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Parsva dhanurasana is a again bend stretch pose. It is carried out within the susceptible place.

Basically, it’s a variant of the bow pose, by which the physique is rolled to the facet so as to improve the scattering of the stretching impact. The challenges related to the asana make it an intermediate degree pose.

Parsva dhanurasana can also be recognized by the English title. Side bow posture, or Flank bow posture.

The backbone and stomach muscle mass are stretched. Aside from that, it should profit your ft, ankles, chest, knees, and quadriceps.

Meaning and interpretation

In Sanskrit, "Parsva" means facet or flank, "Dhanu" refers to "bow" and "Asana" means "pose". It is called in order that the physique resembles the form of an arch when performing the asana. put a bow on the bottom.

Both ft are held by the palms and create two complementary actions within the physique. It includes ahead motion within the shoulder and backward stress within the legs. These two opposing forces create an area throughout the lumbar backbone.

It is a variant of Dhanurasana with a slight distinction in leaning the physique to at least one facet. It is finished from the facet, so either side is deeply stretched individually.

Exercise directions for facet arch posture

Follow the directions under to carry out the Side Bow Hold.


  1. Avoid Parsva Dhanurasana in being pregnant, coronary heart illness, neck or again accidents.
  2. If you have got a migraine, skip performing this asana.
  3. Never do it you probably have a hernia.

Preparatory poses

How to do Parsva Dhanurasana

  1. Lie in your susceptible place on the mat.
  2. Bring your head up and bend your knees, projecting your toes in the direction of your head.
  3. Inhale and maintain your knuckles along with your palms.
  4. Lift your thighs off the ground and attempt to pull in your arms and lift your legs as a lot as doable.
  5. Inhale and roll your shoulders ahead.
  6. Exhale and produce your proper shoulder to the ground.
  7. Squeeze your knees collectively and hold your neck aligned along with your backbone
  8. Keep your eyes in your nostril and stand in your sides in a bow place.
  9. Hold the pose for five breaths.
  10. Exhale and roll onto your abdomen and dive into the left facet.
  11. Do the identical steps on the left and breathe 5 instances.
  12. Finally, return to the middle and roll onto your abdomen.
  13. Release and straighten your legs and calm down within the susceptible place.

Tips for newbies

  • While sustaining the pose sideways, there’s a tendency for the higher knee to be raised. Focus on it and attempt to push it in the direction of the opposite knee.
  • Maintain the posture whereas observing the required physique orientations.


  • Avoid Parsva Dhanurasana after consuming. There must be a three-hour window between consuming and train.
  • Do not do it at evening, particularly not earlier than sleep hours.
  • Do not bend your elbows whereas pulling your thighs and chest. Maintain even traction on the higher and decrease physique.
  • Don't let your knees drop over your shoulders. Keep them aligned.

Counter poses

Props and modifications

Use the props under to switch the facet arch with easy variations.

  1. Yoga strap – If you discover it tough to carry your ankles in your palms with a yoga strap, that is sufficient. Wrap it round each ft and maintain the ends in place to maintain the form of the arch.
  2. Upholstery or blanket – Keep a pillow or blanket beneath your pelvis, then attain your ankles. This helps in lifting the chest. It will make the again flexion deeper and in addition assist the higher physique.

Benefits of Parsva Dhanurasana

1. Stretches and strengthens Muscles

Parsva dhanrasana provides excessive stretching of the backbone, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach. It additionally stretches your arms, legs, and opens your hips. It makes the physique versatile.

Along with stretching, all muscle mass concerned are strengthened.

2. Tones the physique

The arm and leg muscle mass are concerned within the pose whereas sustaining the pose. It contracts the muscle mass and makes them tighten properly.

3. Improves the respiratory system

In the facet arch pose, the chest is expanded. It improves respiratory capability by increasing the lungs. It additionally cures all respiratory illnesses like bronchial asthma. There is a supporting research that exhibits that practising the facet arch pose frequently improves lung perform.

4. Heals indigestion

In Parsva dhanurasana, the again is bent, which stretches the stomach cavity. Also, the rolling concerned within the asana massages and stimulates the stomach organs.

It improves digestion. It might help do away with constipation, different gastrointestinal, or digestive illnesses.

5. Activates the reproductive system

The stretch additionally stimulates the reproductive organs. This stretches the muscle mass of the interior thighs and the groin space. It improves blood circulation in these areas and prompts the sexual organs.

6. Reduces stress

Parsva dhanurasana has a chilled impact on the nervous system. It helps in lowering tiredness and stress. In addition, the pinnacle is concerned within the reversal permits blood to move to the mind. So it reduces stress and nervousness.

7. Improves posture

The asana is superb for making the backbone versatile. It helps do away with any again arching or backwards and forwards. This ultimately corrects the posture.

8. Activates the Manipura chakra

In the facet arch pose, the stomach cavity is stretched. This stimulates the photo voltaic plexus (Manipura Chakra), which in flip will increase vitality, shallowness and self-confidence. It additionally improves self-control and confidence to take motion, in response to one research

9. Tones the glands

Side arch pose massages and soothe the liver, pancreas and adrenal glands. This improves their perform and stimulates their secretion. It helps in detoxifying the physique.

10. Weight Loss

It is without doubt one of the most important advantages of Parsva Dhanurasna. By stretching the stomach area, it helps to interrupt down extra physique fats and ensures a toned physique.


Treat your self to Parsva Dhnaurasana with complete give up to the divine. It will increase shallowness and offers a sense of confidence.

It takes lots of observe to grasp the pose, however there are a lot of causes to not give it up. Keep practising to achieve the hidden interior potential of your self.


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