Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana): How to Do, Benefits & Variations

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Firefly is a difficult pose wherein the physique is balanced on the arms. The power and adaptability this pose requires makes it a sophisticated asana.

In the firefly pose, the practitioner brings his knees to his shoulders and retains his toes on the bottom. The arms snuggle between the legs and straighten the arms and palms to steadiness the physique on the ground. The toes are then lifted off the ground and the entire physique is balanced solely on the arms.

It stretches the core muscle groups, arms, wrists and makes them stronger. It can be useful in bettering the general steadiness of the physique.

Tittibhasana that means

Tittibhasana is best understood by specializing in its primary ideas. In Sanskrit, "Tittibha" refers to "an insect-like firefly" and "Asana" is "pose".

Since the physique is lifted on this pose and solely the palms stay on the bottom, the pose mimics a firefly in flight, therefore the identify. The resemblance to the firefly explains its English identify, i.e. H. The firefly angle.

This posture is useful for lowering bodily stress by increasing muscle groups and relieving rigidity. The contraction rapidly impacts the stomach organs. Raising the legs can even stretch and strengthen the hamstrings, groin, and adductors.

Mythological image

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According to Hindu legends, Tittibha birds lay their eggs alongside the ocean coast. But the ocean, which has immense energy, swept away their eggs. As a end result, Tittibha birds complained to Lord Vishnu (ocean god), and Vishnu ordered the ocean to return their eggs.

In Tittibhasana, Tittibha, a small flying insect, is a illustration of a yogi's efforts to beat the phantasm created by chitta. In this story, the ocean is the metaphor for chitta. Like Sea, our chitta turns into delusional on account of energy and ignorance, however with the trouble a yogi can overcome this.

Firefly Posing Exercise Guide

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Precautions and Contraindications

  • It's a tough balancing pose, so there’s a likelihood that she would possibly fall out of the pose. Therefore, use the props and discover a free house to follow Tittibhasana the place you’ll not be injured even for those who fall.
  • Avoid working towards tittibhasana if in case you have accidents to your wrist, shoulder, or decrease again.
  • Do not do it if you are recovering from surgical procedure.
  • Pregnant ladies mustn’t follow this asana.
  • People with low blood strain ought to keep away from this pose.

Preparatory poses

How to Do a Firefly Pose (Steps)

  1. Start by sitting in Dandasana.
  2. Spread your legs past your hip width and place your palms on the ground between your legs.
  3. Bend your knees and produce them nearer to your armpits.
  4. Now, elevate your butt off the ground and sit in your toes.
  5. Put your palms behind your heels and produce your shoulders in touch along with your inside knees.
  6. As you push your elbows in, sit again on the elbow shelf and place your buttocks between your elbows.
  7. As you steadiness the burden in your palms, step your toes ahead and elevate your toes off the ground.
  8. Inhale and stretch your legs ahead, transfer your sit bones again and curl your thighs collectively.
  9. Look ahead to your toes and thighs in your higher arms.
  10. Raise the leg as a lot as attainable and open it in the direction of the ceiling.
  11. Hold the pose for a minimum of 15 seconds and breathe gently.
  12. Exhale, bend your knees, and produce your toes to the ground.
  13. Sit in your bum and let go of your shoulders behind your heels and loosen up.

Tips for newcomers

  • Try performing a firefly pose beginning with tadasana adopted by a ahead bend. This first step makes efficiency slightly simpler.
  • Use a block with the primary Dandasana step to elevate your toes off the ground. Then, squeeze your palms between your legs on the ground and proceed doing different steps.

Follow up poses


Using the easy props given under, there may be a straightforward approach to change the firefly pose.

  1. Yoga Blocks – Sit on the ground and stretch your legs large aside. Place a block beneath each heels. Bring your arms between your legs and press your palms on the ground. Raise your buttocks and hold your heels on the ground.
  2. Chair and blocks – Sit in a chair along with your toes on the ground and palms in your thighs. Place two blocks between the toes. Slip your palms between your legs, bend over and produce your palms to the blocks. Lift your legs barely off the ground and stretch your legs ahead. Finally, attempt lifting your buttocks off the chair and balancing your physique in your palms.
  3. Blocks stacked towards wall – Place two blocks stacked collectively on a wall. Sit on it and unfold your legs ahead. Press your palms on the ground, elevate your heels, after which your legs off the ground along with your thighs hugging your higher arms. Take the assist off the wall and elevate your buttocks off the blocks.

Tittibhasana Variations

  • Tittibhasana Variation – Try the easier variant by avoiding lifting your legs up in the direction of the ceiling. As you steadiness your physique weight in your palms, elevate your legs off the ground and straighten them ahead. Stay there along with your toes up and your heels ahead.
  • Tittibhasana Variation toes crossed – After lifting your legs off the ground and stretching them ahead in Tittibhasana. Bring your toes nearer and cross your proper ankle over your left. Now hold the pose.
  • Tittibhasana with bent elbows – Keep your elbows barely bent as you totally steadiness your physique weight in your palms. It places much less pressure on the wrists and helps the legs to remain parallel to the ground.
  • Tittibhasana bends to the bottom – After you attain Tittibhasana, deliver your elbows to the ground. Bring your palms to the alternate elbows rotating the forearms 90 levels.
  • Tittibhasana one leg between the palms – In this variant, the place of the palms varies. With your legs aside, maintain your left hand subsequent to your inside proper thigh and your proper hand subsequent to your outer proper thigh. Pressing the palms of the palms on the ground lifts the physique off the ground. Repeat for the left leg.

Firefly Pose Benefits

1. Strengthens the muscle groups

Body weight is targeted on the arms, placing strain on the muscle groups of the shoulders, arms, and wrists. This will increase muscle endurance, making them stronger in consequence.

2. Stretches the groin space

The inside thigh muscle groups and groins are deeply stretched within the firefly pose. This in flip relieves muscle rigidity trapped within the decrease physique. In addition, it will increase flexibility, relieves ache within the groin and improves leg mobility.

3. Tummy tuck

This posture is achieved by actively participating the core muscle groups. These muscle groups keep contracted whereas holding the pose that acts as a exercise to strengthen the stomach muscle groups. Therefore additionally useful for burning stomach fats.

4. Facilitates digestion

In addition to tightening the stomach muscle groups, the digestive organs are additionally stimulated by the contraction impact of this pose. It facilitates effectivity and improves digestion.

5. Improves physique steadiness

Tittiasana is an intense balancing posture that places strain on the wrists, arms and shoulders. The physique is lifted off the bottom and balanced towards gravity. This follow opens the thoughts by making the practitioner conscious.

This conscious train will show you how to acquire a basic sense of steadiness and also will deliver calm to the thoughts. This achieves each psychological and bodily steadiness.


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