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Warrior 2, popularly often known as Virabhadrasana 2is without doubt one of the standing yoga poses. It's the a part of Three newbie poses Warrior pose 1 2 3 is often known as the Virabhadrasana collection.

Physically, it supplies nice stretching of the interior thighs, legs, groin, chest, arms, and again. The asana improves the endurance and power of all muscular tissues concerned and expands the chest and shoulders.

Practicing this pose helps the seeker construct confidence in superior practices by rising consciousness and affiliation between physique and thoughts.

Meaning & interpretation

Virabhadrasana is a mixture of three fundamental ideas Vira + Bhadra + Asana. Here "Vira" refers to a "warrior / hero", "Bhadra" means "friend" and "Asana" is "pose".

3 Virabhadrasana poses are named after Virabhadra, the good warrior who’s believed to be born from one in every of Lord Shiva's dreadlocks. All Three poses within the Veeradharasana collection are literally Three completely different poses of Virabhadra that he took to kill King Daksha.

In an epic Sanskrit poem KumaraSambhavam by Kalidasa, the mythological side of Virabhadrasana is described. It tells the story of Virabhadra.

According to legend, Shiva created Virabhadra to avenge Daksha for Sati's dying. The Warrior 2 pose is approximate the incident when Virabhadra turned his gaze to Daksha to set off the assault.

According to Virabhadra's stance, whereas setting his purpose and give attention to his opponent, Warrior Pose II requires physique help and stability whereas sustaining the pose.

Warrior Pose 2 Exercise Guide

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Before doing Warrior Pose 2, undergo the next factors to follow them safely.

Precautions and Contraindications

  1. If you’ve got extreme knee ache, hypertension or a continual damage to the neck or shoulders, performing Virabhadrasana 2 needs to be averted.
  2. Avoid turning your head whereas doing the asana in case you are Someone who has a throat downside. Instead, preserve trying straight forward with out placing any pressure in your neck.
  3. Be cautious whereas doing Virabhadrasana 2 in case you are affected by it diarrhea.

Preparatory poses

These poses earlier than performing Warrior Pose 2 are really useful to organize the physique for the follow:

How to Make Warrior 2 (Steps)

  • Start by standing within the mountain pose.
  • Then, exhale and unfold your legs large sufficient to maintain Three to Four toes of house between them.
  • Bring your palms to your waist.
  • Take out your proper toe and transfer it at a pointy 90 ° angle. Bring your left toe at a 15 ° angle.
  • Now flip your neck to the correct and look straight in the identical route.
  • Inhale and prolong your palms within the acceptable instructions along with your palms dealing with the ground.
  • Raise your arms to the extent of your shoulders, ensuring they’re parallel to the ground.
  • Exhale and bend your proper knee, holding in thoughts that it doesn't go previous your proper ankle. Keep it perpendicular to the ground.
  • Maintain posture by tucking your pelvis inward and holding your backbone straight.
  • Feel the stretch in your left leg and preserve respiratory.
  • Hold the place for 30-60 seconds.
  • Exhale and regularly straighten your proper knee.
  • Let your palms again to your waist.
  • Bring each toes ahead.

Repeat the identical steps on the opposite aspect, focusing in your left foot.

Tips for rookies

To simplify the complexity of Warrior 2, rookies can comply with these pointers:

  • Be cautious as you carry out the pose and focus in your left knee. Flexing your left knee should be a fast motion adopted by a deep exhale.
  • Don't let your knee bend in direction of your huge toe. Instead, it appears useful to lean in direction of your little toe to take care of correct posture.
  • Always pull the tailbone down to extend the power and extension of the backbone.
  • Start by holding a smaller distance between each toes whereas holding your entrance knee bent. This helps in sustaining posture with stability and fewer power.
  • To keep away from stress on the knee, attempt the pose by bending your again knee as effectively.

Follow up poses

Warrior 2 modifications

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Using some frequent yoga props, Warrior 2's pose could be enhanced with the next modifications:

  • Use a block – Using a block or two beneath the forefoot whereas performing Warrior 2 supplies further help. It prevents the again foot from collapsing and maintains its integrity.
  • With a folding chair – If you possibly can't bend your knee correctly, utilizing a folding chair beneath your entrance thigh will assist your torso.
  • Against a wall – One can use a wall to realize correct stability and management over the physique. Place the heel of your again foot close to the wall as you go into the pose. It supplies further help for performing the asana.
  • With a material ribbon – Tie the material within the form of a hammock and carry out Warrior II from the air. Instead, elevate your proper knee usually, lifting your leg over the harness and lungs ahead. It requires much less power and affords further help.
  • Hold the material along with your palms – When your legs and hips are large aside, tie a chunk of material in the back and front. Hold it as you elevate your palms and preserve the stretch. It's a bit difficult at first, nevertheless it helps with higher stretching of the groin and hip area.

Warrior 2 variations

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  • Warrior Pose 2 with One Knee on the Floor – This could be completed by not altering the route of the neck whereas elevating the arms.
  • Perform Warrior Pose II with a associate in your again.

Warrior 2 benefits

1. Improves stability

Virabhadrasana 2 is all about muscle alignment. In athletic coaching it has seen working towards Warrior Pose 2 improves core stability and controls physique motion Therefore, comply with greatest practices for damage prevention. It alerts the practitioner to take care of stability and stability of the physique.

2. Improves respiratory

While performing Warrior 2, the seeker wants deep breaths to carry the pose successfully. This motion strengthens the respiratory system and expands the chest and lungs. It additionally helps within the prevention of respiratory illnesses.

3. Cures infertility

Virabhadrasana 2 is advisable for {couples} with infertility because it strengthens the core, legs, and whole decrease physique. It focuses on the sacral chakra area, which is related to the reproductive system.

4. Helpful throughout being pregnant

In the Warrior 2 pose, the muscular tissues are stretched over an extended time frame. Together with rising endurance, it finally makes the physique versatile. It additionally will increase the power of the physique. Hence, it may be practiced throughout being pregnant.

5. Strengthens the belly organs

This asana helps to revitalize and stimulate the belly organs. It focuses on the belly cavity inside and helps in firming up all important belly organs.

6. Increases endurance

The Warrior II pose helps the practitioner construct and improve stamina. Along with holding the pose appropriately, the endurance of the physique will increase and it feels energetic.

7. Improves the flexibility to pay attention

In addition to offering bodily advantages, Virabhadrasana II additionally has constructive results on psychological well being.

To maintain the pose, it’s vital to carry the visor at a sure level. It creates readability within the thoughts concerning the objective and reduces distraction to a minimal. It affords a bonus on your potential to pay attention.

8. Therapeutic impact

This asana works as a treatment for some issues or illnesses. Practicing Virabhadrasana II is really useful to remedy carpal tunnel syndrome, flat toes, osteoporosis and sciatica.

Final comment

Achieving braveness, stability, perseverance and power is the objective of each dwelling soul. It is unbelievable to know that each one of those charismatic traits are already current in every of us. All it takes is your consciousness, to achieve it consciously, to point out it.

Virabhadrasana 2 is the important thing to unlocking these properties in your physique. So seize your yoga mat and get in your method. Practice the pose frequently to just accept it with grace. Use the knowledge as a information and step like a warrior to all your potential.

Warrior 2 Pose FAQs

  1. What is the very best time to do Virabhadrasana 2?

    For performing yoga poses, particularly poses like Virabhadrasana 2 What stimulates the facility of focus is greatest completed within the morning. However, it is usually helpful to follow within the evenings.

  2. Is it essential to do Virabhadrasana II on an empty abdomen?

    Yes, there should be at the least a 4 to 6 hour window between your meals and performing the asana. Therefore, all the time preserve your abdomen empty and bowel free earlier than going into the pose.


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