Dove Pose (Vajra Kapotasana): How to Do, Benefits, Variations

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Vajra kapotasana is a swish again flexion pose. It is a sophisticated asana within the Ashtanga Yoga collection by way of the power and adaptability required to get into this pose.

It is carried out in Vajrasana sitting with the palms on the perimeters. Then the again is bent backwards, the again arched and the pinnacle dropped. The palms are prolonged above the pinnacle with the palms urgent on the ground, and the higher physique stays raised.

Practicing Vajra Kapotasana brings quite a few well being advantages. The spinal wire and hip flexors are the principle goal organs. There are additionally quite a few therapeutic functions for this posture.

Vajra Kapotasana that means

In Sanskrit, “vajra” refers to “lightning”, “kapota” means “dove” or “dove”, and “asana” is “pose”. From the straightforward lightning pose, the physique is folded again and the chest and trunk are raised. This resembles a dove's swish posture, therefore the identify.

Vajra Kapotasana follow guide

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Before you get into the pose, you possibly can comply with the guides under and study concerning the execs and cons.


  • Do not undertake this posture when you’ve got an harm to your neck or decrease again.
  • It will not be acceptable to carry out this pose with an issue within the knees.
  • People affected by insomnia shouldn’t attempt Vajra Kapotasana.
  • Avoid his follow when you’ve got migraines or hypertension.
  • Do not attempt Vajra Kapotasana in case of a herniated disc.

Preparatory poses

  1. Lying Thunderbolt Pose (Supta Vajrasana)
  2. Bow pose (Dhanurasana)
  3. One-footed royal pigeon maintaining (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)
  4. Wheel place (Chakrasana)
  5. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
  6. Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana)

How to do Dove Pose (steps)

  1. Start by sitting in Vajrasana.
  2. Lean in your again and produce your palms to your legs.
  3. Raise your arms and place your palms close to your ears along with your fingers pointing at your shoulders and bent elbows.
  4. Exhale and put your weight in your palms.
  5. Stretching your arms raises your physique and retains your knees on the ground.
  6. Also, stretch your backbone and maintain your toes along with your palms bending your elbows.
  7. As you proceed to lean, convey your elbows to the ground. Support your backbend place in your forearms right here.
  8. Stay there for just a few fast breaths.
  9. As you exhale, increase your pelvic area and regularly transfer your palms in direction of your heels.
  10. At the identical time, pull your head to relaxation on the soles of your ft.
  11. Hold the pose for just a few seconds.
  12. Exhale, launch your palms out of your ft and lie in your again in Supta Vajrasana.
  13. Gently straighten your legs and calm down on the ground.


When performing pigeon maintaining, take note of the next factors for higher alignment and security.

  • Don't bend your again too far to get in your ft. Stay as excessive as you are feeling comfy bending again.
  • Remember that the shoulders and lumbar backbone are stretched sufficient to keep away from ache or discomfort.
  • Make positive that the thigh and hip muscle mass are versatile sufficient to carry out this pose.

Follow up poses

Props and modifications

  • Blanket- Place a folded blanket or pillow underneath your knees throughout this pose. It prevents the knees from hurting.
  • Pillow- You can place a pillow in order that your head lands whilst you maintain the pose.


Pigeon pose variation hands on the sidesImage supply: Canva

  • A less complicated variation on Vajra Kapotasana may very well be completed by inserting the palms of the palms away from the ft. Just convey your arms near your ears along with your fingertips. Pull your head again so far as you possibly can and be there. This variant is most popular by novices.
  • If reaching the vajrasana is troublesome to start this pose, begin along with your knees on the ground and maintain your thighs perpendicular to the ground (kneeling place). Then bend again and produce your head and palms to the soles.
  • Pigeon maintaining will also be carried out by pregnant girls with minor deviations. This variant solely eliminates bending again. When you sit in your knees bent, place your palms in your waist after which gently bend your higher again.

Therapeutic use

  • Vajra kapotasana stretches the backbone, which will increase blood circulate and ensures flexibility. Therefore, it’s used as a ache reliever for again ache.
  • The again flexion within the posture during which the stomach stays elevated additionally places stress on the inner organs. It additionally promotes bowel actions and prevents constipation.
  • Vajra kapotasana can also be beneficial to right the alignment of the uterus, which helps girls conceive higher.
  • It additionally enriches the practitioner's pores and skin. By enhancing blood circulate to the cells, it repairs the lifeless pores and skin cells and prevents wrinkles. Hence, it’s also efficient in combating the indicators of antiaging.
  • This perspective additionally has stress-relieving results. By making the backbone wholesome, it additionally brings sufficient oxygen to the nervous system. The inversion of the pinnacle will increase the blood and nutrient provide to the mind cells. This removes any stress or concern.

Dove pose advantages

1. Strengthens the center

In Vjara Kapotasana the chest is totally expanded. It additionally lifts the diaphragm, which gently massages and stimulates the center. It improves cardiovascular effectivity and makes the center stronger.

2. Releases toxins

The belly organs are stimulated whereas holding the ultimate posture. This advantages the liver and kidneys. This finally helps in enhancing the detox course of.

3. Strengthens the core

The core muscle mass additionally expertise the extreme stretching. This will increase endurance and leaves the practitioner with stronger core muscle mass.

4. Stronger legs and arms

Vajra kapotasana actively intervenes in legs and arms. The muscle mass across the shoulders, elbows, and wrists carry your whole physique weight and strengthen these muscle mass. The thigh muscle mass, knees and decrease legs additionally obtain an enough blood provide and grow to be versatile.

5. Stretches the hips and groin

The buttocks stay elevated whereas sustaining the posture and the muscle mass contract. This improves the blood circulation within the pelvic space and the hip muscle mass grow to be versatile.

6. Maintains the airways

Dove Pose is a superb chest opener. It expands the lungs and their capacity to breathe. It additionally lifts the diaphragm, which improves respiration. This makes the pose appropriate for higher respiration.

7. Energetic advantages

Vajra kapotasana includes the stimulation of three chakras. The practitioner feels energetic by sustaining the circulate of prana (life pressure) between the center (anahata chakra), the throat (vishuddha chakra) and the third eye (anjana chakra).


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