Tadagi Mudra: Meaning, How to Do, Contraindications, Benefits

"Tadagi" was derived from the Sanskrit time period "Tadaga", which suggests "lake or pond". While training Tadagi Mudra, the stomach takes on the form of a pot, therefore the title.

Holding this mudra entails transferring your complete physique with focus and respiratory workouts, which is subsequently categorized as a postural gesture, often known as kaya mudra.

Sometimes additionally it is known as the "gesture of the pond" or "gesture of the lake".


The primary posture of the Tadagi Mudra is Dandasana (stick posture). However, the physique on this mudra additionally bears a terrific resemblance to Paschimottanasana.

The Tadagi mudra attracts the stomach inward right into a barrel form as an alternative of going all the best way down to the touch the brow to the knees. Hence additionally known as the barrel-shaped belly approach.

The reference of this mudra is present in historic yogic texts comparable to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita and Shiva Samhita. These present its ritual significance as mudra.

How to do Tadagi Mudra

  1. Sit down and stretch your legs straight ahead together with your toes barely aside.
  2. Keep your head and backbone upright.
  3. Put your arms in your knees, shut your eyes, and calm down.
  4. Bend ahead to wrap your thumb, index, and center fingers on the surface of your toes.
  5. Bend your again barely by lifting your head and stretching your neck backwards.
  6. Now convey your chin to your chest as you exhale.
  7. Hold your breath and pull your abs inward to hole out your abdomen.
  8. Remaining on this mudra, form the stomach into the form of a tank or pot for 10-15 seconds.
  9. Then return your abdomen to its regular place.
  10. Slowly return to your authentic sitting place.
  11. Lift your chin off your chest and take a deep breath.

Contraindications and Precautions

  • Avoid holding tadagi mudra throughout being pregnant.
  • People affected by an inguinal hernia or prolapse mustn’t do that mudra.
  • Do not put pressure in your lungs whereas holding your breath.
  • Keep the physique relaxed, particularly the trunk space.
  • You can let go of your toes between breaths for comfy follow of the mudra.

Duration and Awareness Points

  • Practice at the least 3-5 rounds to get probably the most profit from the Tadagi mudra.
  • Over time, one can maintain the mudra for as much as three minutes.
  • Concentrate whereas respiratory and direct your consciousness to the stomach and the manipura chakra (photo voltaic plexus).


There is a barely less complicated model of Tadagi Mudra. This is finished by mendacity in your again, referred to as the Sulabh Tadagi Mudra (easy Tadagi Mudra).

Steps to do it Sulabh Tadagi Mudra (easy Tadagi Mudra);;

  • Lie in your again and fold your legs on the knees.
  • Take a deep breath out and in utterly.
  • Hold your breath exterior (kumbhaka) and shut your nostril together with your proper hand.
  • Expand your rib cage and suck your abdomen inward.
  • Hold the gesture for so long as doable.
  • Now calm down your chest usually once more after which breathe in.
  • Breathe usually 3-7 instances.

Benefits of Tadagi Mudra

1. Tones the abdomen – By stretching, pulling and stress-free the belly muscle mass whereas training Tadagi Mudra, blood circulate to the stomach is improved. It stimulates the belly muscle mass and inside organs. Thus, it’s useful in firming the belly muscle mass.

2. Relieves bodily stress – Performing this mudra stimulates the diaphragm and pelvic ground muscle mass. It relieves all pressure on this space and has a relieving impact.

3. Stimulates the visceral plexus – Tadagi Mudra is helpful for stretching and stimulating the visceral area. This results in tonic results on nerve plexus within the visceral space.

4th Activates the Manipura chakra – The trunk of the physique feels the stress whereas Tadagi Mudra stretches the diaphragm and pelvic ground. This prompts the middle of power distribution, the photo voltaic plexus (Manipura Chakra). This additionally will increase the circulate of prana.

5. Improves digestion – Tadagi Mudra helps alleviate all abdomen issues. It stimulates digestive juices, enzymes and hormones. This helps in making digestion simpler, which in the end helps clear up necessary well being issues.

sixth Reduces weight problems – People often embrace Tadagi mudra of their routine to eliminate extra fats and obtain a toned physique. This mudra is useful in eliminating a sagging abdomen and serves as a panacea for a flat abdomen.

7. Improves the respiratory system – Tadagi Mudra is a Kaya Mudra that features aware respiratory methods. It's a mild train for the respiratory system, particularly the lungs. Hence, it additionally improves the effectivity of the respiratory system.


Practice the Tadagi Mudra Pose and its variation for higher well being and physique and entice the inevitable consideration of others.

Practicing this kaya mudra offers unimaginable total well being advantages, significantly for the abdomen, intestines, and lungs.


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