Live Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen practices a meditation to strengthen dharana.

In Sanskrit, Dharana means focus, particularly on a single focus. 2020 was a whirlwind of essential occasions, every of which vied for our consideration. Our smartphones have induced many people to lose focus whereas being mindlessly “doomed” by social media, including to our worry and feeling of helplessness. In this quickly altering world, it’s important to be taught and always enhance your skill to pay attention.

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Promote focus via focus

When we had been younger, our mother and father and lecturers typically advised us to pay attention.

But did they ever educate us how?

For me the reply isn’t any, and I hold this perspective in thoughts as I be taught the follow of dharana. One of my lecturers used this analogy to clarify dharana: lack of focus is sort of a mild bulb whereas a laser pointer is dharana. The power from a lightbulb shoots in lots of instructions whereas the laser pointer is concentrated and centered on a stream of power. I've additionally heard it's described as "tunnel vision" the place we solely see the outcome we would like and make all different issues irrelevant.

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One of the best lecturers for me in my continued efforts to synthesize all eight limbs has been my drishti follow in asana yoga. Drishti is a Sanskrit phrase meaning "yogic gaze". This look has helped me domesticate my focus. Here's how I do it: I take a look at the tip of my nostril, which prompts the third eye. Sometimes I take advantage of a drishti the place I shut my eyes and likewise give attention to the brow level.

The phrase focus comes from the Italian phrase concentrare and means to convey collectively or to return to a typical middle. Drishti is my favourite technique of selling focus, be it in asana, pranayama follow, and even whereas sitting on crops when speaking with the therapeutic powers of crops in nature.

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Concentration via remark

Dharana is extra than simply the flexibility to keep up a single sharp focus. It's about observing the dispersed nature of considering. Part of dharana is with the ability to see when our consideration deviates from what we need to give attention to and simply convey it again into focus. Understanding this has modified the best way I strategy many duties and actions. Whether I used to be altering my consuming habits, working in direction of a 40 day follow, or studying a e book, Dharana has taught me that ideas, power, and a focus naturally deviate from my desired focus level. And when that occurs, I'm not doing something "wrong". Instead, Dharana taught me that if I don't end my 40-day follow, lose focus whereas studying a e book, or overlook concerning the adjustments I've made to my weight-reduction plan, I received't decide myself too harshly. I simply observe and focus once more on the duty at hand. All perceived obstacles turn into a part of cultivation and understanding the main focus itself. The extra I do that, the better it’s for me to give attention to something, irrespective of how lengthy. This embodied expertise of dharana allows me to expertise the method. As we be taught to deepen our focus, we start organically to penetrate the following limb of yoga: dhyana, meditative absorption.

This focusing meditation involves a specific Drishti or yogic gaze.

This focusing meditation entails a selected Drishti or yogic gaze.

Try this mantra meditation for dharana

This is a private variation on a follow I acquired throughout my yoga instructor coaching. The predominant focus throughout this train is concentrating on the drishti. With your eyes closed, your gaze may be centered on the third eye level or you’ll be able to look gently on the tip of your nostril. We will repeat the mantra "Har". "Har" is a facet of God that represents God's infinite creativity.

First, sit within the Easy Pose (Sukhasana) with a straight again. Bring your arms at a 90 diploma angle above your head. Chant the mantra, “Har as you quickly close and open your fists. Be sure to touch the upper palate just above the teeth to highlight the “r” as you sing. With every repetition, pull the navel inward, permitting it to naturally return to a relaxed place. Continue for 11 minutes.

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