoga

We know that 72,00zero nadis in our physique are chargeable for transmitting prana (very important life drive) to completely different elements of the physique, however as a consequence of impurities in some nadis, not all nadis are concerned.

Nadis should first be activated in an effort to purify them and to hold prana in them to awaken Kundalini.

Ida and Pingala Nadi might be activated via the voluntary respiration technique.

  • If we simply breathe out and in via the proper nostril, then prompts Pingala Nadi.
  • Likewise after we breathe via the left nostril Ida Nadi is activated.

The awakening of Sushmna can solely be performed when the steadiness of those 2 nadis is reached.

Once the right steadiness of those 2 nadis is achieved, it facilitates the Kundalini awakening. If the right steadiness just isn’t achieved, Sushumna stays closed and the ability of Kundalini slumbers.

The equilibrium of those 2 nadis is simply potential when small nadis, also known as nadikas, that are tied to every ida and pingala, are cleaned not directly.

Purification of Nadis

Nadi Shodhana - Purification of NadisImage supply: Canva

Gheranda Samhitha explains that earlier than working towards yoga, significantly pranayama, Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama should be practiced in an effort to purify the nadis. As lengthy because the nadis are blocked as a consequence of impurities, the Prana Shakti can’t simply transfer via the nadis of pranayama.

Hence, the purification of nadis earlier than pranayama is essential.

Purification of nadis is completed in two methods;

  • Samanu – This occurs via a psychological course of with the pronunciation of the Bija mantra.
  • Nirmanu – The Nirmanu is carried out via the bodily purification of Shatkarmas like Dhauti Kriya.


Samanu is the superior technique to flush out the impurities of nadis and thus purify them.

Perform Samanu Purification

Samanu is carried out within the Padmasana posture. When you keep in mind Teacher, give it some thought Vayu Bija mantra (Yam यं) filled with vitality and smoke colour,

  • Inhale via the left nostril and repeat the Vayu Bija mantra 16 occasions. This is called Pooraka.
  • Later the breath must be interrupted for a interval of 64 repetitions of the mantra. This known as Kumbhaka.
  • Exhaling the breath must be performed slowly via the proper nostril by repeating the Bija mantra 32 occasions. This known as Rechaka.

The root of the navel is the seat of Agni tattva (fireplace factor). If you begin the fireplace from this place, it’s important to be a part of that Prithvi tattva (earth factor) with it and have to consider the combined gentle.

  • By repeating the Agni Bija mantra (ram रं) 16 occasions, inhalation ought to happen via the proper nostril.
  • Holding the breath is carried out for 64 repetitions of the identical Bija mantra.
  • Exhaling the breath is thru the left nostril, repeating the Bija mantra 32 occasions.

Then you must maintain your eyes on the tip of your nostril and, whereas singing the moon, ponder the luminous reflection of the moon Bija mantra (Tham ठं).

  • Inhale via the left nostril, repeating the Bija mantra (Tham ठं) 16 occasions;
  • The later breath must be maintained by repeating the Bija mantra 64 occasions.
  • In the meantime, one should think about or think about that the nectar flowing from the moon on the tip of the nostril flows via all of the nadi and thus purifies them.
  • The later exhalation of the breath happens via the proper nostril, reflecting on the Prithvi-Bija mantra (lam लं), which is repeated 32 occasions.

It is thru these three pranayamas that it’s defined that nadis are purified.

Hathayoga Pradeepika, a treatise on Hathayoga, explains the signal of Nadi Shuddhi as follows;

The physique turns into slim and brilliant, the particular person can maintain their breath longer, the abdomen fireplace turns into extra lively, the interior sound might be heard from inside, and the person can get pleasure from good well being.

If the method just isn’t practiced in an acceptable technique, numerous issues in prana will consequence, resulting in many sorts of ailments.

Sushumna Nadi awakening

Sushumna Nadi awakensImage supply: canva

The phrase Sushumna means the last word bliss and undisturbed frame of mind.

The consciousness of self-breathing is of major significance for the awakening of Sushumna. This state of blissful thoughts can solely be achieved when the breath flows via each nostrils undisturbed, balanced and with ease.

Swami Rama Meditation School

For the awakening of Sushumna;;

  • An individual must be free from exterior attachments, the senses must be withdrawn into themselves by detaching from their objects of notion.
  • Then Ida Pingala and Sushumna Nadis shouldn’t be disturbed in order that one can sit comfortably and maintain the neck, head and trunk straight.
  • The steps embrace specializing in the bridge between the eyebrows (bhrikuti) and performing pranayama together with jalandhara bandha and meditating on the chakras one after the other, ranging from Mooladhara to Sahasrara chakra, together with chanting bija mantras.

According to Swara Yoga, step one in awakening Sushumna is to study to make use of our psychological colleges to vary the circulate of breath in response to our want, with out placing our fingers on our nostril. This can solely be achieved via common observe of focus and sadhana for a sure time frame.

Once the focus of such a degree is reached, there’s free circulate of breath in each nostrils evenly and it reaches a state of bliss known as a state of bliss Sukha ManaCarefree.

In this state, the practitioner can really feel the feeling of fireside, as if a stream of scorching air is being blown via the ducts. The chakras vibrate with pranic vitality and the primary drive is woke up. Later, via common observe, this state will assist one attain the upper ranges of self-awareness, data of absolute fact, and in the end salvation, which is the last word function of yoga.

Swami Satyananda Saraswathi explains that even working towards sure asanas stimulates the chakras. For instance;;

Other asanas regulate and purify the nadis and facilitate the right conduction of prana all through the physique. Stimulated chakras create impulses that awaken the Sushumna Nadi.


All of those practices must be adopted beneath the steering of a good guru.

Yoga explains strict meals restrictions when within the observe. Moderation of weight loss program is advisable. Skipping meals just isn’t advisable. Sattvika Ahara and meals like ghee, milk, rice, barley, inexperienced gram, black gram, plantain, jackfruit, cucumber, inexperienced leafy greens ought to solely be consumed. Rajasika and Tamasika ahara, meals which are scorching, salty, scorching, roasted, roasted, curd, whey and palm are to be restricted within the nadi cleaning observe.


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