Hatha Yoga Meaning And Its Two Components ‘Ha’ & ‘Tha’

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The true essence of Hatha Yoga lies in understanding the 2 major parts; "Ha" and "Tha". According to yoga science, hatha yoga was derived by combining two phrases "ha" and "tha". the place "Ha" refers back to the solar and "Tha" to the moon.

The phrases "Ha" and "Tha" have utterly reverse energies, since photo voltaic power is seen as male and moon power as feminine. So the phrase "Hatha" stands for the double and balanced nature of the universe, wherein each robust and weak or constructive and damaging energies stay aspect by aspect.

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In order to grasp the that means of Hatha Yoga in relation to "Ha" and "Tha", it’s essential to first assess your individual being.

Human life is made up of two forces; one is the lively power and the opposite is the passive power. Active forces encourage us to tackle troublesome challenges in life and grasp them efficiently with nice effort, whereas passive forces require us to be calm and serene in sure conditions. In conditions like this, we have to stay humble and grounded. Ultimately, in an effort to stay a wholesome and affluent life, you’ll want to steadiness these violent and mild forces.

Similarly, "Ha" is the lively power, which is sort of the identical because the dynamic power of the solar. Without the solar, the universe will certainly collapse because the solar is your complete supply of power. But think about a world the place the solar by no means units. How will dwelling issues exist if such issues ever occur?

In order to maintain a steadiness, the female power is required to calm the sharpness of the solar. This power is outlined as "Tha", the moon.

Moonlight relaxes and cools the earth in a balanced means. So "Ha" and "Tha" characterize the polarity of our life wherein we not solely perceive the existence of two opposing forces in our life, however settle for the union of those forces in an effort to totally manifest a wholesome life.

So Hatha Yoga is a follow of balancing and uniting the opposing forces in a human physique. By balancing opposing energies we are able to management the fluctuations of our thoughts (Chitta vritti in yogic language) and construct stability in a manifested world.

Other types of "Ha" and "Tha"

"Ha" and "Tha" don’t precisely imply solar and moon, however the illustration of reverse energies. In one other custom these energies are often called;

  • Yang and Yin – In Taoism (Chinese philosophy)
  • Purusha and Prakruti – In Samkhya philosophy
  • Shiva and Shakti – In Tantra
  • Energy and Matter – In Physics
  • Pingala and Ida Nadi – In Hatha Yoga

Lord Shiva – True consultant of "Ha" and "Tha"

Lord Shiva's family shows the opposite energy

Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi himself, is a real consultant of "Ha" and "Tha", the place he carries the 2 extraordinarily opposing forces in a balanced means. We can perceive higher if we actually analyze what Lord Shiva is carrying on his physique.

  • At the highest of Shiva's head he carries the Ganga river, which flows calmly and represents the serenity of nature. At the identical time he has his fierce third eye on his brow, which represents the fiery power in him.
    • Here Shiva wears each Ha and Tha within the type of calm and impetus, which suggests the union of two opposing energies.
  • Likewise, he has poison in his throat, why his coloration seems to be blue, and on the similar time he retains the moon on his head. The moon once more represents the female power and in Sanskrit the moon has the symmetry with the nectar.
    • Hence, each poison and nectar (which characterize Ha and Tha) coexist in an effort to keep concord within the universe.
  • As everyone knows, Lord Shiva has no worldly joys. At the identical time he additionally represents a member of the family together with his spouse Parvati and their two sons Ganesh and Kartikeya. The two opposing energies are at all times collectively to create a concord between a renouncer (yogi) and a home-owner.
  • He additionally holds a snake, which is once more the prey of the peacock, the cart of his son Kartikeya.

But all the things goes with the best concord; This is the actual substance of "Ha" and "Tha" that works inside one human life and all through the universe.

Two parts of hatha yoga

Yoga is not only about making totally different postures in a managed method, however it’s a follow that helps us to just accept and steadiness the range and duality of our concepts and ideas. By working towards Hatha Yoga, an individual can have management over the opposing forces which are working concurrently within the human physique.

Every human life has two totally different energies, and if we don’t harmonize the forces, this could result in the destruction of life by disturbing internal peace and happiness. Thus, with the follow of Hatha Yoga, a steadiness between the 2 parts “Ha” and “Tha” might be efficiently achieved.

Sometimes the bodily energies (Prana Shakti) are excessive in an individual and the psychological energies (Manas Shakti) are low in the identical particular person. Likewise, one other particular person stands out as the strongest mentally, however lack the bodily power to carry out the entire actions in each day life. But with the follow of Hatha Yoga, these two energies (lively and passive power) might be harmonized. This is the true essence of the 2 integrants "Ha" and "Tha" in some of the efficient yoga practices; H. Hatha Yoga.

Balance opposites by way of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yogis perceive the character of the thoughts from the start and understand how troublesome it’s to manage thought patterns of the thoughts. Hatha Yoga finally results in Raja Yoga, however it’s comparatively straightforward for a yogi because it begins with one thing gross that we are able to relate to i.e. H. With our physique.

The phrase "Hatha" is derived from the foundation time period "hat", which suggests "power". It is subsequently a "powerful" type of yoga whose dynamic strategies have highly effective results.

Since bodily stillness is on the core of an individual, hatha yoga practices initially intention to carry motion into the physique, i.e. H. Eliminate the Tamas high quality. By bringing motion into the physique, just one can know the true nature of the physique. Hence, all practices of Hatha Yoga are supposed to realize a state of steadiness between stillness and motion.

Hatha Yoga Practices

Hatha Yoga consists primarily of 4 workout routines;

  • Asana – The posture
  • Shatkarma and Pranayama – cleaning and respiration strategies
  • Mudra and Bandha – gestures and physique locks
  • Samadhi

Imagine an individual who has physique aches like a backbone downside or again ache. he
I positively can't concentrate on something past physique ache. All his
Aspirations merely disappear till he resides in his painful bodily being. Similarly, nothing appears worthy of going by way of melancholy. not even life itself. During melancholy, an individual doesn’t appear to have the motivation or bodily power to carry out all of each day actions. To carry physique and thoughts into concord, hatha yoga involves the rescue.

Postures (asanas), with common follow, assist heal sure kinds of spinal issues or physique aches. For instance, an individual who practices the "Dhanurasana" (bow pose) permits himself to construct stronger and versatile again muscle tissues. At the identical time, this posture improves blood circulation. The bow pose relieves stress, cures constipation, and helps enhance the capabilities of the liver, pancreas, small gut, and enormous gut. This explicit Hatha Yoga follow balances each the bodily and the non secular concord of the physique.

When an individual meditates deeply, the power stage goes up
Direction. Meditation heals an individual spiritually and spiritually; it clears the
Mind, calms the nervousness and stress to an amazing extent.

With managed respiration strategies or pranayam like “Nadi
Shodhana, ”an individual can carry their ideas again to the current. Regular
Practicing this respiration method may help preserve the thoughts calm and calm
peaceable. It additionally helps relieve pressure and physique fatigue.

So by working towards all elements of Hatha Yoga, you possibly can obtain this balanced method to your bodily and psychological wellbeing.


The universe is formed in such a means that each constructive and damaging forces should run aspect by aspect. Both violent and mild forces are required for the right functioning of the universe. One is incomplete with out the opposite; subsequently “Ha” and “Tha” complement one another. The solar is simply as vital because the moon to determine this steadiness within the universe. When they operate correctly balanced collectively, solely human life can thrive on earth.

Hatha yoga is a very powerful a part of yoga follow that exhibits how necessary concord is in an individual's life. When one sort of power predominates over a specific particular person, it may be pushed on the trail of destruction. The balanced method of Hatha Yoga thus unites each Ha and Tha and converts the power into the right functioning of your complete mass.


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