Chakrasana (Wheel Pose): How to Do (Steps) & Benefits

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Chakrasana or wheel pose is likely one of the yoga poses that acts as an entire physique stimulator. It is the primary pose within the last sequence in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Advanced can do it within the inclined place with knees bent and toes on the ground. The fingers are positioned close to the ears with the fingers pointing on the shoulders. Then the complete physique is balanced on the palms of the fingers and toes on the ground.

Alternatively, superior practitioners typically obtain the posture by bending again from Tadasana, opening their chest, and reaching the ground with their palms.

Getting into the bike posture requires immense power in shoulders, arms, neck, chest, decrease again, legs and toes.

It stretches the physique and focuses on the backbone, neck, chest, abdomen, legs and arms. It additionally gives the advantages of an inverted posture for the complete physique.

Chakrasana which means

Chakrasana is derived from Sanskrit as a result of "chakra" refers to "wheel" and "asana" is "pose". The physique on this pose resembles a wheel due to the backward arch, therefore the title.

It is often known as urdhva dhanurasana as a result of the physique bent backwards imitates an upward arch.

It's an incredible posture for bettering flexibility and power throughout the backbone.

The historical past related to Chakrasana dates again to the 19th century in Sritattvandhi. There it’s talked about by the title Paryankasana, i.e. H. Couch Pose.

In addition to yoga, it is a crucial a part of acrobatics and gymnastics as a bridge place.

Chakrasana apply guide

Chakrasana exercise instructionCome in chakrasana pose. Image supply: Canva

Enclose this superb coronary heart opener pose with the preparations and precautions beneath to get essentially the most of it.


  1. Do not indulge on this pose with injured arms, shoulders, neck, again, or hips.
  2. People with coronary heart issues or irregular blood stress must keep away from chakrasana.
  3. It's an enormous no to this pose when you have extreme again issues like cervical and lumbar spondylitis.
  4. Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from this pose.
  5. Glaucoma sufferers should additionally chorus from this pose.
  6. Avoid it in case of a hernia.
  7. Don't attempt carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.
  8. Headache and dizziness are usually not most well-liked situations for this intense pose.

Preparatory poses

How To Do Chakrasana (Steps)

how to do chakrasanaImage supply: Canva

  • Lie in your again and bend your knees with heels on the ground.
  • Bring the palms of your fingers in the direction of your shoulders close to your ears along with your fingers.
  • Inhale and press your palms on the ground to lift your pelvis, again, and stomach along with your head supporting your torso.
  • When the complete physique is raised, transfer your palms in the direction of the physique.
  • Straighten your legs and arms, then increase your head and torso.
  • Lift the heels of the ground by balancing on the toes and balls of the toes.
  • Now decrease your heels and maintain this final pose for so long as doable. Keep respiration as you maintain the pose.
  • Exhale and progressively decrease your head and decrease physique to the ground.
  • Extend your arms, legs and relaxation in Shavasana for 30 seconds.


For a protected and best apply of chakrasanaa, be sure you hold the next factors in thoughts.

  • Make positive your knees don't unfold greater than the hidden width.
  • The chest should be totally opened with out compressing the decrease again.
  • The arms must be saved straight with the muscle tissues actively energetic whereas sustaining the posture.

Follow up poses

  • Half Lord of the Pisces Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
  • Lying Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana
  • Corpsing (Shavasana)
  • Wind relieving pose (Pawanmuktasana)


Chakrasana modification on the yoga wheelChakrasana modification on the yoga wheel. Image supply: Canva

One can simplify the chakrasana pose by modifying the pose with the next props.

  1. Yoga strap – Tying a yoga strap round your thighs is a useful prop for novices. While the yoga belt lifts the physique off the bottom in Chakrasana, it prevents the knees and thighs from spreading.
  2. Yoga wheel – You can bend backwards by arching your again on the wheel to carry out the pose. It helps keep the arch within the again and helps steadiness the physique.
  3. chair – Sit on the ground along with your knees bent and the sting of the chair in opposition to your higher again. Bend your arms at your elbows and grasp the highest of the chair along with your fingers. Now raise your hips off the ground and regulate your legs. Also, raise your torso off the chair, straighten your fingers, and raise your heels to realize a again flexion.
  4. Yoga blocks – You can put yoga blocks below your palms whereas lifting your physique. This makes it simpler to start out the pose by both mendacity on the ground or transferring right into a bend from the standing pose.
  5. Against a wall – Stand in your again in opposition to a wall. With an arch in your again, increase your arms to achieve the wall along with your fingers to the ground. Go along with your palms right down to lastly attain the ground.


Chakrasana variation eka pada urdhva dhanurasanaImage supply: Canva

  1. Eka pada urdhva dhanurasana – It's a complicated model of this pose. After reaching Chakrasana, raise one leg off the ground and stretch your toes towards the ceiling. The physique is balanced on each the arms and one leg.
  2. Chakra Bandhasana – Bring the forearms of Chakrasana to the ground by bending your elbows. Crawl your fingers so far as you may in the direction of the heel and lift your head, trying again. Also, carry your toes to your palms and maintain the pose.
  3. Camatkarasana – This variant begins with a downward going through canine. Lift your proper leg off the ground and progressively bend the ball of the knee to the ground. Raise your proper hand to the left off the ground, open your chest, and twist your physique right into a again bend.

Therapeutic makes use of

  • Chakrasana is a pose that totally opens the chest, expands the lungs, and expands respiration capability. It's nice for Asthma sufferers to enhance respiration effectivity.
  • Reversing the pose ends in higher blood and oxygen circulate to the mind. It has proven within the psychological advantages of learning yoga to apply Chakrasana reduces stress ranges in faculty college students.
  • The pose is appropriate to forestall and Cure Infertility how the pelvic area is tinted holds this posture.
  • The bike posture is useful for strengthening the bones and is subsequently beneficial Treat osteoporosis.
  • Migraines, extreme complications or shoulder ache are cured by this asana.
  • Any irritation of the calf muscle tissues and cramps throughout menstruation are additionally relieved by Chakrasana.

Chakrasana advantages

1. Improves the flexibleness of the backbone

This is an intense again flexion pose. It strengthens the again muscle tissues by strengthening the backbone. This causes the spinal muscle tissues to develop with elevated elasticity.

2. Strengthens the fingers and legs

The legs and arms are actively engaged within the Chakrasana pose. The complete physique is balanced on the 4 limbs, that are additionally positioned within the bend of the again. This will increase the endurance of the arms, shoulders, and leg muscle tissues, making them stronger.

3. Improves digestion

The raised physique whereas holding the pose stretches the stomach muscle tissues. It strengthens the stomach organs and results in higher functioning of the digestive system.

4. Balances the endocrine system

The neck and head are additionally engaged within the posture. The stretch within the neck stimulates the thyroid gland and the elevated circulate of oxygen to the pinnacle prompts the pituitary gland. It improves the circulate of hormones, regulates the metabolism and thus maintains the endocrine system.

5. Improves the circulatory system

Opening the chest lifts the guts and gently massages it. This additionally stimulates the kidneys and spleen and finally helps enhance circulation and cleanse the blood.

A 2011 research discovered that chakrasana, together with different hatha yoga poses, promoted cardiovascular well being.

6. Boosts vitality

Chakrasana can also be an energizing posture. It gives the practitioner non secular advantages by aligning the vitality chakras. This helps in rejuvenating the physique and eliminates fatigue and lifts the temper.

7. Improves eyesight

This posture can also be helpful for imaginative and prescient enchancment and imaginative and prescient upkeep. Balance and focus prepare and strengthen the attention muscle tissues and guarantee improved eyesight.


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