Shavasana (Corpse Pose): Meaning, Steps & Benefits

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Shavasana is a restorative yoga posture for novices. It is practiced within the supine place on the finish of a yoga session. This pose is sort of straightforward to carry out, but it surely requires a targeted thoughts to carry out it effectively.

It is carried out mendacity quietly on the ground with legs stretched out and arms barely away from the physique. The physique is stored relaxed, adopted by rhythmic deep respiration.

It relaxes and rejuvenates each muscle within the physique and soothes the nervous system. It's an incredible posture for locating calm and rising vitality ranges.

Meaning and significance

The title "Shavasana" is a Sanskrit phrase that consists of two fundamental phrases. "Shava" means "corpse" and "Asana" is "pose". The physique stays immobile whereas holding the pose like a corpse, therefore the title.

In imitating a corpse-like high quality, this pose additionally known as her Mrtasana in Sanskrit.

The pose is about calming the thoughts by being current within the second. It can also be achieved as a put up yoga session to calm down muscle tissue from intense train.

It is also called the corpse pose or mritasana.

Shavasana apply instruction

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Precautions and Contraindications

  • Make certain that the physique stays calm with out the slightest motion.
  • Avoid tilting your head in direction of one of many shoulders.
  • Do not do it with a distracted or troubled way of thinking as it could possibly result in a headache or frustration.
  • Do not apply Shavasana within the later levels of being pregnant.
  • If there’s a again damage, carry out this asana together with your knees bent and toes on the ground.

Preparatory poses

Shavasana is normally carried out after dynamic yoga postures corresponding to solar salutation after every yoga class. Pranayama can also be normally carried out earlier than Shavasana.

How To Do Shavasana (Steps)

  1. Lie in your again.
  2. As you calm down your shoulders, take your arms 6 inches away out of your physique.
  3. Extend your arms and let the palms of your palms face up with curled fingertips.
  4. Spreading your toes barely aside will aid you discover your comfy posture.
  5. Gently shut your eyes and calm down your complete physique.
  6. Keep your physique immobile and proceed to breathe deeply.
  7. Pay consideration and produce your consciousness to your components of the physique, beginning together with your proper foot, going by the appropriate knee and increasing to all the proper leg.
  8. Then repeat the identical factor together with your left leg. Similar to the highest of your head.
  9. Inhale deeply and energize the physique and exhale gently to calm down all the physique.
  10. Be current within the second and drop the physique on the ground and maintain the pose for 10-20 minutes.
  11. Bring your consciousness into your physique and the atmosphere.
  12. With your eyes closed, roll left and keep there for a minute.
  13. Press the appropriate palm of the hand on the ground and thoroughly sit up in a lightweight posture.
  14. Remain in a sitting place together with your eyes closed and take a deep breath.
  15. When you might be glad, rigorously open your eyes.

Don't go to sleep whereas attempting this stress-free pose. Stay acutely aware whereas your physique and thoughts are at relaxation in Shavasana.

Follow up pose

Props and modifications

Shavasana with padImage supply: Canva

  • Pillow / blanket – Put a pillow or folded blanket below your head. This aligns the top with the physique. This relieves discomfort whereas sustaining the posture.
  • Neck roll – Keep your head above the folded blanket and roll a pillow behind your knees. This will assist the knee and calm down the again much more in Shavasana.
  • Chair – Lie in your again together with your knees bent and your foot on the ground. Put a chair in entrance of your toes. Lift your legs off the ground. Put your calves and heels on the chair. This supplies extra rest for the legs in an inverted place.
  • Shavasana pillow for mendacity on the facet – Lie in your facet on the ground with a pillow below your head. Place a pillow between your legs and between your forearms. The palms are linked to one another past the arm cushion.


  • Savasana variation curved legs – Lie in your again and hold your legs in your knees. Your toes contact the bottom and your arms, palms up, are in your sides.
  • Savasana variant Arms Up – After mendacity in your again together with your straight legs barely separated. Inhale and stretch your palms over your head, palms up.
  • Savasana palms bent on the facet variant – Lie in your again and put your arms in your sides. From there, bend your elbows and produce your palms palms up at shoulder stage.
  • Advasana – Lie in your abdomen and lift your arms to the ground together with your palms. Bring your brow to the ground and calm down your physique.
  • Another variation of Shavasana could possibly be achieved mendacity in your abdomen. Bring your palms ahead and hold your elbows bent outward. Put your brow over your palms and calm down by focusing in your breath

Shavasana advantages

1. Relaxes the physique

Shavasana relaxes the entire muscle tissue within the physique. This posture is about being aware and being conscious of the breath. It rejuvenates your physique by bringing sufficient oxygen to the muscle tissue and releasing any trapped pressure.

2. Calms the nervous system

In this place, all the backbone is held straight by the crown and relaxed. By stress-free the backbone and respiration deeply, the nervous system additionally relaxes and the thoughts turns into calm.

It's even therapeutic for stress, delicate melancholy, nervousness, and insomnia.

3. Reduces blood stress

In addition to stress-free the physique and thoughts, it additionally improves blood stress. Keep the physique away from stress and fatigue, blood stress may also drop and the guts will calm down.

4. Increases focus

Shavasana brings the physique right into a deep meditative state. It permits the practitioner to give attention to every a part of the physique. It enriches the thoughts and in the end will increase reminiscence and focus.

5. Increases the vitality stage

This pose could be carried out to immediately regain vitality if you end up drained or burdened. Every half is relaxed and productiveness is elevated by rejuvenating the physique.


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