Garuda Mudra (Eagle Gesture): Meaning, How to Do, Benefits

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Garuda Mudra is known as after the king of the birds eagle. Eagle is thought for its self-discipline and freedom, so this mudra brings these qualities to practitioners.

In addition, this mudra will fill you with power and inspiration. It is particularly designed to stability the air or Vata Dosha within the physique. The lack of vata makes you are feeling torpid, torpid, and irritable.

To carry out Garuda Mudra, cross your thumbs with outstretched fingers and open the palm of your hand towards you. This hand motion may be noticed whereas working towards Garudasana (eagle pose). The physique is revitalized and blood move is activated by retaining the arms on this place.

To higher perceive the Garuda Mudra, its precautions, and advantages, learn on.

Meaning & work

"Garuda" is the Sanskrit time period for "eagle" and "Mudra" refers to "gesture". The open palms with outstretched fingers resemble Garuda (eagle), the king of birds and wind, therefore the title Garuda Mudra.

When each thumbs are related on this mudra, it may be considered as connecting the elementary energies of the thumb. The thumb represents the hearth ingredient, so the Garuda mudra stimulates the hearth ingredient (agni) within the physique, which warms up and lubricates the dry air. This eliminates the stagnant physique fluids by balancing the hearth ingredient.

It is practiced together with meditation or pranayama classes. Hence typically known as Garuda Mudra Pranayama. It can also be recognized by its English title Eagle pose.

Symbolic illustration

In Hindu mythology, Garuda is taken into account the mountain of Lord Vishnu, the god of preservation. It is a mighty chook who’s the king of birds and the wind.

This mudra is so named and takes into consideration the wild, disciplined, and devoted nature of Garuda that it develops within the practitioner.

In addition, Garuda has giant wings with which they discover the limitless sky and present their freedom. Similarly, because the arms maintain Garuda Mudra, they mimic the good span of the eagle's wings and characterize interior freedom.

How to do Garuda Mudra

  1. Sit in a cushty posture akin to padmasana, vajrasana, and many others.
  2. Walk up along with your palms in your thighs or knees.
  3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  4. Now overlap the precise wrist with the left and stretch the fingers of each arms.
  5. Lock each thumbs in place by hooking your proper thumb onto your left ankle.
  6. Place your arms in your decrease stomach along with your thumbs crossed, palms going through you, and keep there for 10 breaths.
  7. As you enhance the extent, place your arms nearer to your navel and take one other deep breaths 10 occasions.
  8. Then place your arms within the pit of your abdomen once more for 10 deep breaths.
  9. Improve the observe by singing "OM" to maintain the thoughts centered on the observe.

Duration of the train

  • As with every other mudra, working towards Garuda Mudra within the morning hours is useful.
  • However, you possibly can observe it anytime, each time you possibly can sing or sit to breathe mindfully.
  • You should observe this mudra 3 times a day for no less than 5 minutes or 15 minutes in a row.
  • Only the sufferers with hypertension have to train reasonably.
  • You may also observe Garuda Mudra by standing in Tadasana or sitting on a chair.

Benefits of Garuda Mudra

Garuda Mudra train helps eliminate muscle cramps, rigidity, menstrual cramps, and upset abdomen. By together with each arms, the Vata is balanced between either side of the physique.

Also, beneath are among the advantages that may be gained from the Garuda mudra:

  1. Garuda Mudra is the simplest approach to convey fearlessness and the sensation of letting go.
  2. It balances all the weather and primarily emphasizes the air ingredient (vayu) which heals vayu dosha.
  3. Practicing Garuda Mudra can also be useful for the digestive system because it will increase the hearth power to make meals straightforward to digest.
  4. It is beneficial for eliminating lethargy and fatigue by stimulating the physique and enhancing the functioning of Apana Vayu.
  5. By stimulating the apana vayu launch, this acts as a chilled gesture for the thoughts. It helps to heal stress and anxiousness and brings calm.
  6. Garuda Mudra stimulates the hearth ingredient (air ingredient), which heats up and lubricates the dry air. Hence, it removes stagnant physique fluids.
  7. Cancer sufferers could make optimum use of the Garuda mudra to keep up lymphatic drainage and stimulate the lymphatic system.
  8. Holding Garuda Mudra additionally regulates blood move to the physique.
  9. As described within the handbook, arms are positioned in three completely different areas in Garuda Mudra. Hence, it improves the effectivity of the principle physique organs, viz. Kidney, lungs, coronary heart and abdomen.
  10. It cures all respiratory ailments.
  11. Garuda Mudra can also be helpful for constructing sturdy immunity.
  12. It is a therapeutic impact for menstrual ache and issues associated to the prostate.

Yogis observe Garuda Mudra at a better stage of sadhana to take away bodily and psychological toxins when carried out along with Pranayama. This helps the operate of the throat chakra (Vishuddha), i.e. H. The detox course of. Hence it is usually often called the Garuda Mudra Chakra.


Garuda Mudra is an answer to all well being issues. In addition to its quite a few bodily and psychological advantages, it additionally will increase your emotional qualities by enhancing meditative practices.

The subsequent time you are feeling down, confused, or drained, select Garuda Mudra as an instantaneous rescue.


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