Vitarka Mudra (Buddha Gesture of Discussion): Meaning, Steps, Benefits

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Vitarka Mudra is among the Hasta Mudras carried out within the Buddhist custom to soak up the teachings of the Buddha.

This hand motion will be seen in lots of Buddha statues, with a proper palm dealing with ahead subsequent to the guts and representing the transmission of Buddha's teachings.

To obtain Vitarka Mudra, curl your index finger to the touch its tip together with your thumb, preserving the remaining fingers prolonged upwards. The index finger and thumb are related in a circle and the palm factors ahead away from the physique. It opens the thoughts and soul to realize spirituality.

Meaning and interpretation

The time period "Vitarka" is known as "reasoning or consideration" and "Mudra" means "seal or closure". Buddha achieved Vitarka Mudra whereas discussing or sharing his knowledge along with his disciples.

The dialogue in regards to the Buddha's acquired data generally even results in a dialogue and clarification of the concepts, therefore the identify. Because of the dialogue or clarification of the Vitarka Mudra, it is usually often called the Vyakhana Mudra (Mudra of clarification).

In English it is named a gesture of debate or dialogue mudra.

Symbolic illustration

Vitraka Mudra representsImage supply: Canva

Vitarka Mudra symbolizes a deeper that means that has a common that means.

Union of the index finger and thumb
  • The connection of thumb and forefinger represents the union of opposites that type a unity. It expresses the fundamental duality of the universe, specifically. male-female, day-night and new moon-full moon. This is properly described as yin-and-yang or siva-and-sakti.
  • The union of the complementary opposites results in a 3rd ingredient which is a bond or power that mixes them. It is represented by the circle fashioned by connecting your thumb and forefinger.
Three fingers raised
  • The three raised fingers, center, ring and little fingers, signify the tripartite nature of the universe.
  • This omnipresent Trinity is properly defined as past-present-future; Waking-dreaming-sleeping; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Mother, father and baby.

Buddhist philosophy of the Vitarka Mudra

The thumb and forefinger are related to type a circle on the suggestions on this mudra. After Gautam Buddha understood the cycle of start and loss of life, he used his knowledge to unfold the doctrine of reality or the Dharma amongst his disciples. Similarly, the circle symbolically represents the everlasting move of power or info.

Tibetan Buddhism describes Vitarka Mudra as a mystical gesture by Taras and Boddhisattvas. In Tibet it’s referred to as the Prajnalinganabinaya Mudra.

Performing Vitarka Mudra

  1. Sit comfortably in any meditative posture.
  2. Bring your proper hand, palm dealing with ahead, nearer to your chest, as in Abhaya Mudra.
  3. Move your index finger inward to the touch the tip of the thumb and type an entire circle.
  4. Raise the remaining heart, ring, and pinky fingers to the sky.

The outdated model of Vitarka Mudra actively solely entails the correct hand to twist the index finger and thumb. The left palm rests on the lap dealing with up.

In as we speak's follow, Vitarka Mudra is carried out by each fingers. The fingers of each fingers are positioned in entrance of the chest as described above. The solely distinction is that the left palm is dealing with in the direction of the physique whereas the correct palm is dealing with away from it. In this model, the fingers have similarities with the Dharmachakra mudra.

Vitarka Mudra advantages

1. Encouraged knowledge

Vitarka Mudra is usually practiced by a mentor or guru who has attained spirituality and enlightenment. As they go on their knowledge and data amongst their disciples to show the identical rules.

As data spreads from one being to a different, a candle spreads its mild. Hence, it’s practiced to advertise knowledge.

2. Develops a way of readability

By sharing and buying knowledge, ideas and ideas develop into clearer. This improves the analytical potential to make sensible selections.

3. Increases power

This posture can be useful for sustaining a reference to the surface world (parts) and for totally absorbing power. So, meditating in Vitarka Mudra helps to raise power.

4. Bring enlightenment

Vitarka Mudra transmits the teachings of the enlightened Gautam Buddha. Together with the event of knowledge, data, spirituality and power, this finally results in enlightenment.


You are both a Buddhist, a Hindu, or a yogi on the lookout for the reality. Vitarka Mudra is a gesture of the hand so that you can improve your journey. In addition, the psychological and psychological advantages it presents are the wants of as we speak's busy and agile era.

All in all, there is no such thing as a simpler approach than Vitarka Mudra that may lead you to enlightenment so simple as the curling of your finger.


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