vishnu mudra

Vishnu Mudra is a really helpful hand gesture yogi utilized in Anulom Vilom Pranayama, often known as different nostril respiratory. It induces a seeker to breathe via one nostril on the identical time by opening and shutting the nostrils in flip.

Lord Vishnu & Vishnu Mudra

Lord Vishnu and Vishnu Mudra

In the Hindu custom, Lord Vishnu is one among three deities often called Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. While Brahma and Shiva are known as creators and destroyers, Lord Vishnu is known as the preserver who balances all the pieces materials or immaterial on this universe.

Indeed, Lord Vishnu balances cosmic creation via the interaction of duality in nature; Creation & destruction, gentle & darkish, male & feminine and within the physique Ida & Pingala Nadi and so forth. The purpose of yoga practices is to unite these properties and to realize the state of equilibrium that exists past duality.

Vishnu Mudra is practiced in honor of Lord Vishnu. The most helpful utility of this mudra is Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, which brings concord to physique and thoughts and thus balances opposing forces in us. For this purpose, Vishnu Mudra can be referred to as "Universal compensation gesture".

How to do Vishnu Mudra

To do Vishnu Mudra;

  • Sit in a cushty cross-legged place, backbone upright, and eyes closed. If you’re uncomfortable in a sitting place, sit in a chair along with your again straight.
  • Place your fingers in your thighs or knees and maintain your palm going through up. Relax your fingers with out stretching.
  • To follow Vishnu Mudra, focus your consideration on the suitable hand.
    • Fold your index and center fingers down in direction of the palm and contact the bottom of the thumb.
    • Remain ring and little fingers as it’s or may be simply stretched.
    • Keep your thumb stretched to the facet. Ideally, the thumb needs to be at proper angles to the ring and little finger.
  • Either maintain it relaxed in your left knee along with your left hand or you possibly can follow Gyan Mudra for higher focus. (Usually the left hand stays relaxed in Vishnu Mudra.)

With this hand gesture in Vishnu Mudra, you are actually able to follow alternate nasal respiratory.

NOTE: In some yoga texts, the mudra described above is known as Nasika or Nasarga Mudra But each Nasika and Vishnu Mudra are generally used for single nostril pranayamas equivalent to Surya Bhedna, Chandra Bhedana, Nadi Shodhan, and Anulom Vilom.

Practice pranayama with Vishnu Mudra

Vishnu Mudra with PranayamaPranayama with fingers in Vishnu Mudra. Image supply: canva

Kick off,

  • As your proper hand relaxes in Vishnu Mudra and your left hand on the corresponding knees, breathe deeply and gently with each nostrils to clear blockages.
  • Raise your proper hand to your nostril with Vishnu Mudra.
    • Close your proper nostril along with your thumb and push down on the decrease cartilage
    • Now take a deep breath in via the one open left nostril. that is that first half to breathe.
  • At the top of full inhalation via the left nostril;
    • Close your left nostril with a hoop and pinky finger and press down on the decrease cartilage of the left nostril
    • Release your thumb from the suitable nostril
    • Exhale the entire air that you simply inhaled within the first half via the suitable nostril alone. that is that second half to breathe.

A spherical of alternating nostril respiratory contains: inhale (left) → exhale (proper) → inhale (proper) → exhale (left).

10 to 15 rounds of alternating nostril chatting calm the thoughts's wandering thought patterns and provides the physique a relaxing feeling.

Vishnu Mudra solely with the suitable hand. Why?

This undeniable fact that Vishnu Mudra is just practiced with the suitable hand may be understood with 5 components in our fingers and two foremost channels in our physique.

The fingers and corresponding components utilized in Vishnu Mudra are:

  • Thumb – hearth factor
  • Ring and little finger – earth and water factor

And there are two foremost power channels of the physique;

  • Solar channel represented by proper nostril – scorching power
  • Lunar channel represented by left nostril – cool power

In Vishnu Mudra with the suitable hand;

When the thumb, the place the hearth factor is positioned, is pressed in opposition to the suitable nostril, it’s going to match completely with the photo voltaic channel or pingala nadi of the physique. The mixture of ring and little finger (earth and water factor) additionally harmonizes the cool power that flows within the lunar channel or in Ida Nadi of the physique.

In distinction, think about doing Vishnu Mudra along with your left hand. In this pose, you could shut your proper nostril along with your left ring and pinky finger and your left nostril along with your thumb. With the left hand, 5 components don’t completely match the corresponding power channel, so Vishnu Mudra will not be practiced with the left hand.

How does it work?

An correct image of Vishnu Mudra clearly reveals the way it works. Ancient yogis designed Vishnu Mudra in such a method that putting the fingers on alternate sides of the nostrils (alternatively respiratory) successfully channels the prana (life power) within the nadis.

When we take the primary breath whereas sustaining the Vishnu Mudra posture, the circulation of cooling power on the left facet of the physique and the suitable facet of the mind is elevated. This cool wave travels all the way down to the sacral chakra to root the chakra and balances the overstimulated power of those two chakras.

When we exhale via the suitable nostril within the subsequent step, it helps the thoughts and physique to neutralize the cooling impact that happened within the earlier step.

Likewise, inhaling via the suitable nostril in Vishnu Mudra facilitates the masculine or scorching power within the physique. This scorching power travels via Pingala Nadi to activate the photo voltaic plexus chakra, which is chargeable for digesting meals.

And as earlier than, exhaling via the left nostril neutralizes the surplus physique temperature.

In this fashion, Vishnu Mudra in pranayama follow brings physique and thoughts right into a harmonized state in which you’ll really feel everlasting bliss.

Vishnu Mudra advantages

  • Vishnu Mudra is definitely a Cleaning gesture. By including respiratory arrest in Vishnu Mudra Pranayama, the nadis are purified and all impurities are eliminated.
  • As within the Vishnu Mudra, the index and center fingers fold down in direction of the palm compensates for the surplus of Vata Dosha which is made up of air and area components (corresponding factor of the index and center finger).
  • This mudra is useful in Cure coronary heart illness and his follow of pranayama has been proven to be useful for numerous respiratory issues.
  • The follow of Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama via Vishnu Mudra additional decreases the cardiovascular autonomic parameters reduces the perceived stress within the college students.
  • The reference to pranayama helps with this Reduce anger.
  • In a yoga program, the usage of Anulom Viloma with respiratory arrest for 16 counts in Vishnu Mudra was discovered to be useful for anemic sufferers.


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