Cobra Pose - Yoga Journal

Cobra Pose – Yoga Diary

  1. Start in your abdomen along with your ft hip-width aside and palms subsequent to your ribs.
  2. Extend your large toes straight again and press down with all ten toenails to activate your quadriceps.
  3. Rotate your inside thighs towards the ceiling (to widen your decrease again) whereas tightening your outer ankles at your midline (to stop your ft from curling).
  4. Press down flippantly along with your palms and elevate your head and chest as you roll your shoulders again and down.
  5. Keep your neck lengthy and deal with lifting your sternum as a substitute of lifting your chin.
  6. Move slowly and thoroughly as your arms prolong.
  7. Be positive to drag your chest ahead and curl your thoracic backbone as a substitute of urgent in your decrease again – this is a crucial distinction as your pelvis stays on the ground.
  8. Move the underside of your shoulder blades in and as much as open your chest from behind.
  9. Extend your arms simply sufficient in order that your shoulders are away out of your ears.
  10. Keep a minimum of a slight bend in your elbows to extend the pull out of your decrease again into your higher again.
  11. Just take your gaze upward in order that the curve of your neck is a continuation of the curve already famous in your higher again.
  12. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then allow them to fall again onto the mat.


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