From our Live Be Yoga companion

Taking time to follow easy rituals and routines that present power and well-being throughout our busy day can assist us really feel centered and refreshed. DERMA E & # 39; s Mood Rituals Skin Benefiting Mists, formulated with adaptogens, botanicals and nourishing water, moisturize and restore the pores and skin's moisture content material to awaken the pores and skin and thoughts.

The therapeutic mixtures within the skin-softening mists from DERMA E supply three refreshments on the go in your wholesome skincare. With useful substances like purified spring water, witch hazel, coconut and rose water to consolation and moisturize the pores and skin. Cool your pores and skin with natural water and adaptogens Amla and Gotu Kola in CALM. Revitalize your pores and skin with the fragrant waters and adaptogens Cordyceps and Cardamom in CREATE. Take care of your pores and skin with citrus water and the adaptogens Eluethero and Artic Root in UPLIFT.

Further info and orders can be found from DERMA E.


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