Half Moon Pose - Yoga Journal

Half Moon Pose – Yoga Diary

  1. In Utthita Trikonasana, begin along with your proper leg in entrance and your higher torso to the lengthy facet of the mat.
  2. Bring your left hand to your hip and switch round and look to the fitting on the flooring with out your left ribs collapsing ahead.
  3. Bend your proper knee and hint it in step with your second toe.
  4. Adjusting your proper hand and left foot to the fitting, switch your weight to your proper foot and lift it in Ardha Chandrasana.
  5. Put your proper hand underneath your proper shoulder, take your left hand up in the direction of the ceiling and stack it over your proper hand.
  6. With your foot bent, hold your left thigh parallel to the ground – ensure you can solely see your left huge toe.
  7. With every inhalation, you will see that extra size alongside the backbone; Rotate this size on every exhalation.
  8. Rotate the fitting ribs ahead and the left ribs backward.
  9. Straighten your proper buttocks ahead and down whereas pushing your left femur backward.
  10. The gaze could be directed immediately or upwards.
  11. Hold for five to 10 breaths.
  12. To exit, hold your chest open and sq. to the lengthy facet of the mat and bend your proper knee a number of inches.
  13. Trace the knee in step with the second toe, then deepen the bend and step again along with your left foot to return to Utthita Trikonasana.
  14. Keep your proper hand on the ground and your higher physique horizontal through the transition.
  15. After re-entering Utthita Trikonasana, the subsequent time you exhale, take root via your toes. As you breathe in, use the power of your legs to raise your higher physique and produce your toes again to parallel.
  16. Repeat on the opposite facet.


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