Salamba Bhujangasana (Sphinx Pose): How to Do, Variations & Benefit

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Tired of struggling to get into the cobra pose? Check out this easier variation referred to as salamba bhujangasana.

Salambha bhujangasana is a susceptible place for newcomers. This is a delicate again flexion pose that advantages the chest, decrease again, and stomach. It additionally stretches the arms, shoulders, and neck muscle groups.

Getting into the Sphinx pose is straightforward and will be achieved by mendacity susceptible together with your forearms subsequent to your head. From there, elevate your chest and head and press your forearms to the ground.

The pose is greatest for eliminating physique fatigue and feeling rejuvenated.

Salamba Bhujangasana which means

The title of the pose is derived from Sanskrit, the place "salamba" means "supported", "bhujanga" refers to "snake / cobra" and asana is "pose".

The resemblance of the physique holding the pose whereas the cobra lifts its hood appropriately referred to as the pose Salamba Bhujangasana.

Its english title is Sphinx Pose. The cause for that is the resemblance to the legendary Sphinx of Giza.

It's an incredible posture for stretching the backbone and warming up the physique for superior backbends.

Sphinx Pose Exercise Manual

Salamba Bhujangasana exercise instructionImage supply: Canva

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Do not observe this pose with spinal accidents or a stiff again.
  • Do not try the pose with a damaged rib or wrist.
  • The restoration interval after a latest stomach surgical procedure is just not an acceptable time for salamba bhujangasana.
  • Pregnant ladies must keep away from this pose.
  • People who’ve spondylitis or neck issues shouldn’t put weight on the neck whereas practising this asana.

Preparatory poses

The physique will be ready for Salambha Bhujangasana by first performing Phalakasana (Plank Pose).

How To Do Salamba Bhujangasana (Steps)

  1. Lie in your susceptible place together with your brow on the ground.
  2. Raise your head and relaxation your chin on the ground.
  3. Bring your arms ahead and place your forearms subsequent to your head.
  4. Align your elbows beneath your shoulder.
  5. Inhale and press your forearms to the ground. Lift your chin, chest, and abdomen off the ground.
  6. Bend your neck and take away your ears out of your shoulders.
  7. Extend your legs outward and preserve respiratory.
  8. Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths and repair your gaze upwards.
  9. Exhale and convey your chest, abdomen and brow to the ground.
  10. Extend your arms above your head and loosen up in Savasana.
  11. If doable repeat once more and loosen up.

Follow up poses

Props and modifications

Salamba Bhujangasana Sphinx Pose with Pad.Salamba Bhujangasana Sphinx Pose with Pad. Image supply: Canva

  • Blocks – Place your forearms on the blocks to enlarge the curve in your decrease again. It improves stretch whereas holding the pose.
  • Neck roll – Place a pillow beneath your chest whereas holding the ultimate pose. It helps in balancing the higher physique off the ground and in opening the chest.
  • Rolled towel / blanket – Place a rolled towel or blanket beneath your pelvic space. This assist improves stretch within the decrease again and higher physique.
  • Yoga Belt – Tie the belt round your ft, then carry out the asana. It maintains the place and integrity of the legs whereas stretching the entire physique to attain salamba bhujangasana.


Salamba Bhujangasana Variation Cobra Pose.Salamba Bhujangasana Variation Cobra Pose. Image supply: Canva

  1. Sphinx pose with knees bent – Perform a sphinx pose that elongates your backbone and legs. With your heels dealing with the ceiling, elevate your decrease legs by bending your knees.
  2. Sphinx pose with eagle legs – Do salamba bhujangasana, then bend your proper leg on the knee. Hook your left leg behind your proper knee and wrap your proper foot round your left ankle. The leg place is just like the eagle place of the arms.
  3. Sphinx pose with half frog pose legs – After doing Salambha Bhujangasana, pull your proper knee outward and your proper foot is subsequent to your left knee.
  4. Cobra Pose – This pose is an analogous variant of the Sphinx pose, by which the physique is supported on the arms as an alternative of the forearms within the susceptible place.
    From the susceptible place, put your arms subsequent to your chest. Press the palms of your arms on the ground and carry your head, chest and abdomen off the ground. Keeping your elbows tender and holding the pose.

Therapeutic makes use of

  • Salamba bhujangasana is an ideal stretch for the backbone. Hence it’s useful in relieving again, neck or again ache.
  • By practising the Sphinx Pose, individuals affected by psychological well being issues like stress, anxiousness, and so on. achieve management over their psychological state.
  • It can be therapeutic in relieving sciatica ache.
  • Asthma victims additionally profit from performing Salambha Bhujangasana.
  • This posture can be appropriate for bettering posture and any spinal deformities.

Salambha Bhujangasana advantages

1. Strengthening the backbone

Salamba bhujangasana is a delicate again flexion pose. It will increase the flexibleness of the backbone. The vertebrae are stretched and this results in a strengthening of the backbone.

2. Stretches shoulders, chest and abdomen

In this place, the chest and abdomen are lifted off the ground. The shoulders are additionally actively engaged. It stretches and strengthens the muscle groups of those areas.

3. Strengthens the hip joints

This pose stretches the hips and psoas muscle groups. It will increase the energy of the buttocks and improves the flexibleness of the hip joints.

4. Stimulates the interior organs

Abdominal stretching included massages of the interior organs such because the kidney, liver and digestive organs. The stretch within the chest stimulates the lungs and will increase respiratory capability.

5. Improves blood circulation

Salamba bhujangasana is a coronary heart opener pose that lifts the guts and will increase its effectivity. This results in improved blood circulate to the cells and maintains the guts price.

6. Benefits for the endocrine system

Salamba bhujangasana prompts stimulates the adrenal and thyroid glands. This regulates the secretion of hormones and maintains the endocrine system.

7. Chakra activation

Along with the entire bodily advantages, the Sphinx pose prompts two vitality chakras. The stretching of the chest and neck prompts the guts chakra (Anahata) and the throat chakra (Vishuddha).


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