vajra mudra

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Vajra Mudra is a quite simple but highly effective hand motion in yoga that’s practiced to soak up the standard like a fiery lightning bolt.

Indeed, Vajra is alleged to have the standard of "diamond like indestructible" and "lightning like irresistible power". When you apply Vajra Mudra you’ll get rid of laziness and really feel the wave of pranic vitality in your physique.

Meaning & interpretation

A Tibetan vajraA Tibetan vajra. Image supply: Canva

In Vajra Mudra, the index finger is stretched straight whereas three fingertips are pressed towards the thumb. The prolonged index finger marks the fiery lightning weapon or vajra. It is a weapon that may flip ignorance into knowledge. Hence this mudra is also called Bodhiyangi Mudra.

Another which means of vajra is "firmness of spirituality". This makes it the mudra of the very best information.

Apart from yoga, vajra mudra is a part of rituals and legendary symbols in several religions, however the hand motion is identical in each custom.

  • Vajra is named to the weapon of the Hindu god Indra. Vajra Mudra emulates the standard of the vajra weapon and destroys an individual's poisonous properties.
  • within the Vajrayana Buddhismthe index finger reveals in Vajra Mudra the union of female and male ideas.

How to Do Vajra Mudra (Steps)

  • To start the process; First are available in a seated yoga pose resembling sukhasana, padmasana, or vajrasana. If you’ll be able to't sit on this place, you’ll be able to sit up in a chair or towards a wall assist.
  • Close your eyes and place each fingers in your lap or kneecap.
  • Now bend the center, the ring and the little fingers with the palm upwards so that every one three fingertips could be pressed towards the tip of the thumb.
    • Here the center and ring fingertips exert a fundamental strain on the thumb tip, whereas the little finger exerts the small strain.
  • Pull your index finger straight out.
  • Now preserve your fingers on this finger association and Bring your consciousness to your mouth.
  • Roll your tongue again and up so the tip of your tongue could be pressed towards the roof of your mouth.
  • The mixture of finger and tongue place makes Vajra Mudra. Continue to breathe gently and keep on this place for three minutes.

After three minutes, slowly launch the tongue lock first after which fastidiously unfold your fingers one after the other. Put your fingers down, straighten your whole fingers, and place your palm up in your lap.

Points to recollect

Vajra Mudra is totally protected to apply and has no unwanted effects, however few precautions must be noticed.

  • Vajra Mudra shouldn’t be practiced for lengthy intervals of time as it could trigger dizziness or buzzing within the head.
  • For folks with hypertension, restrict your apply to 2 to three minutes – three occasions a day / a most of 10 minutes a day.

How does it work?

In Vajra Mudra, the index finger, which is a service of the air aspect within the physique, is uncovered to nature. When uncovered, the air aspect followers out the hearth vitality within the physique. It is the vitality of the hearth aspect that hits the physique as lightning and makes you tremendous lively.

Apart from that, Vajra Mudra works on the weaknesses of the earth aspect. When the air aspect mixes with the weak earth aspect by this mudra, toxins are faraway from the physique. It can be recognized that the air aspect improves the functioning of the Vajra Nadi and the circulatory system.

The Vajra Nadi

Vajra Mudra additionally helps detoxify the delicate vitality channels, also called nadis, in our physique.

When this mudra is carried out continuously, the blockages in Vajra Nadi, which is accountable for genitourinary issues, are eliminated. Since the Vajra Nadi is in Sushumna Nadi, this mudra helps create an unobstructed path for Prana (life drive) to circulate by chakras and helps awaken Kundalini.

Vajra Mudra advantages

  • Since air is the ruling drive in Vajra Mudra, it’s stimulates the circulatory system within the physique. Vajra Mudra could be very useful for individuals who usually have low blood strain.
  • This mudra eliminates fatigue and stiffness within the physique that comes after lengthy hours in a desk job.
  • Vajra Mudra can be a detox gesture that will increase the physique's poisonous elimination course of. By respiration deeply by your nostril and exhaling by your mouth, This mudra detoxifies the lungs and cleanses the nadis.
  • Stomach illnesses that normally come up resulting from a weak spot within the earth aspect are additionally cured by the apply of vajra mudra. It strengthens the abdomen, spleen, and pancreas.
  • Practicing Vajra Mudra is actual useful if you've misplaced curiosity in issues, feeling sleepy, and wish motivation. With this mudra you will get going with enthusiasm.
  • Vajra Mudra additionally strengthens the guts and will increase its absorption capability. Since the guts is continually pumping, practising this mudra will alleviate the guts's perform and regulate higher blood circulate.
  • Vajra Mudra reduces the stimulants like tobacco, tea and low.


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