Uttana Padasana (Raised Leg Pose): Meaning, Steps, Benefits & Contraindications

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Uttana Padasana is your first alternative when trying to tone up your flabby abdomen. It is a fusion pose of Matsyasana (fish pose) and poses with raised legs.

To follow uttana padasana, lie in your again and bend your higher again. Raise your total again to bend again and produce the crown of your head to the ground. Then the legs are raised 45 to 50 levels from the ground. In the final pose, the arms are stretched parallel to the raised legs, with the fingers linked in a prayer place.

This pose is usually practiced as an reverse place after inverted restorative poses reminiscent of Sarvangasana and Viprita Karani. However, the advantages of this pose are far an excessive amount of extra than simply enjoyable the physique.

Uttana Padasana which means

There are three Sanskrit phrases in uttana padasana. In Sanskrit, "uttana" means "intense stretching" or "lying face up on your back", "pada" means "foot" or "leg" and "asana" refers to "pose".

While performing this pose, lie down in your again after which your legs are lifted off the ground in an intensely stretched place, therefore the title. By combining the Sanskrit root phrases, this pose is known as "Raised leg pose". Along with the legs, the arms are additionally prolonged and raised parallel to the raised legs.

Since each legs are raised on this place, it is usually referred to as "Double leg raised yoga pose". Remember that on this pose, the legs will stay tilted at an angle that’s not perpendicular to the ground. The later place of the legs is known as “Urdhva Prasarita Padasana” by one other pose.

Not solely is it an intense stretching of the limbs, it additionally prompts the again muscle tissues. It is so as a result of within the remaining posture the higher again and neck are raised and arched. The head can be the wrong way up, so this pose is a superb stretch that provides bodily and psychological advantages.

Exercise instruction Uttana Padasana

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  • Avoid this posture if the neck, again, pelvic, or leg muscle tissues are injured.
  • Pregnant ladies have to chorus from this pose.
  • People affected by extreme spondylitis should ignore uttana padasana.
  • Patients with coronary heart illness or irregular blood stress ought to chorus from this posture.
  • If you've had a hernia restore, wait no less than two weeks earlier than practising this pose.
  • If you could have a migraine, don't follow it with a sore again.

Preparatory poses

Uttana Padasana steps

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  1. Lie on the ground together with your legs and arms outstretched.
  2. Bend your elbows to carry your again and curve your neck.
  3. Bring the crown of your head to the ground to carry out the again bend.
  4. Inhale, carry your legs off the ground, and lengthen them at a 45 ° angle. Keep your ft collectively when lifting, and your toes level in the direction of the ceiling.
  5. Exhale, deliver your arms ahead and bandage your palms in a prayer place.
  6. Extend your arms parallel to your thighs.
  7. Balance the physique on the crown of the top and hips.
  8. Hold the pose for about 6 breaths.
  9. Inhale and place your arms together with your fingers down. Relax your head on the ground.
  10. Exhale and produce your legs to the ground. Relax in your again.


  • Do not bend your knees whereas your legs are within the air.
  • Keep your buttocks firmly on the ground.
  • Do not fold the entrance physique whereas holding the final pose. Shift your weight ahead and have interaction the core muscle tissues to elongate the backbone

Tips for rookies

  • If that is your first time making an attempt this pose, begin by lifting one leg at a time.
  • Start by elevating your legs to a decrease angle and regularly rising it to 45 °.
  • If your again can not carry your leg off the ground, use the helps under to help your again.

Follow up poses

Props and modifications

  1. Blocks – Practitioners usually use blocks as a substitute of the cushion for this pose. Place one block horizontally underneath your thoracic backbone muscle tissues and one other vertically underneath your head. Then carry your legs and arms off the ground to carry out uttana padasana.
  2. Upholstery – Place a pillow underneath your neck and one underneath your decrease again. Then carry out the pose as described above. Using pads makes lifting simpler and requires much less pressure to carry the pose together with your legs raised.
  3. Against a wall – Lie in your again, then flex your again and neck. Raise your legs and place your ft in opposition to a wall. Then stretch your arms ahead. The added help from the wall will assist maintain the pose longer.


  • Uttana Padasana hand on flooring variation – This is a typical newbie variation that can be utilized to slowly construct core muscle tissues.
    Lie in your again together with your fingers in your sides. Lift your legs off the ground and bend them on the hips at a 45 ° angle. Hold the pose as such.
  • Uttana Padasana fingers behind the top – In this variant, preserve your fingers in your again underneath your head. Then, carry your legs off the ground and preserve your toe prolonged towards the ceiling.

Therapeutic makes use of

  1. With an inguinal hernia, our belly muscle tissues weaken and a part of an inner organ bulges out. Uttana Padasana strengthens the belly muscle tissues and can stop an inguinal hernia from occurring within the first place
  2. This posture can be useful and efficient for the spinal muscle tissues Cure again ache.
  3. It is finished by opening the chest and rising the capability of the lungs. Hence, it improves respiration and is therapeutic in opposition to bronchial asthma and different respiratory illnesses.
  4. It improves blood circulate to the joints and strengthens them. This makes Uttana Padasana a therapeutic pose for treating rheumatism.
  5. It may be practiced to heal the varicose veins within the legs.
  6. While holding the pose, the top is introduced into an inverted place. It improves blood and oxygen circulate to the nerves and the mind. Hence, it’s an angle used to alleviate stress, nervousness, and despair.
  7. It's an ideal stretch to your shoulders and chest. This is useful for correcting shoulder alignment and thus bettering posture.

Benefits of Uttana Padasana

1. Strengthens the legs and hip muscle tissues

Holding the pose with the legs raised within the air contracts and expands the leg muscle tissues. It stretches the hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

The legs are raised in opposition to gravity, this improves blood circulation within the legs and hips and strengthens them.

2. Stretches your arms and shoulders

The arms are additionally raised in entrance and saved straight. It additionally improves blood circulate to the arms. It improves the energy of the arms, elbows and shoulders.

3. Improves the flexibleness of the backbone

The again can be lifted off the ground, lengthening the backbone and increasing the vertebrae. This trains the again muscle tissues and will increase the flexibleness of the backbone.

4. Tones the abdomen

The core muscle tissues are additionally skilled on this place. You are actively engaged in sustaining the carry in your legs. It contracts the abs and burns the additional fats from the stomach.

Since a examine in 2009, Uttana Padasana has been an efficient methodology for weight reduction. It strengthens the belly muscle tissues and tones the stomach.

5. Stimulates the reproductive organs

Uttana Padmasana is practiced whereas lifting the legs. This assaults the pelvic flooring muscle tissues and improves blood circulate to the internal thighs, groin, and inner reproductive organs.

This prompts the organs and improves their effectivity. Hence, it may be practiced to advertise reproductive well being.

6. Maintains metabolism

The neck muscle tissues are stretched and maintain the pose. It stimulates the thyroid and improves the secretion of thyroid hormones. It regulates all the physique metabolism and promotes well being.


Performing uttana padasana provides you quite a few advantages as talked about above. However, individuals desire the pose as a exercise to maintain the abs and completely toned physique.

Also, incorporate Uttana Padasana into your routine for emotional and energetic advantages. It stimulates the Manipura, Muladhara and Svadhisthana chakra and promotes emotional well-being, vanity and self-confidence.


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