Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana): How to Do, Variations & Benefits

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Rabbit pose is a soothing pose. In Bikram Yoga it’s practiced as one of many finish poses that give the physique a chilled impact.

It is carried out sitting on the heels, together with inversion and ahead bending, adopted by stretching the physique.

If you’re taking balasana as the fundamental posture to get into the rabbit pose, the fingers are delivered to the ft. From there, the crown of the pinnacle is positioned between the knees. This causes the physique to shift ahead by being supported by the pinnacle and elevating the hips.

It primarily advantages the neck, hips, and decrease again muscle mass. Taking under consideration the extent of issue, it is going to be underneath the Intermediate stage.

Sasangasana that means

The title Sasangasana derives from the posture that the physique reaches and mimics that of the rabbit. As in Sanskrit, a rabbit known as "Sasanga". It is as if on this posture the backbone is rounded and has a resemblance to the backbone and posture of the rabbit.

In Sasangasana, the nerves have a chilled impact when the pinnacle is inverted. Stretching the neck results in an improved move of hormones and maintains the endocrine system.

It ought to be famous that Shashankasana (rabbit pose) is completely different from Sasangasana (rabbit pose). These two poses have similarities within the Sanskrit title, in any other case each have completely different procedures and efficiency.

The title Shashankasana is used as a result of it’s in contrast right here with the moon (Shashank in Sanskrit). Since the moon is taken as a symbolic illustration of peace and quiet, and the calming results of this pose on the physique are fairly related

Exercise handbook for retaining rabbits

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Precautions and Contraindications

  1. Avoid retaining rabbits in case you have accidents to the neck, again, shoulders and arms.
  2. People with spondylitis usually are not allowed to observe the pose.
  3. Hypertensive sufferers and pregnant ladies have to keep away from their observe.
  4. If you undergo from despair or dizziness, this pose is actually not advisable.

Preparatory poses

How to do rabbit pose (steps)

  1. Start by performing the kid pose.
  2. Bring your fingers again slowly to carry your heels.
  3. Bring your brow as near your knee as attainable.
  4. Firmly tighten the grip on the heels.
  5. Inhale, elevate your hips off your heels, and roll onto your head.
  6. Keep respiratory and straighten your arms at your heels and neck with out straining it.
  7. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds.
  8. Exhale, convey your hips to your heels, and let go of your fingers ahead.
  9. Relax in youngster pose.

Keeping a folded blanket underneath your head and knees is usually a enjoyable modification to the rabbit pose. It reduces strain on the knees and head whereas sustaining the stretch.

Follow up poses


  1. Rabbit pose arm variation – From the rabbit pose, take your fingers off your heels and slowly convey them ahead. Grasp your fingers and stretch your arms out.
  2. Balance in your knees and head – Keep the crown of your head firmly on the bottom. Raise your ft in the direction of the ceiling and put your weight in your knees and head. Wrap your fingers round your ankles and press your heels in opposition to your hips.
  3. Extended Variation – After you attain the rabbit pose, take your fingers off your heels and stretch them behind your again together with your palms dealing with the ground. Keep shifting by bringing your shoulders to your knees. The head then lies within the house between the knees.
  4. Simple variation- Beginners can do that variation. Start by sitting in Vajrasana. Inhale and lift your arms just a little together with your arms open, shifting your focus to your fingers. With an exhalation leaning ahead and stretching your arms ahead with palms and brow on the ground.

Therapeutic makes use of

Keeping rabbits is most useful and might treatment the next circumstances;

  • It is a pose that provides calmness to the thoughts by selling blood circulation. Hence, it has been proven to be useful in treating despair and anxiousness.
  • Since the rabbit pose is an inversion pose, holding this pose for a couple of minutes will enhance blood move to the scalp. This makes this pose an excellent train for Hair progress.
  • People that suffer from it diabetes can profit from retaining rabbits. In this place, the spherical trunk stimulates the secretion of insulin hormones.
  • It is even advisable Cure insomnia and enhance sleep patterns.
  • In the output like Sinus enhancements, chilly or tonsillitis could be noticed by practising Sasangasana.
  • Back ache and stiffness of the decrease again are additionally relieved by this pose.

Advantages of retaining rabbits

1. Strengthens the backbone

The backbone is bent within the pose, which relieves pressure within the again muscle mass. The backbone is actively concerned within the course of and rhythmic respiratory helps to elongate it and enhance its power.

2. Relieves the higher physique

Arms are stretched together with shoulders and again. The neck can be curved and extends the backbone from the crown. Therefore, any pressure trapped in these areas is launched by practising the rabbit pose.

3. Improves blood circulation

The inversion of the rabbit pose improves blood move to the mind. Supplying the muscle mass concerned with recent oxygen additionally improves the blood circulation within the physique.

4. Regulates the hormonal stability

The stretch within the neck stimulates the thyroid. It maintains correct hormonal stability and builds immunity by bettering metabolism. The hormonal regulation promotes the operate of the endocrine system.

5. Helps with higher digestion

The muscle mass of the stomach are additionally stretched whereas sustaining the rabbit pose. It strengthens the abs and makes them stronger. It additionally stimulates the digestive organs and makes the digestive system simpler to operate.


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