Bharadvajasana (Bharadvaja's twist): Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Sanskrit pronunciation Bharadvajasana
Pose sort Sitting twist
Pose degree Medium
anatomy Lower again, hip flexors, knees, quads, and wrists
different names Bharadvaja's twist, torso stretch pose

Bharadvajasana data

Spine issues and muscle pressure are the by-products of a sedentary life-style. However, you not have to fret as yoga asanas like Bharadvajasana have your again on!

Bharadvajasana is a sitting backbone twist that’s popularly identified for its relieving and revitalizing results on the again. Bharadvajasana is a mixed pose that’s carried out in two methods by urgent the backbone.

To do that, the legs are folded on the knee and the ft are introduced subsequent to the fitting hip. The proper arm is stretched to place the hand underneath the left knee with the palm touching the ground. The proper arm is wrapped across the again to clasp the fitting higher arm with the left hand.

Twisting and bending turns into just a little harder when fused with hero pose and half lotus pose, as in Bharadvajasana II. This makes the pose appropriate for freshmen to intermediate ranges.

People additionally seek advice from it because the Torso Stretch Pose, Bharadvaja's Twist, or Seated Spine Twist.

The pose has miraculous results for arthritis victims because it strengthens the backbone, hips, knees and different joints.

Meaning and interpretation

Bharadvajasna is a compound Sanskrit time period made up of the next two fundamental phrases:

  • "Bhardvaja" means "bring food"
  • "Asana" is "pose"

The pose is carried out sideways by rotating the backbone and massaging the interior organs that convey them recent blood. Hence it nourishes the backbone and anatomical organs, therefore the identify.

Bharadvajasna can be devoted to the nice Hindu sage Maharishi Bharadvaja, the daddy of Guru Drona. Bharadvaja was so keen about studying Vedas that he spent his three lives learning them.

The sage Bharadvaja was one of many Sapta Rishis who’re believed to achieve immortality. It is alleged that they’re commissioned to information humanity on earth in all 4 ages.

The mythological story behind Bharadvajasna

In Ramayana, when Rama went into exile, he fled to Bharadvaja's ashram for the primary time. Maharishi Bharadvaja waited endlessly for Lord Rama, imagining that someday he would have the ability to meet the divine within the type of a human.

His visualization grew to become a actuality when he was in a position to meet Rama after his continued observe of visualization. This means Yoga Sutra that guides the practitioner to relaxation.

Apart from that, attaining Bharadvjasasna requires endurance, calmness and dedication. All of this expresses the qualities of the sage Bharadvaja, who’s due to this fact named after him.

To observe Bharadvajasana, it could assist to consider the backbone as a washcloth held by two arms. The tiring forces and the stress trapped within the physique are taken as soapy water on the washcloth. Imagine your exhalation as each arms squeeze the washcloth to take away soapy water and the inhalation by rinsing it with clear water. In this manner the mechanism and purification motive of Bharadvajasana could be achieved.

Bharadvajasna train handbook


  • Avoid this pose when you have diarrhea.
  • Don't observe the pose with a headache.
  • People with irregular blood stress have to keep away from this.
  • If you might be somebody with insomnia, skip the pose.
  • Women aren’t allowed to carry out the pose throughout menstruation.

Preparatory poses

When you achieve some flexibility within the again and hip muscle mass, you’ll be able to enter Bharadvajasana extra simply. Perform the next poses to organize the physique for the lateral twist.

Bharadvajasna steps

  1. Start by sitting in Dandasana.
  2. Bend your knees to convey your leg again and place your knees on the ground.
  3. Bring your ft to the fitting subsequent to your proper hip and let your buttocks relaxation on the ground. The place of the legs is such that the fitting interior ankle is within the arch of the left foot.
  4. Rotate your torso 45 levels to the left and lengthen your proper arm exterior of the left thigh close to the left knee.
  5. Bring your proper hand underneath your left knee together with your fingers pointing proper and your palm touching the ground.
  6. Exhale by pivoting your left shoulder and pulling your left arm behind your again.
  7. Bend your left elbow and grasp your proper higher arm over your again together with your left hand.
  8. Rotate your neck to the fitting and look over your proper shoulder.
  9. Remain within the twisted place for 30 minutes and take a deep breath.
  10. Let go of the deal with and return to the middle. Extend your legs and repeat the alternation of poses between sides, arms, and legs.


  1. The buttocks should contact the bottom. Avoid lifting your hips by sitting on a blanket whereas doing the seat rotation.
  2. Keep your coronary heart open as you convey your hand underneath the alternate knee.
  3. Do not overlook to boost the ribs and maintain the backbone lengthy.

Follow up poses

  • Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)
  • Lying Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana)
  • Extended Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)
  • Warrior Pose II (Virabhadrasana II)
  • Hero Pose (Virasana)
  • Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
  • Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)
  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)
  • Forward bend from head to knee (Janu Sirsasana)

Props and modifications

The phrase in Bharadvajasna may be modified with the next props.

  • Folded blanket and pad – After bending your knees to maneuver your ft in the direction of your proper hip. Place a folded blanket underneath your left buttocks to degree your pelvis. Also place a block behind your again in the direction of your proper hip. Turn your torso to the left and place your proper hand underneath your left knee. Now convey your left arm again and place it on the block.
  • Yoga strap – Attach a loop from a yoga belt round the fitting higher arm. Sit together with your knees bent and ft to your proper hip. As you straighten your proper arm, place your proper hand underneath your left knee. From there, wrap your hand round your again and maintain the opposite finish of the belt off your left hand.
  • Hand on the wall – To do that, sit on the ground with one knee bent as above. Turn your higher physique to the left, pull your proper arm throughout your chest and place your hand on a wall. Pull your left arm behind your again and place it in your sacrum. Rotate your neck to the fitting to look over your proper shoulder.
  • chair – Sit sideways on a chair and maintain the again of the chair on the left. Firm your ft on the ground. Rotate your higher physique together with your arms up on the again of the chair. Spread your elbows outward. Slide your proper hand to the left. Raise your left hand to tug your arm again and maintain the sting of the seat. With your chest raised, you’ll be able to decrease your proper hand on the again of the seat.


If, after reaching the primary model, you discover that your hips are versatile sufficient, strive the prolonged model, the place one leg stays in Ardha Padmasana.

Bharadvajasana II

Image supply: Shutterstock

  • Start in Dandasana.
  • Bend your left knee to relaxation your foot on the basis of your proper thigh.
  • Bend your proper knee to put your proper foot subsequent to your proper hip.
  • Pull your left arm again to carry your left foot together with your left hand.
  • Extend your proper arm to put your proper hand underneath your left knee.
  • Rotate your higher physique to the left and maintain your left foot firmly.
  • Rotate your neck left or proper as you would like and look over your shoulder.

Therapeutic advantages

  1. Bharadvajasana stretches the thighs and hips and is due to this fact useful in therapeutic sciatica.
  2. The pose strengthens the knees, hips, elbows, and different joints, making it useful for arthritis victims.
  3. It has a relieving impact on stiffness or ache within the neck, again and shoulders.
  4. Stretching the neck muscle strengthens the cervical backbone. Hence, it’s a useful stretch for relieving cervical ache.
  5. It can be useful in treating carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. This twisting of the backbone additionally calms the nervous system and thus reduces stress.
  7. Women affected by hormonal imbalance or PCOS can discover Bharadvaja's twist cures.

Bharadvajasana advantages

1. Improves hip and shoulder energy – Bharadvajasana is a mild rotation of the backbone that opens the hips and shoulders. It expands these muscle mass and brings them recent blood. This improves the pliability of the shoulders and hips and will increase their energy.

2. Improves the pliability of the backbone – Modern life normally enable us to spend most of our working hours in a sitting place. This worsens the pure form and construction of the backbone. Hence, such a lateral stretch of Bharadvaja's twist is a should to rejuvenate the again muscle mass and enhance flexibility.

It can be useful for pregnant girls to strengthen their decrease backs.

3. Stretches the leg muscle mass – In this posture, the legs are stored folded, which stretches the hamstrings, calves and knees and improves blood move. Hence, it expands these muscle mass and strengthens the leg muscle mass.

4. Stimulates the belly muscle mass – Twisting the pose to the facet strengthens the core muscle mass. It stretches the belly muscle mass and tightens the abdomen. The indirect muscle mass broaden and turn into sturdy. It additionally massages the interior organs, thus enhancing digestion.

5. Improves metabolism – In addition to twisting the backbone, Bharadvajasana additionally includes twisting the neck. It stimulates the thyroid gland, which is chargeable for sustaining the physique's metabolism.

6. Improves the effectivity of the reproductive organs – To carry out this pose, it’s essential to rotate the decrease stomach. It compresses the reproductive organs and improves the blood provide. It optimizes hormonal secretion.

7. Benefits to the respiratory system – Bharadvajasana is carried out by opening the chest and shoulders. It expands lung quantity and will increase oxygen uptake. This will increase the respiratory capability and thus improves the respiratory system.

9. Activates the basis and coronary heart chakra – The phrase implies that Bharadvajasana opens the guts and thus prompts the Anahata Chakra. This brings constructive emotions like self acceptance and love. At the identical time, the pose presents higher grounding and stability and thus stimulates the Muladhara chakra.


Take a break and rejuvenate the thorough observe of Bharadvajasana. Sitting with a satisfying rotation of the backbone is all it takes to realize immense bodily and psychological advantages.


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