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Prana is the one supply of vitality in us, therefore it’s referred to as life pressure. To invoke this life power, Prana Mudra is an easy hand motion that mixes the power of the toddler and the ring finger with the fireplace power of the thumb.

This mudra could be very efficient if you end up feeling low on power or yawning excessively and decreasing your productiveness throughout work hours.

Keeping your fingers within the prana mudra place is one of the best ways to place prana into motion and guarantee its clean movement. Once prana flows easily, the physique's power degree will mechanically be charged and you’ll instantly really feel stuffed with power.


Prana Mudra is carried out by connecting the small and ring-shaped fingertip to the thumb whereas the opposite two fingers are held straight at relaxation. This mudra is said to the air aspect because the prana vayu seat is taken into account to be the guts.

This place of the fingers in Prana Mudra has a direct impact on;

  • The respiratory movement and coronary heart fee
  • Cycle
  • Body temperature
  • The nervous system to create a sense of being on the bottom

In addition, the eyes, pores and skin and different sensory inputs additionally comprise Prana Vayu, which is why Prana Mudra offers these organs "Pran (life force)".

Prana Mudra imparts a way of calm within the physique and thoughts, also referred to as Peace mudra or Shanti Mudra.

When prana begins to movement freely by way of the observe of Prana Mudra, the yogi turns into conscious of delicate physique flows. It develops consciousness of nadis and chakras.

Prana Mudra & Five Elements

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A balanced proportion of 5 physique parts is important for a wholesome physique. In the Prana Mudra, water, earth and hearth are mixed to activate the pranic Shakti.

  • The little finger represents the water aspect and exhibits the fluidity
  • The ring finger represents the earth aspect and exhibits stability
  • And thumb represents hearth aspect exhibits energy and has energy of transformation

In the Prana Mudra, the standard of earth and water parts are mixed. When it connects with the fireplace aspect, Prana Shakti arises. This Prana Shakti manifests itself within the type of the mixed high quality of water, earth and hearth, i.e. H. Better circulation, construction and vitality.

Prana Mudra is also referred to as Kapha Karak Mudra as a result of it will increase the physique's kapha humor. In Ayurveda, the earth and water parts make Kapha Dosha. These two similar parts are mixed in Prana Mudra, therefore this alternate title.

On the opposite hand, when the fireplace aspect is available in contact with the water, it offsets the extreme hearth or pitta dosha or jathragnee. In this manner, Prana Mudra is also referred to as Pitta Nashak Mudra.

How to do Prana Mudra

  1. Sit in a snug meditative place, i.e. H. Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana.
  2. Gently shut your eyes and take a number of deep breaths. Focus on the air getting into and exiting by way of the nostrils.
  3. Bring the small and ring-shaped fingers of each arms collectively and bend them in direction of the thumb. Gently press these fingertips towards the tip of the thumb.
  4. Hold the remaining with two fingers i.e. H. Index finger and center, straight and barely elongated.
  5. Hold each arms on this place for at the least 15 to 20 minutes with out transferring.
  6. Release the mudra by gently straightening your fingers and resting in a sitting place.

Follow the instructions under for Prana Mudra with Pranayama Breathing.

Prana Mudra in Pranayama

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In addition to training Prana Mudra in a easy sitting place, it may be practiced in a guided breath consciousness to lift the Prana degree into larger chakras. It is named Prana Mudra Pranayama Practice.

  1. Start with each arms within the prana mudra place.
  2. Take a number of rounds of deep breaths out and in with out straining your chest muscular tissues. At the tip of the complete exhalation, carry out the mula bandha by specializing in the basis chakra.
  3. Try to maintain the air out for so long as you need, then slowly launch the mula bandha.
  4. Now fastidiously start to inhale as deeply as you’ll be able to whereas increasing your chest in order that the lungs fill with recent air.
  5. Coordinate your belly inhalation motion by slowly elevating your arms (Prana Mudra) from the kneecap to the navel area. With this hand motion, visualize the movement of Prana from the Muladhara chakra to the Manipura chakra.
  6. The subsequent time you inhale, broaden your chest additional by transferring your arms up till they attain the middle of your chest. Here attempt to really feel the movement of Prana Vayu from the Manipura Chakra to the Heart Chakra.
  7. Now additionally draw air into your chest by lifting your shoulder and collarbones the subsequent time you inhale. As you elevate your shoulders, really feel the prana transferring from the guts to the throat chakra, adopted by the Ajna chakra, and eventually the Sahasrara chakra.
  8. Focus on the Sahasrara Chakra and along with your eyes closed, visualize the pure gentle that’s faraway from the crown of the pinnacle. Keep this stage for so long as you might be glad with the bated breath, after which start to exhale gently. (Keep your lips closed).

This observe of Prana Mudra with breath consciousness and focus makes use of the complete posture, therefore it’s referred to as Kaya Mudra (postural gesture) and never only a easy Hasta Mudra.

Ideal time & length

The Prana Mudra must be carried out with an empty abdomen on the time of dawn in direction of the solar.

In the order of asana-pranayama meditation, it must be practiced after finishing each asana and pranayama. Just earlier than sitting quietly in meditation, prana mudra must be carried out to make sure a balanced degree of prana all through the session.

Prana Mudra may be practiced for a interval of at the least 15 minutes to a most of 45 minutes. Although there isn’t a restrict to how lengthy it’s best to observe a mudra.
It may be practiced day by day and can give the very best outcomes when performed throughout different yoga practices.

Prana Mudra advantages

Yoga Mudras Healing

  • Activates the pranic power – Prana Mudra is practiced to invoke pranic power and is used to awaken the resting Prana Shakti (respiratory pressure) of a person.
  • Remedy for low blood strain – Prana is the facility of life and training Prana Mudra will assist relieve low blood strain because it will increase blood movement.
  • Prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair roots – Hair roots are weakened by the lake of the earth aspect in our physique. Prana Mudra compensates for this inadequacy of the earth aspect and on this method strengthens the hair roots.
  • Increase lung effectivity – Prana Mudra is an assist to growing the effectivity of the lungs in reference to the respiratory workouts.
  • Tuberculosis administration – This mudra will assist you overcome tuberculosis and stop its prevalence.
  • Controls extreme yawning – When yawning a lot as a result of lack of power and oxygen within the physique, Prana Mudra can work wonders.
  • Removes lethargy – A sense of low power may be fully eradicated by training this mudra as it’s instantly associated to the activation of mooladhara.
  • Controls the metabolism – This mudra maintains the physique's optimum metabolism and may also be used for issues associated to the thyroid gland.
  • Boosts immunity – Prana Mudra strengthens your immune system, which is chargeable for combating ailments, infections and pathogens.
  • Overcome unfavorable ideas – When your thoughts is caught within the cage of unfavorable ideas, Prana Mudra is the last word answer to eliminate these negativity and unfavorable ideas.
    See extra: Vrittis – causes of thought patterns
  • Prana Mudra for weak point – It is helpful in overcoming the weak point within the physique. The individuals who observe Prana Mudra twice a day, i.e. H. At dawn and sundown instances, their our bodies saved charged all through the day till they went to sleep. In addition to this, it additionally will increase the power of the physique.
  • Calms the physique and thoughts – Prana Mudra calms the thoughts and offers a sense of peace because it relieves excessive metabolism, blood strain and temper, and makes an individual extra steady when it comes to spirituality.

Side results

However, Prana Mudra is helpful in all methods, however extreme observe and incorrect time can:

  • Increases weight problems – Ayurveda tells of three Prakriti – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Prana Mudra will increase the aspect of kapha and slows down the aspect of fireside, which might result in elevated physique weight when practiced for lengthy durations of time in a single session.
  • Avoid training after sundown – Practicing Prana Mudra at evening can result in an absence of sleep because it triggers all metabolic actions of the physique and the processes are switched off at evening. It is subsequently not beneficial to observe it at evening.


  • When you first observe it, you’ll not maintain arms in a single session on this mudra.
  • When training pranayama (respiratory regulation), watch out to not put pressure on the lungs.
  • Wearing unfastened becoming garments is efficient in Prana Mudra with Pranayama.


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