sutra neti with rubber thread

Neti is likely one of the 6 cleaning strategies of Shatkarma;

  1. Dhauti – An higher abdomen cleaning approach
  2. Neti – Nasal cleansing approach
  3. Nauli – Massages stomach organs
  4. Basti – Cleansing the colon
  5. Kapalbhati – Forehead shiny respiration approach
  6. Trataka – Exercise to cleanse the attention muscle tissues

There are primarily Four forms of Neti Kriya; Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Dugdha Neti and Ghritha Neti. Jala neti is the best one, utilizing salt water to cleanse the nasal passages.

Sutra is a Sanskrit time period that actually interprets into "thread"And neti is used right here for"Nasal cleansing"

Sutra neti is a method of cleansing the nasal passage utilizing cotton thread or a rubber catheter. It is also referred to as thread neti or rubber neti relying on the kind of thread used. Yogic texts like Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita have outlined it with nice element.

In Sutra Neti, A cotton thread or a rubber catheter is inserted into the nostril in order that it comes out of the mouth. In this manner, Slime and dust being deleted and due to this fact the nasal passages opened absolutely. It has additionally been proven to be helpful for nasal polyps.

Thread utilized in Sutra Neti

A standard yogi can be utilized for sutra neti Cotton thread with a width of Four mm and a size of approx. 36 cm. This size of thread is lengthy sufficient to go down your nostril and attain via your mouth. Cotton thread for Sutra Neti Kriya is definitely accessible out there or may be bought from the net store. However, if you’re utilizing cotton thread for sutra neti, remember to smear it with beeswax (or another treatment), in any other case it may possibly trigger nausea.

A skinny rubber catheter is one other thread for sutra neti. A rubber catheter is a 1 to three mm thick tubular thread that’s comparatively mushy sufficient to be inserted into the nostril.

For newbies, the usage of a skinny rubber catheter is most well-liked as a result of it’s extra lubricated than a cotton thread and due to this fact slides simply via the nasal passages.

Understanding the Anatomy of the Nasal Cavity Before Sutra Neti

Beginners who play sutra neti ought to have clear data of the anatomy of the nasal cavity and the buildings from which the thread is guided.

The nasal cavity resembles an extended cavity. The roof is slim and the ground is extensive. There is a valve within the higher throat close to the bridge of the nostril.

It is necessary that the thread is pointing in direction of the again of the throat. Move it down and in. It ought to slide simply into the again opening of the nostril.

The complete process ought to be fully painless. If ache happens, it’s essential to test the strategy and reinsert the twine on the right path and velocity.

Follow the steps beneath.

How To Do Sutra Neti

sutra neti - grab the threadPut your palms via your mouth to seize the thread.

  • Take a string fabricated from thread dipped in beeswax or as an alternative of thread. You can use a rubber catheter. Rinse the twine with heat water or particular oils or treatment, after which dry it correctly.
  • Slowly and thoroughly insert the thread into one of many nostrils. Hold the string in direction of your throat.
  • Put your hand in your mouth and use your index and center fingers to understand the string in your throat.
  • Grab the thread in the back of your throat and slowly and gently pull it out of your mouth.
  • Hold each ends of the string with each palms and transfer it forwards and backwards two or thrice.

Repeat the identical steps with one other nostril.

Once the above process is mastered, sutra neti may be carried out by passing the string from one nostril to the opposite.

Frequency and time of train

The greatest time to follow sutra neti is within the early morning earlier than breakfast, when the pure nasal passages are absolutely opened.

Sutra Neti ought to be practiced as soon as per week reasonably than every day. When practiced every day, it may possibly weaken the pure receptors in our nasal passages.

Benefits of Sutra Neti

These are some rapid and long-term sutra neti advantages that you’ll really feel when practiced with the correct path from an knowledgeable.

1. Ease of respiration

Practicing Sutra Neti in response to Jal Neti will assist clear extra mucus from heavy nostrils. In addition, the thread opens the clogged mucous membrane, which makes it very straightforward to breathe.

2. Improves imaginative and prescient

Many delicate nerves of the eyes that hook up with the back and front of the nostril space and obtain stimulation when the thread passes via it. This stimulation will increase blood circulation via these nerves, which improves an individual's normal eyesight.

3. ENT care

The eyes, nostril and ears (ENT) are internally linked. A blockage in both can result in problems within the different two organs.

Consistent use of Sutra Neti is the best method to deal with ENT issues (eyes, nostril and throat). Whether your vocal cords are affected, a nasal congestion, or ear irritation, Jal and Sutra Neti is the pure treatment for everybody.

4. Relief from irritation and extreme mucus

Mucus is caught in clogged sinuses, which additional causes irritation and is expelled by training sutra neti. Sometimes the mucus within the nostril can also be dried, inflicting nasal congestion.

When the therapeutic massage takes place in sutra neti, it opens these mucus blockages and relieves nasal congestion and irritation.

5. Deviating nasal septum lowered

Some individuals have distracted the septum, which ends up in plenty of respiration issues. Often an ENT specialist will counsel surgical procedure on this case.

Sutra neti is a pure treatment for a deflected septum. It's a long-term course of, nevertheless, however over time you will see that that the reason for obstruction for deviated septum decreases.

Other benefits

The thread utilized in Sutra Neti acts as a stimulator for nerves and membranes within the nostril, which facilitated of the signs of Cough, chilly and headache Symptoms.

The resting cells within the frontal space of ​​the mind are additionally activated, which intensifies Hair progress, reminiscence and Reduce insomnia.


As you put together for sutra neti coaching, pay attention to the next precautions to get probably the most profit from it.

1. Do not pressure the thread into your nostril

There could also be a number of causes (bodily or mechanical) why the sutra (thread) could not go simply via the nasal passages. If this occurs, don’t deliberately push the thread into your nostril because the thread could penetrate mushy nasal tissue and trigger bleeding.

2. Practice earlier than the pranayama session

Like different shatkarma, sutra neti ought to be completed earlier than asana and pranayama coaching because it opens the nostrils absolutely, which contributes to efficient respiration throughout pranayama coaching.

See extra: A Complete Guide to Pranayama (Yoga Breathing)

3. Do it in response to Jal neti

Jal neti is relatively straightforward and fast to follow in comparison with Sutra Neti. Before doing sutra neti, follow jal neti because it moisturizes the nasal passages in order that the thread simply passes via the nostrils.

4. Make positive the thread is clear and lower correctly

Several mud particles can keep on with a thread. Make positive the thread is correctly cleaned with heat salt water and put aside to dry earlier than inserting it into your nostril.

Also, if you’re utilizing thread as an alternative of a rubber catheter, be sure that the ends of the thread are trimmed correctly in order that they don’t pucker as they arrive out via your mouth.


People who’ve a historical past of persistent nasal bleeding, nasal polyps and hypertension follow sutra neti after consulting an knowledgeable. Also, keep away from sutra neti for sinus issues.


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