Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose): Meaning, Steps, & Benefits

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Uttana Shishosana is a restful posture that may be a mixture of Adho Mukha Svanasana and Balasana. This newbie pose has deep stretches, ahead bends, and inversions in its last place.

It is carried out by getting the physique on all fours and stretching the arms and higher again ahead. Then the glutes are pushed again on the identical time, which deeply stretches your entire backbone.

The intense stretching on this pose goals to chill out the again muscular tissues and open the center. This releases the trapped stress and in addition improves blood circulation.


In Sanskrit, "uttana" means "intense" or "expanded", "shisho" refers to "puppy" and "asana" is "pose". It is translated in English as an prolonged pet pose.

The stretched, but relaxed physique on this pose mimics a stretchy pet, therefore the title.

The arms stretched ahead and the buttocks pushed again stretch the muscular tissues deeply total. The ahead bend is absolutely achieved by melting the center on the bottom. Hence it’s also known as Melting coronary heart pose or AnahatasanaAs in Sanskrit, "anahata" additionally refers to "heart".

Uttana Shishosana train instruction

Uttana ShishosanaImage supply: Canva

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Do not observe Uttana Shishosana you probably have an injured knee or leg.
  • If you expertise ache in your shoulders whereas working towards this pose, transfer your arms outward as you stretch.
  • Gain some flexibility in your shoulders and arms earlier than moving into Uttana Shishosana. Because the stiffness in these areas may worsen the situation.
  • Avoid it you probably have extreme again ache.
  • Skip it throughout being pregnant.

Preparatory poses

  • Hero Pose (Virasana)
  • Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

How To Do Uttana Shishosana (Steps)

  1. Start with the desk place. Adjust your wrist underneath your shoulder and your knees underneath your hips.
  2. Inhale, transfer your palms ahead and preserve your elbows straight.
  3. Slide your buttocks again to stretch your decrease again.
  4. As you exhale, convey your brow to the ground and pull your higher again.
  5. Open your chest by pulling out your shoulders and holding your elbows and armpits raised.
  6. Hold the pose and proceed respiration for 3-5 minutes.
  7. To let go, transfer again together with your arms and produce your hips in direction of your heels.
  8. Relax in a baby's pose for a number of breaths after which come up.

Tips for newbies

Try to carry the pose for no less than Three minutes, steadily rising the time. Try to maintain the physique nonetheless whereas sustaining the posture. This will assist take advantage of the pose.

Follow-up pose

Perform balasana as a leisure pose in response to Uttana Shishosana.

Use modifications & props

  1. Ceiling – Put a folded blanket underneath your knees whereas doing Uttana Shishosana. This will keep away from placing stress on the knees and permitting the physician to carry the stretch longer.
  2. Block – You can put a block underneath your head. If you bend over to deepen the stretch, you’ll be able to relaxation your head over the block. Alternatively, you’ll be able to put a block underneath every elbow. Then, take your arms behind your head, bend your elbows and be a part of your palms collectively.
  3. Chair – Hold a chair in entrance of you. After you come to the desk posture, attain out your hand and relaxation your elbows and head on the chair. Bend your elbows and straighten and produce your palms behind your head.


  1. Puppy canine ​​pose on elbow – After you attain Uttana Shishosana, convey your elbows to the ground. Grasp the elbows with alternate arms. Exhale, press your chest to the ground and push your buttocks increased.
  2. Uttana Shishosana One arm folded – After extending your arms from the desk place, pull your elbows towards the ground. Run your left hand over your proper arm and rotate your forearm 90 levels. Now lay your head over your left forearm. Repeat the method by switching arms.
  3. Parivrtta Uttana Shishosana – Perform Uttana Shishosana, holding your left hand over your proper. Bring your proper elbow to the ground. At the identical time, take your left elbow up and rotate your left shoulder and head. Bring your head between your arms. Then repeat the identical place with alternating arms.

Benefits of Uttana Shishosana

1. Increases flexibility

Uttana Shishosana is about pulling your higher physique ahead and pushing your decrease again backwards. This lengthens your entire backbone and creates an intense stretch.

In addition to the backbone, the shoulders and hand muscular tissues are additionally stretched by way of steady respiration. It relaxes the arms and will increase flexibility across the shoulders and arms.

This posture additionally will increase the elasticity of the hips and thigh muscular tissues. Uttana Shishosana stretches the higher and decrease physique on the identical time and thus improves the final posture.

2. Activates the stomach muscular tissues

The core muscular tissues are additionally stimulated whereas the decrease again is stretched. The stomach stays pulled in and massages the stomach muscular tissues, which results in their activation.

3. Improves blood circulation

Uttana Shishosana is taken into account to be a coronary heart opener as a result of the chest expands whereas concurrently stretching the shoulders and again. When you inhale, your coronary heart rises and once you exhale, it melts to the bottom.

This improves blood stream to the shoulders and chest by gently exercising the center. This improves total blood circulation.

4. Expands lung capability

In this place, the chest is opened whereas the higher physique is stretched and flexed. This expands the lungs and improves respiration capability. It ultimately improves the airway.

5. Relieves stress

The higher physique is reversed on this place. This improves blood circulation and the oxygen ranges within the mind. In addition, this calms the thoughts and brings calm. This helps in relieving psychological stress and enhancing sleep patterns.


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