uttanasana (standing forward bend)

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Uttanasana is a Forward Folding Yoga Pose wherein the trunk is bent ahead and down from the hip joint to the toes. It is popularly referred to as the Standing Forward Bend Pose, Standing Head to Knee Pose, and Intense Stretch Pose.

Uttanasana goals to stretch the muscle tissues of the legs, together with hamstrings, calves, and quad. At the identical time, it stretches the hips and all the shell of the muscle tissues and connective tissue of the decrease physique.

Uttanasana that means

The time period "uttanasna" has three Sanskrit phrases, "ut" means "intense", "tan" means "stretch" and "asana" refers to "pose". This makes the that means of asana clearer as it’s in regards to the intense stretching of the backbone.

Uttanasana releases rigidity or rigidity within the muscle tissues and tissues across the backbone. It will increase the pliability of the backbone and makes it sturdy. Standing ahead bend places stress on the stomach and stimulates the stomach muscle tissues.

Standing ahead bend posture will also be seen as an inverted posture, as that is the place the pinnacle falls under the guts and the abdomen touches the thighs. It permits the blood to stream to the pinnacle and will increase the stream of oxygen to the cells. This leaves a rejuvenating impact on the physique.

Uttanasana train handbook

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Before practising Uttanasana, undergo the next factors;


  1. Do not follow uttanasana in extreme migraines. The pose entails a sudden stream of recent blood to the pinnacle. It might depart the practitioner with a heavy head.
  2. Avoid doing it with full ahead flexion if you find yourself pregnant or menstruating. Instead, attempt its variation i.e. H. Ardha uttanasana by conserving your backbone parallel to the ground and your fingers towards the wall.
  3. in case of an hypertension keep within the pose for an prolonged time frame provided that the breath isn’t strenuous.
  4. Avoid doing full ahead flexion if you happen to've had one Back harm.
  5. Don't carry out the pose you probably have sciatica.

Preparatory poses

  • Seated Forward Bend Posture (Paschimottanasna)
  • Upward / Half Forward Fold (Ardha uttanasana)
  • Dog holding down (Adho mukha svanasana)
  • Head-to-knee pose (Janu Sirsasana)
  • Lying Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana)

Uttanasana steps

  1. Stand in a mountain place and convey your fingers to your waist.
  2. Be there and take a couple of deep breaths.
  3. Exhale, bend ahead out of your hips, push them again, and maintain your backbone straight.
  4. Keep bending till your head and neck are hanging.
  5. Put your fingers in your toes and maintain respiratory.
  6. Try to bend additional and convey your palms to the again of your knuckles.
  7. Touch your brow along with your knees, loosen up, and maintain your eyes closed.
  8. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds and take gradual deep breaths.
  9. Inhale and convey your palms again to your waist.
  10. Gradually straighten the physique, conserving the neck down.
  11. Finally. Bring your head again to the middle and loosen up within the mountain pose.

Tips for inexperienced persons

  • It is tough for inexperienced persons to get to the underside as an alternative of shifting past the bounds. The stretch will regularly deepen.
  • Avoid loosening your again and carry out it by softening and bending your knees barely. This helps in deepening the stretch by making it much less difficult.
  • This may be accomplished by growing the area between your toes.


  • Always do Uttanasana on an empty abdomen.
  • Do not overstretch the physique, it’s higher to work beneath skilled supervision.
  • Keep your knees and legs straight all through the pose, however don't put extreme pressure in your knees.

Uttanasana modifications

Uttanasana modification with blocksUttanasana modification with blocks. Image supply: Canva

  1. With blocks – Do the Uttanasana and maintain on the ground two blocks in entrance of you. If you bend down, you possibly can relaxation your palms on it. You can even use a pillow to relaxation your head on whether it is an excessive amount of to hold down.
  2. Looking on the wall – Get within the pose and stand nearer to the wall for assist in your again as you lean ahead.
  3. Yoga strap – Wrap a yoga strap beneath your toes. Now while you bend ahead, both seize the ends or pull on a loop and hook it round your waist. With a smaller strap you possibly can hook it to the again of your head.

Uttanasana modification on chairUttanasana modification on chair. Image supply: Canva

With a chair – Instead of blocks, you possibly can select a chair that may show you how to bend ahead in case your muscle tissues are too stiff. Stand the chair in entrance of you and as you bend over you possibly can seize its legs along with your fingers and relaxation your head on the seat.


Ardha UttanasanaImage supply: Canva

  1. Uttanasana Ragdoll variation – In this variant, the practitioner holds the elbows with different fingers and the pinnacle rests on the arms. Swing a bit back and forth, then keep for a couple of seconds.
  2. Uttanasana with the fingers beneath the cranium – Here, do the ahead bend by holding your fingers on the bottom of the cranium. Try to convey each elbows inward.
  3. With your arms above your head – After leaning ahead, convey your arms again and cross the fingers of each fingers. Now convey your fingers to your head and attempt to level your index fingers ahead.
  4. Rotating Uttanasana – This is a sophisticated model. After reaching the uttanasna, attempt to maintain the skin of the left foot along with your proper arm. The left hand additionally holds the foot from one other aspect, it opens the chest to the left. Keep wanting ahead beneath your left arm.
  5. Ardha Uttanasana – In this place you don’t maintain the trunk all the best way down, however somewhat half-half parallel to the bottom. It is an efficient preparatory pose to assist open your hips for full uttanasana.

Uttanasana advantages

1. Relieves stress

Uttanasna will increase calmness in folks and thus alleviates the signs of stress, anxiousness and fatigue. It relaxes the thoughts by balancing the nervous system and activating the parasympathetic system. The blood stream and the stream of recent oxygen to the mind additionally elevated, which reduces stress.

2. Strengthens and stretches the decrease physique muscle tissues

The pose entails a deep stretch of the decrease physique. It stretches all the decrease physique together with the hips, hamstrings, and calves. It additionally offers a deep stretch to the backbone, making it versatile. Therefore, Uttanasana improves endurance and strengthens the hamstrings, knee joints and ankles.

3. Burns stomach fats

During the ahead bend, the stomach muscle tissues contract to permit for ahead bending. This ahead bending motion is a good exercise for burning stomach fats. It strengthens the abs and the cavity. It melts extra fats from that area by stretching the decrease stomach.

4. Supports digestion

Along with pressurizing the stomach cavity, it prompts the stomach organs concerned within the digestive course of and secret digestive juices. This improves the functioning of the digestive system. A scientific examine even exhibits that Uttanasana contributes to higher digestion.

5. Removes the stiffness

During the Uttanasana, the neck is uncovered to gravity. It helps launch pinched rigidity and stiffness across the neck, backbone, and shoulder.

6. Stimulates the kidney, liver and spleen

Uttanasana appears quite simple, however its impact on the inner organs may be very deep. It improves the functioning of the kidneys, liver and spleen. However, it boosts the physique's metabolism and immune system.

7. Cures infertility

There are many circumstances when the stress acts as a barrier that stops the feminine physique from conceiving. Uttansana is useful to forestall stress and thereby higher put together the physique for conception.

In addition, the flexion stimulates the endocrine system and maintains hormonal stability.

8. Eases the menopause

During menopause, the physique experiences a hormonal imbalance. Symptoms trigger irritation, temper swings, bother sleeping, and so on. Uttanasana relieves signs.


Try uttanasana to offer your physique a deep sense of leisure and stretching. By offering all the well being advantages, the physician turns into extra assured.

The physique has completely different experiences every time it’s practiced. This makes Uttanasna a should for inexperienced persons and superior learners.


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