Supta Konasana (Reclining Angle Pose): How to Do, Benefits, Variations

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Sanskrit pronunciation Supta Konasana
significance Supta = mendacity in your again or mendacity down / Kona = angle / Asana = pose
Pose sort Supine place, inversion place
Pose degree Advanced
anatomy Back muscle tissues, hips, thighs, calves, legs, arms
different names Lying angle place, again angle place

Supta Konasana info

Supta konasana is likely one of the restoration postures that you should use to begin your reverse pose expertise. This is a sophisticated type of Halasana (plow pose) and varieties a major collection of Ashtanga yoga.

In the fundamental phrases "Supta" means "lying down" or "sleeping", "Kona" is "angle", "Asana" is "pose". As the identify makes clear, it’s carried out mendacity on the again.

Sleeping is linked to resting and refueling the physique to proceed later. The results of Supta Konasana are comparable in that it rejuvenates the practitioner by strengthening the physique from head to toe.

So let's dive into the train information, beginning with the professionals and cons of the pose.

Supta Konasana train information



  • Do not apply Supta Konasana when you’ve got ache or accidents in your neck, again, or legs.
  • Avoid this pose when you’ve got a herniated disc.
  • Women who’re menstruating have to skip this asana.
  • Supta konasana should be averted by individuals with extreme sciatica.

Preparatory poses

Don't overlook to arrange your physique for the reclining posture by warming it up with these preliminary poses:

How To Do Supta Konasana (Steps)

  • Lie in your again along with your legs and arms straight on the ground.
  • Inhale and swing your legs above your head till your toes contact the bottom, like in halasana.
  • Raise your arms to grip the large toes with the suitable arms that wrap your thumb, index finger, and center finger.
  • Exhale, holding your toes to separate your legs as a lot as doable.
  • Stay there for 20-30 seconds and breathe deeply with an inverted however upright backbone.
  • Take a deep breath to rock on the sit bones, which levitate the legs within the air and preserve the grip on the toes intact.
  • Exhale step by step, holding your legs extensive aside and your chin on the ground.
  • Inhale, carry your chest, then launch your arms out of your toes.
  • Bring your legs nearer and loosen up in Dandasana.

Follow up poses

Relax any muscle tissues that have been subjected to stress and contraction throughout Supta Konasana by entering into the next opposing positions:


  • Avoid rounding your again after taking your legs behind your head.
  • Do not bend your knees as you land your legs again on the ground as you launch the pose.

Props and modifications

Supta Konasana iyengarImage supply: Canva

Supta Konasana in Iyengar Yoga is carried out with the next props

  1. Ceiling – Hold two to a few folded blankets below your shoulders whereas mendacity in your again. The head and neck are behind the blankets. As you roll your legs behind your head, the stacked blanket will defend your neck from damage.
  2. Chairs – Take two chairs and place them on both facet of your head. Hold them away out of your head with one hand. As you roll your legs to get into the pose, land your legs on the chair. This makes the pose doable when you may't attain the ground.

Supta konasana variations

There are two methods during which this mendacity place may be modified: These embody:

1. Supta konasana B.

In this variation, the practitioner lies on his again. Then, elevate your legs to roll them over your head and carry the again of the ground. The arms are then stretched out to carry the ankles as a substitute of greedy the large toes. The remaining steps to separate the legs stay the identical.

2. Supta konasana arm variation

In this variant, the legs are stretched behind the legs mendacity on the again, however the arms are stored stretched out on the ground. The legs are separated and the arms are folded behind the again and later lifted off the ground to help the again.

Supta Konasana advantages

1. Improves the pliability of the backbone – Supta konasana stretches the again muscle tissues in an inverted place. This permits blood and oxygen to circulate to the backbone. Therefore, the backbone is provided with vitamins and strengthened. This makes the backbone supple and elastic.

2. Strengthen the belly muscle tissues – If you fold your legs over your head within the supine place, your abdomen will likely be pulled collectively. It compresses the belly muscle tissues and promotes endurance. This ultimately strengthens the belly muscle tissues.

3. Improves digestion – As the stomach contracts in Supta Konasana, it stimulates the interior organs. This promotes the secretion of digestive juices, enzymes and thus facilitates the environment friendly digestive organs. Hence useful in supporting higher digestion.

4.Tones the legs – The legs are extensive aside and pull on the toes. It stretches the thigh muscle tissues and strengthens the knee. The ft within the ultimate place stay flexed and the quads are pulled collectively, holding the thighs engaged. This leaves a firming impact on the legs.

5. Strengthens the arms – Since there’s a lot happening within the decrease physique, the arms additionally profit from Supta Konasana. The arms are additionally straight and straight, holding the toes. Even as you step out of the pose, preserve your arms outstretched whereas your legs land on the ground and your shoulders open.

6. Improves focus – Supta konasana is likely one of the positions during which the pinnacle is under the center. It provides the mind with contemporary blood and thus has a chilled impact on the mind. Therefore improves the power to pay attention.

7. Stimulates the thyroid – Supta konasana stretches the neck muscle tissues and has therapeutic massage results on the thyroid gland. It regulates the circulate of hormones and maintains the right metabolism within the physique.


Immerse your self within the difficult but helpful Supta Konsasana and break the ice for the inversion postures.

Use this train information and comply with the security precautions together with the directions to securely land in Supta Konasana.


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