maha mudra (great gesture)

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Maha Mudra, usually written as Mahamudra, is a complicated follow of Hatha Yoga by which all three bandhas Jalandhara, Uddiyana and Mula had been utilized concurrently.

Ancient yogis did this to create a wave of pranic vitality within the physique for Kundalini awakening.

In distinction to different mudras in yoga, that are primarily hand-based workout routines, Maha Mudra is a kind of Bandha Mudra (lock gesture). In one of these mudra, the higher and decrease openings of the trunk are closed or sealed by making use of bandhas, in order that no pranic vitality may be launched from the physique.

Mahamudra: Great psychological angle or nice gesture

Mahamudra is translated as a fantastic seal or nice psychic posture or nice gesture. It is so named as a result of it’s carried out as a mix of many yoga practices, thus combining the advantages of many particular person practices.

In Maha Mudra,

  • In the very first step an asana is carried out by urgent a foot towards the perineum
  • The trunk is bent ahead
  • Next, with inner breath retention (Antar Kumbhka) Mula Bandha is utilized
  • Then it’s Uddiyana Bandha is utilized
  • Then, by bringing the chin to the chest, Jalandhar Bandha is utilized
  • Finally, on the finish of Jalandhar Bandha, Shambhavi Mudra is carried out to deepen the Mahamudra course of.

As you may see, virtually all practices exist within the mahamudra course of, together with combos of asana, pranayama, bandha, and mudra. It makes this a fantastic psychological angle or gesture in yoga. However, generally it’s known as a pose on mahamudra asana.

Maha Mudra with ten different mudras in Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Treatise of Hatha Yoga) is claimed to destroy previous age and dying.

Mahamudra Mahabandho Mahavedhascha Khechari
Uddiyanam Mulaband has Cha Bandho Jalandharabhidhah
Karani viparitakhya vajroli saktichalanam
Idam hello mudradasakam jaramarananasanam.

Maha Mudra, Maha Bandha, Maha Vedha, Khechari, Uddiyana, Moola Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Viparita Karani Mudra, Vajroli and Shakti Chalana, these are actually the ten mudras that destroy previous age and dying.

– Hatha Yoga Pradipika 3.6 & 3.7

How to Do Maha Mudra (Steps)

MahamudraImage supply: Canva

  1. Start by sitting in Dandasana. Extend your legs straight ahead.
  2. Put each palms on the ground subsequent to you and straighten your backbone.
  3. Inhale deeply and regularly fold your left foot, pulling your left heel in the direction of the perineum.
  4. Exhale and twist your left knee to the touch the ground.
  5. Inhale, take your palms off the ground and stretch them over your head.
  6. Exhale and bend ahead to seize the massive toe of your straight proper foot, holding your backbone straight and your head upright.
  7. Inhale gently and produce your head to the collarbone and repair the eyes within the heart of the eyebrows.
  8. Stay within the pose and maintain your breath for 8-10 seconds.
  9. By holding your breath you convey your consciousness to the bandhas. Practice the mula bandha by contracting the pubic and tailbones. Then the Uddiyana Bandha by holding your breath and pulling your navel in deeply.
  10. When the air doesn’t escape from the lungs, the throat muscle groups contract and the Jalandhara Bandha is skilled.
  11. Exhale and launch the bandhas in reverse order.
  12. Inhale, elevate your head, and stretch your arms over you.
  13. When you exhale, put your palms on the ground.
  14. Inhale and prolong your left leg. Rest for a number of breaths in Dandasna.
  15. Repeat the train with folding your proper foot.

How does Maha Mudra work?

Creating stress on the decrease finish of the backbone (the place Kundalini lies in a resting state) after which pumping up this vitality in numerous methods is the working mechanism of Maha Mudra.

In the follow of Maha Mudra,

  • Perineum, the place of sexual efficiency and near the Muladhara chakra, is pressed with a heel. This stimulates the Kundalini vitality within the root chakra.
  • In the following step we shut the higher opening (throat) by reaching Jalandhar Bandha and now there’s much more stress on the Kundalini vitality under.
  • Uddiyana Bandha is then utilized by pulling the belly wall inward towards the backbone and upward towards the diaphragm. This course of creates an imaginary suction tube for Kundalini vitality to rise.

Now Kundalini vitality enters Sushumna (the center passage) as an alternative of touring from Ida and Pingala Nadi as it is a brief and straight path for the circulate of vitality.

As the Kundalini flows by means of Sushumna Nadi, it pierces the chakras one after the other and at last reaches the third eye chakra. At this level within the last step of Maha Mudra, Shambhavi Mudra is used to give attention to Kundalini vitality between the eyebrows.

In this fashion, Maha Mudra helps awaken Kundalini and with it many siddhis come to a yogi.

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Only follow Maha Mudra in case you have expertise with Shambhavi Mudra, Khechari Mudra, Moola Bandha and Kumbhaka.
  • Avoid practising it within the scorching summers because it creates warmth within the physique.
  • Mahamudra ought to solely be practiced after the Asana & Pranayama session and earlier than the meditation session.
  • Always full the mahamudra course of by practising it on each the left and proper sides.
  • Avoid maha mudra throughout being pregnant or menstruation.
  • Do not do it for eye circumstances like glaucoma.
  • People with hypertension or coronary heart illness must keep away from this.
  • Avoid if there’s irritation within the again or abs.

Preparatory poses

Follow up poses

  • Great Piercing Gesture (Maha Bheda Mudra)
  • Beat the Kundalini (Tadan Kriya)
  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)
  • Bridge Pose (Dvipada Pitham)

Modifications and props

  1. Pillow / blanket Practice Maha Mudra by sitting on a pillow or folding a blanket and sitting on its edge to carry out the mudra. This relieves the again.
  2. Yoga strap – Attach a yoga strap to the ball of your straight ft. Instead of holding the toe, you may seize the strap to simply slide into the mudra with a straight again.
  3. Block – Put a pad / pillow / blanket below the folded knee to follow Maha Mudra. This will assist in follow when the knee is sore.

Maha Mudra advantages

In Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Maha Mudra is claimed to be the destroyer of all 5 kleshas which are the causes of struggling within the mortal world.

Here are some bodily advantages that one can expertise from practising Maha Mudra usually.

1. Muscle strengthening

Maha Mudra trains the muscle groups of the shoulder, higher again, buttocks, thighs and legs. It additionally contracts and expands the belly muscle groups. Hence, it provides the practitioner stronger and extra versatile muscle groups.

2. Prevents indigestion

It massages the belly organs that activate the digestive system. It finally aids within the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes. It helps with higher digestion and in addition retains the physician away from constipation or different digestive problems.

3. Improves the endocrine system

Maha Mudra stimulates the inner organs such because the liver, pancreas, kidneys, gall bladder, and so forth. Holding Mahamudra Asana for a protracted time period may be very useful in treating spleen illnesses and enlarging the prostate.

In brief, it prompts the secretion of hormones at an acceptable stage that regulates the endocrine system.

4. Improves immunity

The stimulation of the inner organs additionally contains the spleen. Its stimulation additionally prompts the physique's immune system. It helps stop illnesses from coming into the physique.

5. Improves reproductive well being

The reproductive system additionally advantages from Maha Mudra. When the heel is pressed towards the perineum, the reproductive organs are activated.

It additionally alleviates the menstrual cramps or well being issues associated to the ovary or uterus.

6. Improves the respiratory system

The gesture contains the steps that increase lung capability. It improves the effectivity of the lungs in storing oxygen and thus improves the respiratory system.

All respiratory illnesses comparable to tuberculosis, bronchial asthma and bronchitis may be cured by means of Maha Mudra.

7. Builds confidence

All three bandhas, mula (root lock), uddiyana (belly lock), and jalandhara (neck lock), are stimulated by Maha Mudra. It's about holding the breath that trains all bandhas. It provides numerous advantages to the physique.

It advantages the locks and improves blood circulation and oxygen provide to the mind, which will increase consciousness and confidence.

8. Promotes psychological well being

In addition to sustaining bodily well being, it relaxes the thoughts by relieving stress and bringing calm. Maha Mudra helps to take away psychological blocks, prevents unfavourable ideas, improves reminiscence and focus.

It maintains a steadiness between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous methods.

9. Spiritual advantages

It provides management over sexual vitality and prompts Kundalini. It distributes the vitality all through the chakra system. It helps to realize spirituality.

Maha Mudra relaxes the thoughts and brings an elevated consciousness. It prepares the yogi for meditation.

final phrases

Maha Mudra is one such follow in yoga that actually offers you each attainable good thing about yoga simply by means of a single Maha Mudra follow alone. It is talked about within the historic texts that his follow needs to be saved secret and never disclosed to anybody, because it ought to solely be practiced after a sure stage of data of easy yoga practices has been acquired.


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