Purvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose): Meaning, Steps, & Benefits

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Purvottanasana, or stretch or plank pose going through east, strengthen the again, wrist and leg muscle tissues. It is a full physique exercise that stimulates the entrance and rear muscle tissues of the physique.

Based on the extent of issue, it’s an intermediate pose because it requires energy, stretching and steadiness within the physique. It additionally contains the inversion of the top and neck.

To get into this pose, first sit down in Dandasana (stick pose). From there the arms are pulled again and the palms are positioned on the ground. Then the hips and legs are raised with the ft on the ground. The complete physique is balanced by the hands and ft, with the top hanging again.

This place is useful for opening up your hips, shoulders, and pecs. It is a counter place for all ahead bends and relieves the amassed rigidity within the muscle tissues.

Purvottanasana that means

Like most yogic poses, Purvottanasana takes its title from the yogic language Sanskrit. It consists of three primary ideas:

  • "Purva" means "east" or "front of the body".
  • "Uttana" refers to "intense stretching"
  • "Asana is" pose "

In this pose, the entrance of the physique, which extends from head to toe, is tremendously stretched, therefore the title.

In English it’s known as east-facing route. When you maintain this pose, the physique resembles the plank pose, though it’s in an inverted place. Hence it is usually recognized by the names of an inverted plank, an upward plank, or a reverse plank maintain.

Some practitioners additionally confer with it because the inclined degree posture due to the posture the physique assumes when performing Purvottanasana.

Symbolic illustration

Purvottanasana additionally means refreshment and revitalization of the physique. As the east is the path of dawn, it’s a image of recent beginnings and potentials.

Hence, it’s believed that working towards Purvottanasana energizes the whole physique each time the practitioner achieves the pose.

Exercise directions from Purvottanasana

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  • Do not do Purvottanasana in case you have an damage to your wrist, neck, or again.
  • People with hypertension ought to by no means do it with out the supervision of an skilled.
  • Avoid this pose for extreme migraines.
  • People with carpal tunnel syndrome will not be allowed to carry out this pose.
  • Patients with cervical spondylitis ought to chorus from this asana.

Preparatory poses

The following poses take away the stiffness of the again, heat up the legs, stimulate the whole physique to return, and hold Purvottanasana mild.

How To Do Purvottanasana (Steps)

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  1. Start by sitting in Dandasana.
  2. Pull your arms again and place your palms behind your hips. Keep your fingers in the direction of your ft.
  3. Bend your knees with ft one foot away from the buttocks.
  4. Exhale and press your palms and ft on the ground. Raise your hips to attain an inverted desk place.
  5. While sustaining the hip place, straighten your legs ahead, one by one.
  6. Keeping your toes and ft firmly on the ground, increase your hips to shoulder peak.
  7. Carefully let your head fall again and repair your gaze on the ceiling.
  8. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and hold respiration.
  9. Inhale and produce your chin again to your chest.
  10. Exhale, drop your hips on the ground and let go of your palms.
  11. Relax the physique in Dandasana.


  1. Do not drop your neck in case you have a headache or pressure your neck. Instead, carry out the pose along with your chin towards your chest.
  2. Keep your wrists underneath your shoulders.
  3. Fully open your chest by rolling your shoulders onto your again.

Follow up poses

Props and modifications

With the next props one can modify Purvottanasana in its less complicated variation.

  1. Blocks – Place two blocks behind your hips whereas sitting in Dandasana. Bring your palms again and place your palms on the blocks. Lift your hips and legs off the ground and place your palms on the blocks.
  2. Another block modification – Stack 3-Four blocks on the ground. Sit on these stacked blocks along with your legs stretched ahead. Slowly sit again and place your palms on the ground along with your arms straight. Perform Purvottanasana over them, sustaining the integrity of the hips to assist maintain the pose longer.
  3. Chair – Stand behind you in a chair doing the dandasana. Reach its locations along with your palms. Lift your physique and press your palms on the sting of the chair.
  4. Chair with upholstery – Place a cushion over a chair behind you. Put your palms behind your hips and do Purvottanasana. While letting your head fall again, you’ll be able to put your head over the cushion.


One can select from a wide range of choices to deepen or facilitate the Purvottanasana;

1. Kona purvottanasna

This is a sophisticated type of Purvottanasana, during which the physique is held on forearms as a substitute of palms.
Sit in Dandasana and pull your arms again. Put your forearms and hand on the ground. Activate the core muscle tissues to elevate your legs, hips, and higher physique off the ground.

1. Salamba Purvottanasna

Salamba means supported. It is a restorative variant of Purvottanasana that’s taught in Iyengar Yoga. In this variant, a chair with a seat coated with blankets and a folded mat is used to assist the again.

2. Purvottanasana legs at proper angles

Purvottanasana variation legs at right anglesImage supply: Canva

This is also called the inverted desk place. Come in a full upward plank posture. Then slowly slide your ft again as you elevate your again. Slide the ft to the purpose the place the ft come slightly below the knees in order that the physique is in a desk place.

3. Purvottanasana hand variation

Beginners will discover this variant useful as a result of it feels extra comfy over the shoulders. Sit in Dandasana and place your palms behind your hips along with your fingers going through out and your thumb in the direction of your ft. Then comply with the remaining steps as described within the directions above.

4. Purvottanasana one foot on the alternative knee

Do Purvottanasana along with your palms behind you and fingers going through away. Shift physique weight to the proper. Gently elevate your left foot and place it over your proper knee. Hold the pose with steadiness along with your palms and one leg.

5. Purvottansana one leg raised

Purvottanasana one leg raisedImage supply: Canva

Perform Purvottanasana and slowly increase one foot off the ground. Extend the raised leg upward with the toes pointing ahead. Then elevate your leg perpendicular to the ground along with your toes pointing in the direction of the ceiling.

Therapeutic makes use of

Purvottanasana strengthens the wrists and ankles, improves motion
the shoulder joints and absolutely expands the chest.

~ Light on Yoga, B.Ok.S Iyengar

  1. Purvottanasana is an effective way to enhance shoulder alignment. People with rounded or sloping shoulders should carry out this pose.
  2. It stretches the hip muscle tissues together with the backbone. When you drop your head again, the availability of contemporary blood to the mind is improved. This calms the mind and relieves fatigue, stress, and melancholy.
  3. This pose additionally makes that simpler Heaviness and discomfort felt within the abdomen throughout Menstruation.

Purvottanasana advantages

1. Strengthens the legs and arms

While doing Purvottanasana, the whole physique is balanced on the palms and legs. The arms are saved straight with excessive strain on the wrists. The interior thighs, glutes, and calf muscle tissues are stretched all through the pose.

It expands these muscle tissues and will increase stamina, which makes the legs and arms stronger.

2. Open the chest

The shoulder muscle tissues are additionally stretched to maintain your palms on the ground and steadiness your physique. It expands the chest and the falling again of the top raises the guts. It improves the guts fee and the circulatory system.

3. Stimulates the respiratory system

The opening of the chest expands the inner organs together with the lungs. The growth of the lungs improves the availability of oxygen. This in the end improves respiration capability and thus stimulates the respiratory system.

4. Improves the flexibleness of the backbone

The again and hips are lifted off the ground. The complete again is stretched immensely by pulling the backbone in the direction of the neck and pushing the ft away from the physique.

These opposing forces assist to elongate the whole backbone and enhance its flexibility.

5. Maintains metabolism

In Purvottanasana the thyroid is activated. It helps within the optimum secretion of thyroid hormones that regulate the physique's metabolism.

6. Offers a toned physique

Purvottanasana is an intense stretch for the whole physique. It stretches the entire muscle tissues that stretch out of your toes to your neck. Balancing the physique within the palms and ft requires sufficient energy and burns energy.

It helps do away with fats that has amassed across the thighs, hips, stomach, and chest space.

7. Activates the anahata chakra

The growth of the chest muscle tissues within the pose affords energetic advantages. It stimulates the guts chakra (anahata). It advantages the guts and lungs, and improves the immune system by stimulating the thymus.

Also brings constructive emotions equivalent to happiness, love and compassion to the practitioner.


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