Lizard Pose (Uttan Pristhasana): How to Do, Varaitions & Benefits

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Lizard Pose (Uttana pristhasana) has loads to supply the practitioner. It's a terrific stretch for the hip flexors, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Although the asana seems difficult and an intermediate posture, its many advantages are one thing that the yogi holds onto.

When your hips are versatile sufficient, leap onto your mat in a dog-facing place. From there, if you happen to step ahead one foot outdoors of the corresponding hand and press your forearms on the ground, you get into the pose. Keep the opposite leg straight along with your toes firmly on the ground.

Not solely is that this pose an intense hip opener, nevertheless it additionally promotes flexibility in your legs, arms, and shoulders. The backbone, core, and chest muscle mass are tight.

If you’re a beginner and the superior stage is supplying you with chilly ft, take a look at the better variations talked about under.

Uttan Pristhasana which means

Uttana Pristhasana is the Sanskrit title used to confer with this asana. As in Sanskrit, "uttan" means "stretch", "pristha" refers to "back of the body" and "asana" means "pose".

It stretches the again of the physique together with the hips, therefore so known as.

It can be popularly identified by its English title, Lizard husbandry, or Geckopose. The resemblance of the physique to the lizard and its versatile again when holding the posture are the info that justify the title.

Including Uttana Pristhasana in your common follow will enhance your bodily and psychological well being. It can be beneficial for selling reproductive well being.

Exercise information for lizard poses

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It is best to know whether or not or not your well being circumstances will let you get into the pose. Please maintain this info fastidiously earlier than coming into uttana pristhasana.


  • Avoid conserving lizards with an harm to the ankle, knee, hip, or again.
  • Do not do that pose whereas recovering from current surgical procedure.
  • People with irregular blood stress shouldn’t strive it beneath correct steering.
  • If you may have dislocated shoulders or any type of hernia, skip this asana.
  • Its follow will not be beneficial with a heavy head.

Preparatory poses

How to do lizard pose

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  1. Start with a downward going through canine pose.
  2. Step ahead along with your proper foot right into a low lunge.
  3. Bring your proper fingertips to the left and step outward along with your proper foot.
  4. Lower your torso by bringing your forearms to the ground whereas sustaining the integrity of your backbone and neck.
  5. Inhale, carry your left knee off the ground.
  6. Look forward and really feel the stretch in your hips and inside thighs with deep breaths
  7. Hold the pose for 5-6 breaths.
  8. Lower your left knee to the ground and straighten your arms.
  9. Bring your proper arm outdoors of your proper foot.
  10. Extend your proper leg upward along with your toes, then return to the low lunge.
  11. Now exhale and pull your proper leg again into the downward-facing canine place.
  12. Repeat this course of and produce your left foot ahead. Once you’re executed on either side, loosen up in kids's pose.


  • Once you may have reached the stance, don’t transfer your elbows.
  • Make positive that your hips keep straight as you follow Uttana Pristhasana.
  • In the ultimate posture, maintain your head in a impartial place.

Follow up poses

  • Janu sirsasana (head-knee posture)
  • Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)
  • Half Ruler of Pisces (Ardha matsyendrasana)


  • Yoga Blocks – If you may have hassle reaching the ground whereas holding the pose, place a block beneath every hand or forearm. This will ease the pose whereas nonetheless sustaining the stretch.
  • Alternatively, you possibly can put your entrance foot on the block. It will increase stretch on the hips and inside thighs.
  • Place a folded towel beneath your again knee to step into the pose with out knee discomfort.


Lizard pose variations

  1. Uttana pristhasana variation- From the inclined place, cross your arms beneath your chest. Keep your legs straight and barely aside. Raise the torso and bittocks, and steadiness the physique on the knees and elbows. Finally, deliver your chin and chest to the ground behind your arms.
  2. Twisted Lizard Pose- This is a considerably difficult perspective. After reaching the lizard posture, tilt ahead and open your knee to the best. Bend your again knee and push it to the left to push it towards your buttocks.
  3. Flying Lizard Pose- The forearms and entrance heel are raised from the lizard's fundamental place. The foreleg is then wrapped across the acceptable elbow from the ground. Your elbows are bent 90 levels with the load in your palms lifting your again leg off the ground along with your toes pointing again.
  4. Lizard Pose Arm Variation- With your left heel raised and toes on the ground, place your left hand in your again. While sustaining steadiness between your forefoot and again toe, slide your proper shoulder beneath your entrance knee and seize your left wrist.

Therapeutic makes use of

  • Uttana pristhasana acts as a treatment for Cure from constipation and piles.
  • People affected by psychological issues like stress, anxiousness and so on. additionally observe therapeutic results as a consequence of this asana.
  • Practicing this asana is even helpful in assuaging this Menopause signs.
  • Another therapeutic impact of the pose is Back ache aid by lengthening the backbone.

Lizard Pose Benefits

1. Promotes chest and hip flexibility

The hips and chest are actively concerned whereas the stretch is held. It expands the muscle mass in these areas. It improves the pliability of the glutes, hamstrings and chest muscle mass. This will make each your higher physique and decrease physique stronger.

2. Tones the abs

The core is actively engaged whereas the posture is balanced. It stimulates the stomach muscle mass. It has been proven to be useful for lowering stomach fats.

3. Improves reproductive well being

The lizard pose additionally impacts the pelvic area because it stretches the groin space. This secretes stress hormone into this area and improves blood movement to the reproductive organs. It helps in selling the physician's reproductive well being.

A 2019 scientific research on bettering sexual efficiency included Uttana Pristhasana in follow and confirmed constructive and improved outcomes.

4. Helps within the launch of poisons

The physique's detoxing system can be improved by incorporating lizard husbandry into common follow. It stimulates inner organs such because the kidney and liver. It promotes the hormonal steadiness and helps the pure detoxing course of.

5. Strengthens the backbone and shoulders

The backbone is saved elongated all through the lizard pose train. This stretch maintains the integrity of the backbone and trains it intensely. The shoulders additionally bear the load of the physique. It will increase the endurance of those muscle mass and strengthens them.

6. Improve physique steadiness

This asana improves the pliability of the thigh and hip muscle mass. It additionally will increase the flexibility to pay attention, this in the end improves the sense of steadiness within the physique.

7. Stimulates the power chakras

This posture is useful for three-body chakra stimulation. It contains Swadhisthana (sacral), Manipura (photo voltaic plexus) and Anahata (coronary heart) chakra. This is as a result of this pose stimulates the muscle mass across the trunk, navel, and chest.


Incorporate uttana pristhasana into your common follow for all of those advantages. Also, this pose is helpful for making ready the physique for intense poses equivalent to Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) and Monkey Pose (Hanumanasana).

Step right into a more healthy and happier life by training Uttana Pristhasana.


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