warrior 3 pose (Virabhadrasana 3)

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Warrior Three is among the most dynamic balancing standing yoga poses. It focuses on giving energy and integrity to the core, arms, and legs. It's a bit tougher and superior than Warrior 1 & warrior 2 so comes underneath the intermediate pose.

Holding this pose for just some breaths will enhance posture and preserve stability via full physique coordination. Access to all the advantages related to this asana requires common apply and applicable follow-up.

The pose provides ferocity and beauty to the posture of the yogis. All bodily advantages apart, it removes each psychological and emotional blocks.

Virabhadrasana Three that means

To perceive the that means of Virabhadrasana 3, it’s higher to see it as a mixture of three Sanskrit phrases:

  • "Vira" means hero / warrior, "Bhadra" means "friend" and "Asana" is a pose.

Mythological origin:

Virabhadrasana Three is known as after a ferocious warrior named Virabhadra, who was created by Lord Shiva out of anger in direction of Daksha. The story has been illustrated in three foremost circumstances the place Virabhadra assaults Daksha on the orders of Shiva.

Warrior Pose III is just like the imitation of the incident when Virabhadra lastly takes his sword to chop off Daksha's head. The story higher describes the that means behind the title of the asana.

The pose combines that means and mythological perception, is intense, and requires full physique coordination.

Warrior 3 Training Guide

Warrior 3 how to do itImage supply: Canva

Before doing Warrior Pose 3, undergo the next factors to apply them safely.


  1. Warrior Three pose will not be appropriate for individuals with hypertension. The sudden movement of blood to the mind whereas performing the pose may trigger issues for such individuals.
  2. Never apply Virabhadrasana Three when you’ve got Spondylitisthe pose is just too intense to take care of such a critical again downside.
  3. Avoid his apply if there’s one power leg, hip, again or shoulder damage.
  4. Do not apply Virabhadrasana III throughout being pregnant.

Preparatory poses

These poses earlier than performing Warrior Pose Three are really useful to arrange the physique for the apply:

How to Make Warrior 3 (Steps)

  1. Stand within the mountain pose and take a deep breath.
  2. Bring your proper foot ahead and your entire weight on it.
  3. Take a deep breath, increase your arms, open your fingers, and stretch your arms as much as the ceiling.
  4. Exhale and carry your left leg as much as your hip.
  5. Along with the lifting of the left leg, the arms fall down. Keep them parallel to the ground.
  6. Align the left leg with the higher physique. Hold your proper leg tight and robust.
  7. The physique is proven in a T-shape.
  8. Look on the flooring. If you repair your eyes on a sure level, stability will probably be maintained.
  9. Hold the pose for 2-Three breaths.
  10. Now increase your arms and take your left leg again in opposition to the wall.
  11. Bring your arms down and calm down within the mountain pose for 2-Three breaths.

Repeat all the above steps to change legs.

Tips for rookies

Warrior Pose III could be very intense, particularly for rookies, because it includes balancing the entire physique on one leg. Beginners can use the next tricks to facilitate Virabhadrasana 3:

  • Keep your standing leg barely bent to stop wobbling or physique instability.
  • Hold on to the standing leg. To do that, press the interior and outer foot of your standing leg evenly on the ground.
  • Focus on a selected level by fixing your gaze to stability your physique weight.
  • Fully interact the core whereas sustaining posture.

Follow up poses

Warrior Pose Three modifications

Warrior 3 pose modification with chairImage supply: Canva

Practicing the Warrior Pose III with just a few props may lower the depth. Start with the next:

  • With a chair – Hold a chair in entrance of you along with your again to you near your mat. Use the highest of the chair to carry on to whilst you put your palms ahead. As you be taught to stretch, push the chair utterly away from you and place your palms on it for help.
  • Against a wall – Similar to the chair, the wall can be utilized both as a help for the arms or for the raised leg.
  • Use blocks – Take two yoga blocks at a time and place them in your mat. Start by balancing your palms on the blocks with out hanging your self and taking your left foot again. When all the pieces is aligned, increase your left leg. Then step by step add the arm motion by lifting the arms separately.
  • Yoga strap – After you've reached a balanced state in Warrior III, utilizing a yoga strap may very well be your factor. Create a loop over a strap giant sufficient to cowl you utterly out of your heel to your hipbone. While sustaining stability in your proper leg, place the strap underneath your left heel and attain all of it the best way to your proper hip bone. Use the strap to carry your left leg for the additional stretch


Warrior 3 pose variation - hands sideways as the wings flyImage supply: canva

The Warrior 3 Pose could be practiced in different methods with these variations within the fundamental pose.

  • Just a few adjustments to the situation of the weapons may very well be made whereas holding Warrior Pose III. Try to unfold them sideways just like the wings for flying. Another factor is to maneuver them backwards along with your palms up.
  • One can be part of each outstretched palms in a prayer place (Anjali Mudra) whereas sustaining the ahead stretch.
  • Interlock the fingers of your palms, then level your index fingers ahead to kind the Kali mudra. This is one other variation on the right way to obtain Warrior Pose III.

Virabhadrasana Three advantages

Warrior 3 pose advantagesImage supply: Shutterstock

1. Activates the decrease physique muscle mass

In Virabhadrasana 3, the physique weight is stored on one leg to make sure stamina. It works your complete decrease physique and prompts the muscle mass that strengthen the ankles, legs, and your complete decrease physique. It improves the flexibleness of the physique.

2. Reduces physique fats

The depth of Warrior Pose Three is so excessive that it generates heat within the physique. Hence, the pose for burning additional fats is most popular. It makes the physique match and toned.

3. Improves focus

This asana will increase the main target and focus of the practitioner. It creates mindfulness and permits us to concentrate on the current and clear the thoughts.

4. Improves coronary heart well being

The asana is intense sufficient to extend oxygen consumption. It improves cardiovascular endurance. Experimental research confirmed proof that Virabhadrasana III can be utilized together with different standing poses improves coronary heart charge.

5. Sharpen the reminiscence

Warrior Pose III is all about focus and focus. Through its common apply, the reminiscence is revived and sharp. By growing the power to pay attention, reminiscence cells are thus benefited.


Master the Warrior Pose III with all tips. Although the asana is intimidating and intense, it’s properly value practising. Overcome worry and apply Virabhadrasana III to realize and preserve the posture with grace.


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