Mahasirs Mudra: Meaning, How to Do, Benefits

Mahasir's Mudra is an train that may prevent some huge cash in your ache relievers.

Either you undergo from sinuses, recurring migraines, or common eye pressure. You can all the time rely on this dependable and soothing gesture known as Mahasir's Mudra.

The Mahasir hand gesture may be very straightforward to do; Connect the ideas of the thumb, index finger and center finger and bend the ring finger to the bottom of the thumb. Just let your little finger stretch freely.

Learn about the entire soothing results of Mahasir's mudra and the mechanism behind it by hanging on to this submit for some time.

Mahasir's mudra which means

Take a have a look at the etymology of the title given to this mudra. It consists of the next primary phrases:

  • "Maha" refers to "great"
  • "Siris" means "head"
  • "Mudra" is "gesture or seal"

Mahasir's mudra has relieving results on the top area, be it due to ache or pressure; subsequently the title. It is translated as "Big Head Gesture".

End all causes of your headache by performing this straightforward hasta mudra.

The given submit is ready as a observe information for Mahasir's Mudra for everybody on the market who typically has a heavy head.

Mahasir's Mudra Procedure

  • Sit in a snug meditative place or on a chair.
  • Loosen your shoulder and calm down your complete physique, taking deep breaths out and in.
  • Place your palms in your thighs, palms up.
  • Bring the ideas of your thumb, forefinger, and center finger collectively and level up.
  • Move your ring finger to the bottom of your thumb.
  • Stretch your little finger in direction of the ceiling.
  • Accept this gesture on each palms.
  • Take a deep breath and fill your abdomen with air. Then exhale.
  • Watch the abdomen go up and down.
  • Practice for six minutes, then calm down for some time.

Duration of Mahasir's mudra

  • It is really helpful that you simply observe this mudra for six minutes in a single session. If somebody has a extreme headache, this may be achieved three to 6 instances a day.
  • Mahasir's mudra is taken into account finest on the finish of alternate nasal respiration or anulom vilom pranayama. It will filter out your sinuses.
  • Practice everytime you really feel prefer it or throughout a headache.

Working from Mahasir's Mudra

Headache is a standard well being situation that impacts everybody, no matter age or gender. Ayurveda regards Vata and Pitta (two of the doshas) as the primary causes of complications.

Each Dosha is related to one or two of the Panchatattvas (5 components) of the physique. Therefore Vata accommodates air and ether components. During fireplace and water, components kind pitta.

Mahasir's mudra relieves the practitioner by balancing and regulating the doshas-panch-tattvas fusion.

  • It is a gesture of the hand during which the fingers consultant of 5 components are put collectively and curled.
  • In this mudra, the index finger (air) and the center finger (ether) are related to the thumb (fireplace).
  • Although air and ether couldn’t be set on fireplace, these components of mixture with fireplace heat up and relax.
  • Therefore, Mahasir's mudra is beneficial within the case of a headache attributable to a chilly.

Another purpose for a headache could possibly be overstimulation and an excessive amount of fireplace.

  • The ring finger (earth) holds Mahasir's mudra and bends over the bottom of the thumb (fireplace).
  • This creates a grounding impact primarily based on the fireplace.
  • It additionally extends the little finger (water) that reveals the water flowing by way of the physique all through the train.
  • It has a cooling and calming impact on the top and transforms its heaviness into lightness and luxury.

Variation to calm down

Mahasir's Mudra will also be carried out by altering the hand place from the thighs.

  • Here the palms are held with the identical finger positions in order that the fingertips contact the bottom.
  • It provides a sense of grounding, concord and reassurance. This will assist relieve on a regular basis pressure and stress-related complications.
  • Another slight deviation could possibly be assumed by touching the palms on the facet.
  • Mahasir's mudra will also be carried out whereas mendacity in mattress or wherever handy.

Benefits of Mahasir's Mudra

1. Heals sinus issues – According to Ayurveda, the sinus is principally attributable to an imbalance between Vata and Kapha doshas within the physique. Holding Mahasir's mudra brings a stability between Vata and Kapha. It helps clear mucus congestion and subsequently leaves therapeutic results on sinus issues.

2. Eases the attention burden – By relieving psychological well being issues corresponding to stress, this mudra relaxes the mind and nerves in direction of the eyes. It has a chilled impact on the practitioner's eye muscular tissues, particularly when this mudra is practiced throughout a meditation session.

3. Improves focus – Mahasir's mudra results in readability within the thoughts and the flexibility to pay attention improves. This finally helps in reaching the meditative state.

4. Relieves the temporomandibular dysfunction – Due to the complications brought on by psychological stress, bodily pressure builds up across the face, jaw and eyes. Mahasir's mudra relaxes the temporomandibular joint that connects the decrease jaw to the cranium. Thus, it’s helpful in relieving TMJ problems.


Don't keep tense due to your headache or vice versa by way of this stress relieving observe of Mahasir Mudra.

At any time of the day, take a couple of minutes for Mahasiri's mudra and revel in its therapeutic and stress-free results.


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