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Your zodiac signal can reveal loads about your temperament, your preferences, even the way you react to emphasize and stimuli. No surprise, then, that so many individuals imagine which you could maximize the potential in your physique and thoughts by tailoring your exercises, together with yoga and meditation, to your zodiac signal. We discovered it most useful to give attention to the properties of the 4 astrological parts with a purpose to refine, help and deepen one's yoga observe.

What is your star signal?

Almost everyone seems to be conversant in the Western astrology system and what signal it’s. There are twelve astrological indicators, and your zodiac is decided by your birthday. If you might be not sure of your signal, you could find numerous details about astrology and horoscopes at

The 4 parts

Each signal of the zodiac corresponds to one of many 4 parts earth, air, hearth and water. While the weather are the basic a part of your horoscope, they will inform you numerous about your self and your response to individuals and occasions. By studying extra about your ruling ingredient, you possibly can construct a yoga routine that higher fits your thoughts, soul, and physique.

Fire ingredient

Fire indicators are energetic, aggressive, unbiased, passionate, and enthusiastic. Fire indicators are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire indicators like to be challenged as they’re very aggressive. Therefore, a dynamic, lively, energetic, and superior yoga observe is greatest fitted to this ingredient. They like to sweat with scorching yoga however battle in a meditation class and have a tough time sitting nonetheless. Burning candles and working towards compassion-based meditation are most useful for hearth indicators.

The hearth ingredient is assigned to the third chakra vitality middle.

Water ingredient

Watermarks are emotional, artistic, fluid, intuitive, and empathetic. Although they will meditate nicely, they are usually delicate and simply overwhelmed. Signs related to water are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Watermarks are uniquely perceptible and make mindfulness and meditation an ideal temper enhancer. Watermarks wish to be challenged, however like to take issues slowly. Therefore, a protracted 90-minute yin yoga or hatha yoga class with lengthy posture stops is right for this group. Watermarks are very fluid, however that doesn't imply they will't be powered and targeted! Watermarks can shortly attain a meditative state when they’re close to a physique of water. So a yoga retreat by a sea or lake could be implausible.

The water ingredient is assigned to the second chakra vitality middle.

Earth ingredient

Earth indicators are deeply linked to Mother Earth and are loyal, steady, dependable, and rooted within the current second. Earth indicators are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These are probably the most grounded within the zodiac, however they are often inflexible, cussed, and rigid below stress. Use grounding poses like Mountain, Squat, and Triangle so as to add stability to your life and yoga routine. Focusing on the burden of your legs as you observe yoga will make it easier to keep grounded and centered and preserve the stress of a extra inflexible worldview away. Earth indicators are greatest for a mode of yoga with a structured and constant sequence similar to Ashtanga yoga or Sivananda yoga. Standing or strolling meditation will probably be most nourishing for this ingredient.

The earth ingredient is assigned to the primary chakra vitality middle.

Air ingredient

Air indicators, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, are fleeting, artistic, expansive and by no means have a tendency to stay to 1 factor. If you're somebody who finds it arduous to relax whereas meditating and also you get bored sticking to a routine, your zodiac signal could also be guilty. Mix it up with many various types in your yoga observe. Instead of shopping for numerous tools, you're not going to make use of it, take programs on-line, and do a brand new pose each week to maintain issues fascinating. Pranayama and Vinyasa or Flow Yoga are one of the best practices for this ingredient. Meditating outdoor or in a room with the home windows open to let within the recent air is most useful for this ingredient.

The air ingredient is assigned to the seventh chakra vitality middle.


Whatever your ruling ingredient, yoga offers an ideal exercise in your physique and peace of thoughts as nicely. Combining practices that greatest fit your ingredient together with your yoga routine offers you with an effective way to problem your self and see your self in a complete new mild. However, you will need to perceive that we’re influenced by all 4 parts. While you need to alter the first ingredient of your yoga observe in your chart, it doesn't imply that utilizing the strategies above can't be useful for the opposite parts.


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