supta virasana (reclining hero pose)

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Supta Virasana is a sophisticated variant of Virasana. In this posture, the physique is totally leaned again on the ground by the sitting Virasana.

It is practiced within the supine place and contains backbend. The depth and issue of this asana make it an intermediate stage pose.

In addition to participating the leg muscle tissues, it additionally advantages the stomach and chest. It improves the final posture of the physician.

Meaning & interpretation

Supta virasana describes a state of the physique during which it lies able that resembles a sleeping physique (supta). Here "Supta" means "lying down", the place of the sleeping physique, and "Vira" means "hero".

The pose begins with the essential pose in a sitting place, i.e. H. Virasana, after which lean again till your head and again hit the ground.

The pose is known as to assist convey the traits of a hero from inside. The again flexion opens the center heart and in addition stimulates the anahata chakra, which will increase self-confidence and willpower.

Supta Virasana train guide

reclined heroismImage supply: Canva

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Avoid practising Supta Virasana when you’ve got issues along with your again, knee, or ankle.
  • Never follow when you’ve gotten angina.
  • Do not follow with partially blocked arteries or current bypass surgical procedure.
  • Stop practising Supta Virasana in the event you expertise ache whereas sitting on the Virasana
  • Do not unfold your toes additional than your hips
  • Always carry out the asana on an empty abdomen.

Preparatory poses

  • Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
  • Bridge Pose Variation Ankle (Setubandha Sarvangasana Variation Ankle)
  • Hero Pose (Virasana)
  • Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

How To Do Supta Virasana (Steps)

  • Sit in your mat in Vajrasana.
  • Get in your knees and convey them nearer to unfold your toes large aside.
  • Rotate your calves outward along with your arms and place your buttocks between your heels. It is the Virasana posture.
  • Press your elbows on the ground, exhale, and sit again.
  • Put your arms in your heels and lie in your again.
  • Inhale and lift your arms, palms up over your head.
  • Keep respiratory and maintain the pose for 30-60 seconds.
  • Inhale and put your arms again in your heels.
  • Come again up by squeezing your elbows.
  • Bring your arms in your knees.
  • Get in your knees and convey your toes collectively.
  • Sit in Virasana and calm down.

Tips for inexperienced persons

  • As you maintain the pose, your thighs have a tendency to slip aside. Try to tug your internal groin into the pelvis.
  • It is perhaps tough to get out of the pose at first. In this case, roll in your facet and straighten your legs.

Follow up poses

Modifications and props

In the supine hero place, props can be utilized in quite a lot of methods to assist align and preserve correct physique place.

  • Yoga block – As you lean again, place a block below your hips. This will forestall your hips from lifting off the ground.
  • Yoga strap – To maintain your thighs from sliding aside whereas holding the pose, use a strap to tie your thighs collectively.
  • Neck roll – You can do Supta Virasana by holding a pillow in your again. If you lean again, you possibly can put your head and again on the cushion right here.
  • Reinforce with blocks – Hold two blocks vertically and horizontally below the cushion. Place this subsequent to the blocks and place the cushion on them at an angle. Now sit again, it will maintain your knees collectively and grounded.
  • Yoga strap from the air – To do that, grasp a strap over your head. When you lean again, you possibly can increase your arms and maintain the harness. This will assist preserve stability whereas leaning in your again.


one leg straight hero posturelean one leg straight again heroic stance. Image supply: Cnava

  • Supta virasana variation elbow – In this variation, you possibly can maintain the pose by leaning again and putting your elbows on the ground. It isn’t essential to place your head on the ground.
  • Couch pose – After mendacity fully in your again in Supta Virasana, convey your arms over your head. Cross your arms and place your arms on reverse elbows.
  • Supta virasana variation one leg straight – Perform the Virasana with one leg bent and the opposite leg held straight and stretched ahead.
  • Eka pada supta virasna – In this variant, Supta Virasana is carried out on a bent leg. The different leg is raised in the direction of the ceiling. Grab your toes along with your fingers and maintain the leg straight.
  • Supta Virasana Variation A bent leg raised – After reaching the Supta Virasana, one of many bent legs is raised. Meanwhile, the raised leg is bent on the knee and the foot stays on the ground.
  • Supta Virasana variation hugs a knee – As the title suggests, after reaching the asana, one of many bent knees is pulled to the chest, with each arms hugging the knees.

Supta Virasana advantages

1. Strengthens the muscle tissues

Supta virasana stretches the muscle tissues of the again, hips, stomach and legs. The further stress on these muscle tissues improves blood stream, and these areas obtain extra oxygen and diet.

This is helpful for strengthening the muscle tissues concerned within the asana.

2. Flexibility and ache relievers

Entering the Supta Virasana contracts the spinal muscle tissues and stretches them on the similar time. It makes the backbone stronger and extra versatile. This will increase the elasticity of the backbone, which additionally reduces and relieves again ache and stiffness.

3. Improves blood circulation

Holding the pose helps open the chest muscle tissues, which in flip open the center heart. It improves the circulatory system and prevents the formation of ldl cholesterol and fats.

4. Improves digestion

Supta virasana places stress on the belly organs that produce stress hormone within the physique. Stress hormones stimulate the manufacturing of digestive juices and enhance bowel actions.

Hence, Asana facilitates the functioning of the digestive system. It additionally prevents constipation and different digestive problems. According to a research, the asana helps eliminate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

5. Improves sexual well being

This asana entails stretching the genital organs that produce stress hormones on this area. It prompts the genital organs and promotes blood circulation. This helps in growing sexual efficiency.

Practicing this asana additionally helps forestall and remedy infertility.

6. Relieves stress

Supta virasana additionally provides psychological well being advantages. It prompts the parasympathetic nervous system. It will increase the quantity of oxygen reaching the mind and leaves calming results behind.

A scientific research exhibits that this mendacity variant of Virasana helps to alleviate stress, anxiousness or different psychological issues.

7. Offer energetic advantages

It's about opening the navel heart. This stimulates the Manipura chakra and makes the practitioner assured, robust and brave. It develops a way of duty and strengthens decision-making expertise.

8. Therapeutic advantages

Supta virasana has therapeutic results on many illnesses. People that suffer from insomnia, flat toes, and hypertension can profit from this follow. This can be helpful in curing complications. A scientific research additionally proves this.

The sufferers with sciatica and arthritis additionally obtain therapeutic results from this asana.


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