Viparita Karani (Mudra / Asana): Steps, Legs Up the Wall Variation & Benefits

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When we see the normal texts of yoga, Viparita Karani is described as a sort of Kaya Yoga Mudra.

In distinction to the straightforward hand mudras of yoga, within the kaya mudra your complete physique is mixed with respiration and focus workouts as a way to carry out a mudra.

The posture within the Viparita Karani Mudra is just like different inverted yoga poses corresponding to Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Sirsasana (head stand). So typically it’s also known as Viparita Karani Asana.

Lots bodily results of which yogis have noticed together with anti-aging, constipation reduction, urge for food improve, contemporary blood circulation, and glow within the face.

Viparita Karani that means

This Sanskrit time period Viparita means "to turn back" and Karani means "action to achieve a job". Viparita Karani summarizes the that means of root phrases and means "action of reversal".

By reversing the motion, the stream of power is reversed right here in Viparita Karani Mudra; Energy within the type of soma (liquid).

In Viparita Karani Mudra, the pure upright physique place is reversed, during which the again is supported with the palms at an angle of 60 levels. This “head down and legs up” place permits fluids to stream again to the pinnacle the place they really got here from.

Difference between Viparita Karani and Sarvangasana

Difference between Viparita Karani and SarvangasanaImage supply: Shutterstock

It needs to be famous right here that Viparita Karani is a stream reversal course of, not simply an inversion posture like Sarvangasana. Inversion means "opposite to the flow" whereas reversing the stream means "back to the origin".

It reveals that Viparita Karani clearly follows the mechanism of the mudra. Like some other mudra, it creates a loop of power within the physique by reversing the stream of fluid again to the pinnacle and stopping power dissipation.

Viparita Karani

  • At Viparita Karani, the again will not be fully straight. It is inclined at an angle of 45 to 60 levels.
  • Here the pliability of the again angle retains the neck muscle tissue relaxed – that is how power can get into the bindu chakra within the head.
  • Viparita Karani known as too half shoulder stand as a result of the shoulder doesn't exert as a lot stress right here.


  • In Sarvangasana, the again and legs are at a 90 diploma angle to the ground.
  • The steep angle creates stress across the neck muscle tissue – so restrict the stream of power solely to the throat chakra.
  • Sarvangasana is Shoulder stand virtually the entire physique weight is on the shoulders.

Viparita Karani train information

Follow the factors beneath to soundly observe Viparita Karani and his legs on the wall.

Viparita Karani exercise instructionsImage supply: Canva

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Before performing Viparita Karani, be sure that your Bowels are empty. Especially when you’ve got constipation, do Laghoo Shankha Prakshalana earlier than that.
  • This inversion posture needs to be averted if with High blood stress, coronary heart illness and thyroid illness.
  • If you do Viparita Karani for a very long time, Leave 6 hours between train and your meal.
  • Slowly exit the pose whenever you really feel the heavy head.

How To Do Viparita Karani (Steps)

  • Come over your mat or on a flat floor and lie in your again. Bring your palms subsequent to your hips.
  • Slowly increase your legs from waist degree and hold lifting them till the legs are now not perpendicular to the ground.
  • Now slide your palms beneath your decrease again (waist peak) and seize your waist from behind for assist.
  • Inhale progressively, maintain your breath and assist your palms, increase your legs and decrease your again additional up.
  • Use your elbow and hand rests collectively to lift your decrease again together with your complete torso. Your trunk needs to be at an angle of about 45 levels to the ground.
  • Once the trunk is mounted, straighten your legs within the air in order that it comes again off the bottom at a 90 diploma angle.
  • In the ultimate place, your inverted physique weight needs to be transferred to your shoulders.
  • When you are able to do this, embody ujjayi respiration and khechari mudra on this ultimate place. Concentrate on the Manipura chakra with each breath and on the finish of the inhalation convey your consciousness down your throat, the Vishudhi chakra.

Hold the pose in keeping with your comfort. A minimal of three minutes is adequate for novices, whereas superior yogis can maintain it for Three hours (solely beneath the steering of a guru).


  • First, decrease your again slowly and take away the palm relaxation out of your again.
  • Put your palms on the ground.
  • Then decrease your legs to the ground with out bending them.


Viparita Karani asana truly turns into a delicate restorative pose when carried out in its variation.

Legs on the wall are a quite common variant. This is a really supportive technique for novices who can not maintain Viparita Karani for a couple of minutes. Here's learn how to do it.

Stand up the wall

In the legs on the wall, you have to a folded blanket or pillow to assist your again.

Legs up the wall Viparita Karani variationLegs up the wall Viparita Karani variation. Image supply: Shutterstock

  • First, place your assist a couple of inches away from the wall. Sit along with your aspect legs straight within the house between your assist and the wall.
  • As you exhale, rotate your legs towards the wall and relaxation your shoulders and head on the ground. Adjust your scrum on the ground (forwards and backwards) in order that the hips come immediately beneath the raised legs.
  • Keep your again trunk on the ground in order that the folded blanket or pillow helps your decrease again.
  • Your again leg needs to be totally up towards the wall.
  • The palms can relaxation sideways or just on the abdomen.

Best time to do Viparita Karani

As with different reverse-type yoga poses, it’s best to observe Viparita Karani within the morning after you may have emptied your bowels and brought a bathe. During the day, the physique's metabolic and different actions are already at their peak. In this situation, reversing the pure stream of the physique is extra dangerous than useful.

However, it may be performed within the afternoon after Three hours of a standard meal. In addition, it ought to begin after a 10 minute Shavasana break.

Therapeutic makes use of

Reversal process by Viparita KaraniImage supply: fitri

Viparita Karani has many therapeutic makes use of attributable to its inversion and stream reversal course of.

It is defined in Kriya Yoga; Aging is the results of the downward stream of nectar (liquid) from bindu (within the head) to the Manipura chakra (within the navel). Viparita Karani reverses this stream of nectar again to the bindu and due to this fact works towards ageing.

  • Viparita Karani will increase blood stream to the mind so successfully in treating cerebral insufficiency and senile dementia.
  • Heals hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and a sure sort of hernia.
  • In Hatha Yoga Pradipika (3.82) it says: “After six months of observe grey hair and wrinkles change into inconspicuous. Whoever practices Viparita Karani for 3 hours conquers loss of life. "
  • However, fashionable academics additionally recommend that Viparita Karani may be practiced for overcoming premenstrual syndrome, menopause, menstrual cramps, and insomnia.
  • The stress exerted on the neck muscle tissue on this mudra stimulates the thyroid gland. It balances the capabilities of the hypoactive thyroid gland.

Viparita Karani advantages

  • The "Legs up the Wall" variant by Viparita Karani relaxes the muscle tissue of the decrease physique and Release stress from cramped ft and legs.
  • Activates the throat chakra, which lets you higher specific your self, your feelings and your creativity.
  • The secretion of digestive juices thus will increase the digestive course of. One Increase urge for food will also be skilled.
  • Increases metabolism in physique cells results in a Reducing the quantity of fats across the waist in obese individuals.
  • When the pinnacle is turned the other way up, the mobile fluid aggregated within the decrease components of the physique enters the circulation.
  • It restores vascular tone and elasticity prevents atherosclerosis (a situation of the buildup of fat, ldl cholesterol, and different substances within the partitions of the arteries).
  • Helps in relieving minor again ache.
  • Gives a delicate stretch to the neck, legs, entrance torso and pelvis.
  • One research means that there are inversion poses like Viparita Karani strengthens the guts muscleThis results in higher blood circulation and a decrease likelihood of coronary heart illness.


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