Manduki Mudra (Frog Gesture): Meaning, How to Do, Benefits

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Manduki implies that frog and mudra seek advice from gesture or seal. While sitting within the manduki mudra, the physique mimics the resting posture of a frog, therefore the title. It is also called "the frog's gesture" or "frog posture".

Manduki Mudra is a sort of Kaya Yoga Mudras (postural gesture) that entails the complete physique from the tip of the toe to the highest of the pinnacle.

In this mudra, the decrease physique adopts the Mandukasana posture and within the higher physique the tongue is rotated within the closed mouth. When you do it, your style buds can expertise nectar flowing out of the mind and reaching each cell within the physique.

The expertise

Manduki Mudra is carried out in a sitting place, ideally in a kneeling place comparable to Vajrasana or Bhadrasana. Then, with centered respiration, consciousness is shifted to the tip of the tongue whereas the tongue is rolled towards the roof of the mouth. Gradually the tongue is turned to the left and proper sides of the mouth.

However, in Kundalini Kriyas, the Manduki Mudra approach entails holding the Nasikagra Drishti in Bhadrasana. This mudra is the eighth approach used within the Kundalini Kriyas of Kriya Yoga. Hence additionally known as Manduki Kriya.

Manduki Mudra is essential as a yoga observe. It is talked about in conventional texts like Gheranda Samhita.

Close your mouth, transfer the tip of your tongue in direction of the roof of your mouth and slowly style the nectar (flowing from the thousand-petalled lotus). This is frog mudra.

Gheranda Samhita 3.62

It can also be seen as useful in stimulating the facial organs within the sacred Upanishads.

To get the utmost profit from this mudra, please comply with the steps under:

How to do Manduki Mudra

  • Sit in Bhadrasana (gracious pose) together with your toes pointing outward. If you aren’t glad with this pose, sit in Vajrasana.
  • The buttocks have to be saved involved with the bottom in order that the perineum feels a slight strain. To sit comfortably, place a pillow or blanket below your buttocks that you may sit on. It stimulates the Muladhara chakra.
  • Put your palms in your knees and hold your head and backbone straight.
  • Close your eyes and loosen up your complete physique.
  • Keeping your mouth closed, use the tip of your tongue to the touch the roof of your mouth thrice, clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Relax your jaw for some time.
  • Now open your eyes to do Nasikagra Drishti i.e. H. Look on the tip of your nostril.
  • If the eyes are drained, loosen up them by closing them for just a few seconds.
  • Continue this train for five minutes till the thoughts and senses are drawn inward.

Additional suggestions

  • Practice Manduki Mudra in a gentle mild to simply concentrate on the tip of your nostril with out straining your eyes.
  • Do the train for an optimum of 5 minutes. However, in the beginning it must be restricted to 2 minutes in a single session.
  • Pay consideration to the respiration sample, which have to be saved gradual and deep.
  • Physically shift your focus to the tip of your nostril and slowly, whereas closing your eyes, shift it all the way down to the Muladhara chakra.
  • This mudra follows a sequence that have to be practiced after the Maha Bheda Mudra and earlier than Tadan Kriya.

Contraindications and Precautions

  • People with glaucoma can skip the Nasikagra Drishti a part of this mudra.
  • Avoid it you probably have diabetic retinopathy.
  • Do not strive Manduki Mudra you probably have had eye surgical procedure.
  • Make positive that your hips, knees, and ankles are versatile sufficient to observe this gesture.

Modifications and adjustments

You can alter the sitting posture within the following 3 ways.

  • Instead of sitting in bhadrasana together with your toes pointing outwards, you possibly can maintain them collectively together with your toes pointing upwards. Then comply with the approach given above.
  • When bhadrasana is just not comfy sufficient, you possibly can sit in vajrasana.
  • To make the pose simpler, you possibly can hold a folded blanket below your buttocks to stimulate the muladhara chakra.

Manduki Mudra advantages

1. Relax the thoughts – Manduki Mudra calms the thoughts. In addition, the mind is skilled with this mudra, which improves the degrees of perception.

2. Delays getting old and prevents hair from graying – Yogis consider that Manduki Mudra stimulates the nectar current in bindu. The nectar that flows from the highest of the pinnacle prevents the hair from turning grey. Also, twisting the tongue within the mouth strengthens the muscle tissues of the face, retaining the wrinkles within the bay.

Therefore, Manduki Mudra is beneficial to let the pores and skin shine optimally.

3. Helps with digestion – Holding Manduki Mudra improves saliva secretion. It helps in growing urge for food and in addition aids in higher digestion.

4. Improves the sense of style – The style buds are additionally improved by means of this observe because the style of the nectar is preserved. At the identical time, the power of the tongue is promoted.

5. Strengthens the neck muscle tissues – Manduki Mudra can also be recognized for its calming results on the throat. It revitalizes the neck area and advantages it in the long run.

6. Stimulates the Muladhara chakra – The frog gesture is achieved by frivolously urgent the perineum. This helps in stimulating the Muladhara chakra and has an brisk impact. It promotes development and power.

In addition, the activation of the foundation chakra strengthens the practitioner bodily and mentally.

7. Regulates the Pranic Flow – Manduki Mudra revitalizes the power channels by means of which Prana flows. It balances the Ida and Pingala Nadis and results in the meditative state.

8. Strengthens the leg muscle tissues – The frog gesture additionally contains yoga asana, which will increase the power of the hips, knees and ankles. It stretches these muscle tissues and makes them versatile.


Manduki Mudra is a positive shot to keep up a wholesome physique bodily, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Join in and benefit from the energy it affords in return.


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