Markatasana (Monkey Spinal Twist): Steps, Benefits & Precautions

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Markatasana is a fundamental posture for sustaining spinal well being. It is carried out mendacity in your again.

To step into the pose, lie in your again together with your ft firmly planted close to your hips. Spread your arms together with your palms up parallel to your shoulders to your sides. Then the stacked knees are lowered to 1 facet and the neck and head are turned to the opposite facet.

It focuses on stretching the neck, belly and again muscle tissues. The asana is carried out in three other ways. Take a have a look at the variation talked about within the textual content under.

Markatasana which means

Markatasana is a compound time period with two Sanskrit phrases, the place "Markata" means "monkey" and "Asana" refers to "pose".

It can also be recognized by the English title of Spinal Twist Pose. In order to do Markatasana, the spinal muscle tissues should be turned sideways, therefore the title.

Markatasana is described as a hatha yoga follow in Haṭha ratnavali within the 17th century.

Keeping in thoughts the historical past, origins, and advantages, Markatasana is a yoga follow price making an attempt out.

Markatasana train handbook

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Precautions and Contraindications

  • People affected by power again ache aren’t allowed to attempt the complete markatasasna.
  • Avoid this posture in case you have a herniated disc or hernia.
  • Don't attempt in case you have ache in your legs or joints.

How To Do Markatasana (Steps)

  1. Lie in your again and straighten your arms to your sides, palms up.
  2. Exhale, bend your knees, and place your ft nearer to your hips.
  3. Inhale after which exhale, dropping your curved legs to the proper.
  4. In this place, the outer proper knee and ankle are on the ground. However, the left knee and ankle relaxation on the proper knee and the ankle, respectively.
  5. Turn your head and neck to the left on the similar time.
  6. Hold the pose for not less than 30 seconds with regular respiration.
  7. Inhale and produce your head again to middle and legs within the beginning place.
  8. Repeat the identical course of turning your legs to the left and your neck to the proper.


There are three variations of Markatasana. The first was talked about above, adopted by the next two strategies.

Variation 1

Markatasana variant 1Image supply: Canva

  1. Lie in your again together with your arms open in your sides as much as shoulder peak.
  2. Bend your knees to fold the legs.
  3. With one knee bent, drop your proper leg to the proper.
  4. Now decrease your left leg in order that your left knee is subsequent to your proper ankle.
  5. Then twist your neck and switch your head to the left.
  6. Hold for a number of seconds and return to the middle.
  7. Repeat the pose on the opposite facet.

Variant 2

Markatasana variant 2Image supply: Canva

  1. Lie in your again and open your arms to your sides.
  2. Lift your proper leg and twist your proper hip to convey your proper foot near your left hand.
  3. Hold your proper massive toe together with your left hand.
  4. Rotate your neck and head to the left on the similar time.
  5. Hold for a number of seconds, then launch your proper leg and neck again to the beginning place.
  6. Repeat this course of on the other facet, lifting your left leg.

Therapeutic makes use of

  • Markatasana helps with again ache.
  • This pose has therapeutic results on sciatica.
  • The backbone rotation additionally stretches the neck muscle tissues, which relieves neck ache.
  • People who’ve cervical spondylitis additionally profit from this posture.
  • It is useful for curing indigestion, constipation and different digestive problems.
  • People with diabetes have decrease blood sugar ranges when performing this asana.
  • It additionally works as a treatment for relieving stiffness within the decrease again.

Markatasana advantages

1. Promotes flexibility of the backbone

The again muscle tissues are stretched and twisted to carry this pose. It expands the again muscle tissues and will increase their elasticity. In addition to bettering the flexibleness of the backbone, it strengthens the again muscle tissues.

3. Tones the abdomen

Markatasana is a soothing pose for the belly muscle tissues. It stretches and squeezes the interior organs like abdomen, liver, spleen, and so forth. and due to this fact helps with higher digestion.

3. Stimulates the respiratory system

This easy twisting place emphasizes the interior organs and affords a number of benefits. Twisting and stretching works the lungs and ribs and improves respiration capability.

4. Calms the thoughts

Markatasana is a soothing asana that calms the nervous system. It rejuvenates each the physique and the thoughts, thus bettering reminiscence retention.

5. Increases creativity

This posture is useful for exciting the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) as a result of twisting of the stomach. This vitality chakra helps to advertise the practitioner's creativity.


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