Pushan Mudra (Digestion Gesture): Procedure, Variant, Benefits

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Wave goodbye to all your digestive troubles by working towards Pushan Mudra – a easy yoga hasta mudra that evokes inside digestive fires.

Pushan Mudra is supposed to get nourishment from the meals we eat. At the identical time, it improves and balances the digestive system to make digestion simpler.

Improved advantages of this mudra are obtained when practiced with meditation that focuses on the respiratory sample.

In addition to the physiological advantages, this hand motion gives practitioners energetic and therapeutic advantages.

Pushan Mudra which means

The Sanskrit time period "pushan" refers to "one who nourishes". For this motive, the mudra is devoted to Lord Surya (the solar), as each organism on earth attracts vitality and nourishment from the solar.

Holding Pushan Mudra stirs the interior digestive hearth to control the nourishment and vitality from meals, therefore the identify.

It is also called the gesture of digestion or the gesture of diet.

Symbolic illustration

In distinction to different hand mudras, wherein each arms are held in an analogous place, within the Pushan mudra each arms are held in several positions.

  • The proper fingers are held within the Vyan mudra (index and center fingers touching the thumb), which symbolizes receiving or accepting.
  • The fingers of the left hand are held within the Apana Mudra (center and ring fingers contact the thumb), which symbolizes the physique's elimination course of.

By sustaining a stability between “what goes into our body, i. H. Food we eat (acceptance) ”and“ what comes out (elimination process) ”Pushan Mudra ensures higher digestion. The effectiveness of digestion is additional enhanced when practiced in Vajrasana after consuming.

In addition to digestion, this particular variant of the Pushan Mudra generates warmth within the physique and removes extra water. In this manner a mixture of proper hand (acceptance) and left hand (elimination) prompts the manipura chakra and treats issues with reflux and belching.

Pushan Mudra Procedure

  • Sit in Padmasana, Virasana, or Sukhasana together with your eyes closed.
  • Place your arms in your knees, palms up.
  • Take a number of deep breaths.
  • On the best aspect – Move your index and center fingers to the touch their suggestions with the tip of your thumb. Pull the ring and little finger outwards. It's referred to as Vyan Mudra.
  • On the left – Roll your center and ring fingers to the touch the tip of your thumb. It's referred to as Apana Mudra. Point your index finger and pinky fingers outward.
  • Hold each hand fingers within the respective mudra place and focus on the navel chakra.

Duration of the train

Usually mudras are practiced for an efficient period of 45 minutes. However, in a single session one ought to apply Pushan Mudra for at the least 10-15 minutes. It have to be practiced four occasions a day to be efficient.

It can also be really helpful to apply Vajrasana after a meal.

Tips to enhance apply

  • Practice this mudra throughout meditative periods.
  • Focus on the respiratory patterns which might be holding the mudra.
  • With your eyes closed, think about the orange coloration and concentrate on the sacral chakra.
  • Finally, you too can chant the Bija mantra “vam” (vahm).

Pushan Mudra variant

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There is a variation of the Pushan Mudra, particularly for people who find themselves weak. It is practiced by holding the best hand in Prana Mudra and the left hand in Apana Mudra.

In this variant of the Pushan Mudra, the left hand gesture stays the identical as described within the steps above (i.e., Apana Mudra gesture). In your proper hand, fold the ring and little fingers to attach their suggestions together with your thumb. Hold the remainder of the fingers, i.e. H. The index and center fingers, stretched outwards.

Since Prana Mudra takes care of Prana Vayu, which is said to respiratory, this variant of Pushan Mudra helps correct respiratory and thus has a exceptional impact on the nervous system.

Benefits of Pushan Mudra

  1. Holding Pushan Mudra for a couple of minutes day by day improves digestion consistently.
  2. It can also be useful in sustaining the physique's metabolism.
  3. It gives leisure to the physique.
  4. It helps in eradicating the energetic blockages and toxins from the physique.
  5. It stimulates the photo voltaic plexus (Manipura Chakra) and the sacral chakra (Swadhisthana).
  6. It relaxes and improves the effectivity of the liver, abdomen, pancreas and gallbladder.
  7. Practicing this mudra along with the second variant prompts the foundation chakra across the pelvic area. This vitality from the pelvic ground muscle tissue will increase to succeed in the mind and improve neural exercise, thereby benefiting the mind.
  8. This mudra helps energize the physique and elevate the temper.
  9. This mudra will increase reminiscence and the power to pay attention.
  10. Because it’s practiced with aware respiratory, it improves the lungs' capability to absorb oxygen and launch carbon dioxide. Hence, it improves the respiratory system.
  11. It has therapeutic results on nausea, gasoline, constipation, gasoline, and acidity.


This easy asymmetrical hand motion impacts the three life forces of the physique, i. H. Prana, Samana and Apana Vayu. It displays the significance of Pushan Mudra.

Practice pushan mudra to guide an lively and wholesome life. It acts as a panacea to resolve all your digestive issues and brings numerous bodily and psychological advantages.

The subsequent time you sit all the way down to meditate or calm down after a heavy meal, bear in mind to apply pushan mudra.


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