Karana Mudra (Buddha Gesture of Banishing): How To Do & Benefits

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Is your dream catcher or evil eye icon ruining your cool picture as a substitute of saving you from the curse? Look no additional, as a result of incorporating Karana Mudra into your each day meditation apply is all you want.

Karana mudra isn’t solely a yoga mudra, but in addition has a non secular and cultural that means. It is widespread in Tibetan Buddhism in addition to in Hindu and Buddhist cultures to make use of internal peace. It can also be useful in reaching spirituality.

Karana Mudra is among the Buddha Hand Mudras which can be practiced by pulling the best hand towards the center with the palm going through ahead. The index and little fingers are stretched upward, whereas the opposite two center fingers are folded to be held by the tip of the thumb.

Begin practising Karana Mudra to advertise non secular, psychological, and emotional advantages.

The philosophy behind Karana Mudra

Its description is discovered primarily within the Buddhist custom, as Gautam Buddha usually meditates within the Karana mudra.

Karana Mudra means the protection towards unhealthy and detrimental energies. The spiritual and cultural beliefs recommend that Karna Mudra helps clear psychological blocks.

Because of the flexibility to distract or eliminate detrimental feelings, illnesses, and demons, it’s also generally known as the gesture of banishment.

Practicing such a easy hand gesture both in meditative periods or with pranayama (respiration workouts) leads the practitioner to optimism and enlightenment. You can double its advantages by combining this gesture with mantras just like the Ganesh mantra.

Alternatively, put your hand in your chest and attain Karana Mudra by channeling the circulate of life pressure (Prana). Fill the inhalation and exhalation with the next mantra:

  • Inhale: "May obstacles be removed."
  • Exhale: "May negative energy be thwarted."

In this gesture, the center finger is pressed towards the thumb, which stimulates the hearth and ether parts within the physique.


It is finest to apply this mudra within the morning or within the night. You can maintain all of them day. However, this isn’t attainable. Therefore, carry out this gesture with asanas, pranayama or meditation.

Beginners must apply it for no less than 15 minutes and steadily progress as much as 45 minutes.

How to Perform Karana Mudra

Sit comfortably in Padmasana, Sukhasana, or Vajrasana, or sit in a chair if you’re uncomfortable in a cross-legged place. Follow the given steps to realize Karana Mudra.


  • Bring your proper hand at chest stage.
  • Place it both vertically or horizontally and open your palm ahead.
  • Flex your center and ring fingers in direction of the middle of the palm.
  • Bend in together with your thumb to carry your bent fingers in place.
  • Straighten your index finger and pinky finger and stretch them up.
  • Place your left hand palm up in your left knee.


Some sources additionally describe this mudra in another way as:

  • Bring your proper hand palm out in entrance of your chest.
  • Fold your thumb, center, and pinky fingers.
  • Keep your index and ring fingers straight.


  1. Karana Mudra fills the thoughts with positivity.
  2. It drives stronger vitality forces inward.
  3. Any well being illnesses or sicknesses will probably be eradicated via Karana Mudra.
  4. It brings a sense of fearlessness.
  5. It removes the obstacles created by the thoughts and brings readability.
  6. It subtly improves the circulate of prana.


Defeat your demons, detrimental forces, sufferings and fears with Karana Mudra. It is a cleaning mudra that revitalizes the thoughts and represents a step in direction of enlightenment.

Feng Shui rules state that practising Karana mudra brings fearlessness. It additionally improves vitality and peace each internally and within the atmosphere.


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